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  1. poconovfr

    300RR Michelin Enduro Competition?

    I picked up a clean 300 a couple months back. Two rides on those shitty tires was enough.
  2. poconovfr

    YZ 125 or KTM 200 for trails

    A 125? In the Rockies? Brother if I lived out there...300 2t or a BIG FI 4t. If you do go for a 125 please film some high altitude climbs.
  3. poconovfr

    Dirt bike for short adult beginner

    TTR 230 is essentially the same bike with no lights.
  4. poconovfr

    Dirt bike for short adult beginner

    They're great other than being sprung for a rider about 100 lbs. Good way to go though. lol Yeah but at that level...does it really matter?
  5. poconovfr

    Dirt bike for short adult beginner

    Street legal, low seat height, impossible to stall Yamaha XT 225. Find them cheap.
  6. poconovfr

    Yamaha YZ250F 2006 + Trailer for $3000 US

    Buy it and enjoy it. Nice trailer. Don’t worry about the difference between the ‘06 and a ‘15. The differences are staggering. You still have to change the oil in the new one as well.
  7. poconovfr

    Bike for my 9 year old

    Yeah I gotta agree. It’s tough to be a 2t in the little guy classes. If he fits on a Honda CRF150R is a pretty legit bike. Have a peak. If not the Kawi is a great bike.
  8. poconovfr

    Started up my 18 x and oh no

    Sounds like your pump isn’t regulating oil properly. Man I read something somewhere here about a similar issue. Some smart guy will come along and remind us. I forget the particulars of the system but it had to do with a diode, pump, sensor ah hell I forget...
  9. poconovfr

    Bike for my 9 year old

    Dam I didn’t read that very well... Yeah so 4stroke racers that small? Honda crf150r? Not even sure if it’s in the line up any longer. Could probably set up a KLX 140 to rip pretty well. What type of racing?
  10. poconovfr

    Bike for my 9 year old

    TTR 125. KLX 110 something along those lines. Good after market support and room to grow easy to ride and can take a beating.
  11. poconovfr

    Bike Advice

    Welcome back! I returned at 43. The 230 and 250 are worlds apart. Let us start here. There are mx bikes, more motocross specific. Close ratio trans, stiffer suspension. Not so good for an older dude to get back out on. Next up would be a cross country racer, ie YZ250/450fx the new Honda rx and so on. Wider gearing 18” rear wheel more trail then track but still race oriented. For you...doable but not ideal. You could grow into a bike like this but it’ll be way above your current skill level. Lastly is a trail bike. These can range from the CRF 230 to a KLX450 and a pile of stuff in between. Two strokes and four strokes. Air cooled and liquid cooled. Much easier to enjoy, lots more fore giving than the racers. Now you will here an entire novel of opinions to come. That happens. Start some research. Look at important things like suspension adjustability, brakes(rear drums suck),aftermarket support(we all break stuff) and dealer support. A street legal bike is super handy. Just starting out again, I wouldn’t sink a pile in my first bike. Spend the cash on good gear. I’m on my fourth bike in 10 years. Chances are you’ll get hooked and before you know it your tossing your leg over a new Beta 300... ha ask me how I know.
  12. poconovfr

    Tusk brake light switch

    Somewhere around here I have a pic of the sensor mounted in the caliper...somewhere[emoji102]
  13. poconovfr

    Unabiker Radiator guards

    Anybody jump on these yet?
  14. poconovfr

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Today I rode it