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  1. Sweet! The water crossing pass...
  2. Gearing is key for the road. When I do a real dual sport, I'll change rear to a 48-47 tooth. My normal riding spot calls for a 50. Other then the gearing, it gets me from trail head to trail head just fine. As far as the rest of the bike? Go with a 430. The 350 is fun but after being saddled over a KLX450 for the last six years, the 350 took some getting used to. It's a great single track bike and works awesome in nasty technical stuff but I can not lie I miss the low down "there now" torque of the 450. I bought this bike used and on a budget. Had money been no object it would be a 2017 430 rrs. And yes it has been a wet east coast year so far which in turn is kinda of pain in the ass...constantly pruning and clipping stuff back. Of course there isn't a dust problem right now either...
  3. couple of pics from last nights ride. Beautiful night in northeast Pa.
  4. ^^^^Why did you have to go and do that... Welcome. The KLX is a super reliable bike. Jet it, install the necessary goodies to protect the bike and ride the piss out of it. Weak points are the jetting sucks, the charging system sucks and it's heavy. However all can be massaged and replaced and then you have a bad ass woods bike. Check the front wheel sensor for the computer, you have to pull the front wheel and there is a cool plastic piece which drives the sensor. If it's not installed properly it can break...ask me how I know this... r
  5. Father's Day. The right way. Only one kid went down. She bounced right back.
  6. Durty Dabbers Dual Sport. 238 miles in two days. Bike was spot on...and a little durty...
  7. Devol transformer. Drops the rear 3/4 inch. 10 mm in the front. It made the bike way easier to handle in tight stuff. Shave the seat down a touch. I'm 5'8" with alligator inseam.
  8. Ok some updates. There is no cat on the US model. New FMF on the way. Here's a question...there are two screws on the throttle body. One (in the front) is the throttle limit screw at WOT. The screw that gets replaced. Done. In the back of the throttle body there is the throttle valve stop screw, which Manual says "don't touch". Well yeah I'm that guy... On the initial set up I removed said screw like an idiot. I do believe this would be some of my problem at idle. So does anyone have a clue what the adjustment might be? I've talked with a few dealers and it seems I have become more educated then they on this subject.
  9. Two kick ass days. We logged in 238 miles and all the alternates. Saturday's loop was great. Everything you could ask for in a dual sport. Sunday was pretty standard Dabbers Sunday. Weather was perfect.
  10. I'm the only guy going from this area? Entirely new loop for Saturday and no one is going? Seriously? Weather looks fantastic and no one is going? No shit.
  11. sweet
  12. 520 is a big bike for Pa. But the power is addictive. I ride very similar terrain and have probably run some of your terrain as well. 450 is plenty for both areas, come on it's the pine barrons not cali desert. After 6 years on a 450 I recently bought a 350 and that is the 4 stroke singletrack weapon. No over heating issues, JD is right, fan is a luxury. No charging issues I have encountered and the bikes are mellow. Power is in the right hand. Stick a Rekluse in it and rip.
  13. I always get so flamed for this... When the temps get above 80 I'm in shorts and a tee. My protective gear never changes. Knee braces and boots take a bit more of a beating but I don't. Moto 9 moves air sufficiently. Ice in my hydration pack, lots of ice. I'd ride the same when on my dh bike. Below 80 Dakar over the boot pant, but it's got to drop below 50 before I toss on a jersey. I also don't ride with elbow protection which is pretty stupid. Keep moving. I'll plan my stops in cool areas with a breeze if possible. Stay hydrated. Of course I don't mind the heat that much, I do enjoy riding when temps are in the 90's. I'm doing a two day dual sport this weekend and temps are pushing 90 with high humidity. I'm so pumped.
  14. Some fresh parts and new stickers. Mmm... I'll give until Saturday night.
  15. Just did mine. Same bike. Every bike I've ever owned I used the proper springs for my weight and for me at my age I seem to be growing wider and not taller. If you just changed the springs out and you did it without draining the oil, try what's in there unless it's time for a service. I kept the recommended 5 wt. oil and it works fine for me. Changing the springs for your weight shouldn't effect the oil flow rates that much especially with only one spring rate change. Actually I find the clickers do their job properly and you aren't compensating for the proper spring weight. I'm sure there will be some different ideas and opinions, there are smarter guys at this then me...