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  1. culpspecial

    Tire Change DIY or Not?

    My experience is that removing the old tire is the hard part. (Before I got a tire changing machine) So I used the old block of wood with a mallet to break the bead. One of my old friends could mount a tire usually with his bare hands and soapy water. The trick was getting the tire bead in the groove so he would partially air the tube to get it straight and left the air out. This does not work on old tires that are stiff. I can mount 30x3.5 by hand when new but 10 year old are almost impossible. (This happen a couple of weeks ago when I needed some mounted tires to look at a project). I have found some of the sport tires are pretty stiff and hard to mount. But the dirt tires are usually pretty easy by hand. I don't balance the tires on my dual sports. I leave the factory weights on the larger bikes (KTM 990, 1190,BMW1200GS wifes bike and the smaller KTM 690 and BMW 450X don't have any weights at all). Some tire mfg have marks that show the heavy side of the tire that should be opposite the valve stem for balance.
  2. culpspecial

    XR650L died

    Pull the plug and stick a boroscope inside. Sometimes you can just use an inspection light and see the top of the piston. A leak down tester will also tell you as a holed piston will pressurize the crankcase. Stuck valve will just flow either through the exhaust or the intake. Burnt oil is a bad sign. You can also check your oil and oil filter for large particles.
  3. culpspecial

    Chain adjuster screws seized

    I used to work at a fab shop next to Cal Fab that made all of the aluminum swing arms for the major mfg back in the 80s. All swing arms are heat treated so be careful about the amount of heat. Boiling spit is the max without getting them soft. I am lucky in that I have a shop close by that uses EDM for removal of broken bolts and studs. Its magic on blocks and such. Don't know about aluminum. Other wise you have some guys that know what they are talking about just take it easy don't get too aggressive with it. There are 90 degree drills with threaded bits (no chuck) that can get into a small space. Maybe you have a friend in the race car fab or aircraft repair business.
  4. When I do wheelies across the police chiefs lawn and have it videoed I always use electricians tape and put one of my friends plate number on mine. Always good for a laugh when they want me to post bail!
  5. culpspecial

    Ideas for shop?

    I mount everything I can on wheels so you can reconfigure or simply move to clean. I love the labeled storage as I just misplaced a crimping tool and had to look for 5 minutes (maybe longer - I don't remember) to figure where I stashed it. Another trick is establish where you keep tools in your tool box. Over the years you will see what I mean. I can go to any of my boxes and I know which tools will be in which drawer. If you start tearing down bikes inventory will help a lot.
  6. culpspecial

    Ideas for shop?

    Where is the air conditioned driver compartment on this train? 30 year financing?
  7. culpspecial

    Ideas for shop?

    Yes, my dad and I worked together a lot when I was young on go carts. Later we worked together on airplanes. Got to spend the last 10 years of my dad's life drinking coffee together every morning, eating lunch together and occasionally working! Can't get those back so you better make the best of it. This ain't no dress rehearsal!
  8. culpspecial

    Ideas for shop?

    That's awesome!! Love your style Thanks! I had to do something as my tool boxes and cabinets looked pretty hammered!
  9. culpspecial

    Ideas for shop?

    One other thing I forgot to mention is that you can take old tool boxes, replace the wheels and spray bomb graffiti on them. It covers up dents, bangs, scrapes like from kicking them over and such. I buy 10.00 decal sets on Ebay and cover the drawer fronts. And it makes you artsy! My first shop was in my dad's garage and my work bench was a ping pong table! I have a lot of PEX left over and I am running my air lines in it. Good to 175 psi unless it gets way hot and I have seen postings where gys have 400 psi on it. Easy to run and repair. Well, that is my 2 cents worth from an old codger. Good luck!
  10. culpspecial

    Ideas for shop?

    A lot of great ideas. The thing that was important to me in my new dream shop was lighting. So I went with LED. Super bright and don't use much juice. The wiring is about a 3rd the size as required with old florescent lighting so that helps a bit to offset the initial cost of the lights. They are also cool so you don't have to have a much a/c to off set the heat during the summer. I would cover one workbench with metal or better yet steel plate. Can't hurt it and you can hammer on it. You can also use a torch on things in your vice with setting the bench on fire! I found all of my stainless steel in a hospital that was being demolished! Got 3 trailer loads for cheap! The floor is just polished with a diamond pad and water and a coat of sealer which was about 150.00 for the whole shop. Get the floors sealed so things clean up and you can use a dust mop instead of sweeping your arms off! This is not my first shop but will probably be my last. Hahahaha Took 4 years to restore the building we live in and my shop is next to our living area. My equipment is older stuff that I restore and the old stuff usually works for a long time. So just take your time and spend your money on what you need. I don't own a Snap On tool! Craftsman have been good enough and are real cheap certain times of the year.