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  1. dudethatssick

    Reviews on 99" yz125

    From what I've gathered, they were praised for their very wide, usable, powerful, tractable powerband (for 125 two stroke standards). So I would say yes they have great engines. I had a 2003 that had a great motor but didn't like the 5 speed tranny. the 98-99 had a 6 speed , which should make it even better.
  2. dudethatssick

    1985 yz125 restoration

    Can't wait to see the progress
  3. dudethatssick

    Suspension help for a 225 lbs. MX wannabe

    I appreciate the reply, I'll look into it. Can't wait to get the ol girl dialed in
  4. dudethatssick

    2002, 03, or 04 yz 250

    I'm unfamiliar with the whole " no Vin on new factory frames", but my gut instinct says to stay far away from that bike.
  5. Hey gang, I picked up a 2005 YZ250 that I plan on going over this winter and setting up for MX. I am completely new to MX but not dirt biking. I've been dirt biking for 8 years but I have never been on a track. I've owned many MX bikes over the years but I bought this bike to pursue my longing dream to take up MX riding. I'm 22 years old, 6'4, and 225 lbs without gear, and Don't plan on racing, just going to the track,having a blast, and making new friends. That brings me to my question on suspension. I know that I'm gonna need beefier springs, but I'm not sure what would work best overall for me, being a weekend warrior with a tight budget. Should I send the suspension out to a reputable builder? Do the SSS swap then start from there? Or get heavier springs for the stock 05 units and go from there? I've never ridden a bike that had suspension tailored specifically for me so this is all new. Thanks!
  6. dudethatssick

    What's your favorite big bore YZ-F you've owned?

    Lol^ I almost bought a brand new 2012 yz450f but all my buddies ride sport quads so I bought a leftover Raptor 700r. Better suited for the riding I do. I have an kx125 to play on but my next bike will be a yz250 or kx500 most likely.
  7. dudethatssick

    What's your favorite big bore YZ-F you've owned?

    I hear you cowboy. The 06-09 yfz's don't really interest me but all the old steelies are just cool. Never road the 03-05 450 though. Would love to try the 4 speed
  8. dudethatssick

    New to me 04 YZ450

  9. dudethatssick

    What's your favorite big bore YZ-F you've owned?

    Sounds like an impressive machine! A yz295 takes the cake for though haha
  10. dudethatssick

    New Kawi owner here

    Sappers the hole is right where the inner cases meet at the gasget , roughy 2 and a half inches above where the drain bolt is located.
  11. dudethatssick

    What's your favorite big bore YZ-F you've owned?

    I have never ridden a 250f before so I can't comment on it, but sounds like a great bike
  12. Just for fun, between the 400's, 426's, and 450s, which bike of was "the one" that you had your best times, memories, and experiences on. Possibly the one you wish you still had in the garage but you sold. Maybe it's your current ride. I'm a two stroke guy thick and through but I really missed the stock 2002 YZ426F I had...EVEN though I sold it in favor of buying a 01 yz250 because I preferred my buddies 03 yz250 to the 426f , I still miss the 426 more than either of the yz250s. Something about it, cool bike!
  13. dudethatssick

    New Kawi owner here

    Thanks guys. It rides and feels like It just rolled off the showroom back in '91. I'm supposedly the 4th owner. It was obviously ridden very little in its life. But like every good thing in life, something's are too good to be true. While changing the tranny oil, I was fiddling around and scraped some of the dirt of the bottom of the motor and felt an imperfection. Found a small hole in left case right where the two cases meet. The grime was keepin the hole from leaking and when I removed it , oil began to leak. I cleaned up around it and put some caulk around the leak. It's been 2 days and 30 min of ride time later , and now that the caulk has become clear I can see that the hole is sealed, with only a small black dot of oil that is behind the adhesive. Hope she will be alright , I really love the bike.
  14. dudethatssick

    old magazine tests and shootouts!

    Great stuff! Thanks for the heads-up Rancher
  15. dudethatssick

    New Kawi owner here

    Thanks garage , it really is in fantastic shape