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  1. YamahaSteve

    Foresthill Fire, any info??

    I wasnt planning on going out there with the fire, but I occasionally go there to do riding... it is a beautiful and awsome place and hate to see it burned up... Thanks for the 411...
  2. YamahaSteve

    Foresthill Fire, any info??

    Great links there guys... I looked all over those linked sites and saw some nice maps, but I can figure out what I am lookign at on those... (not too familair with the area)... So, any of you locals over there have good info relating to the OHV area itself as it is affected by the fire?
  3. YamahaSteve

    Reno area riders

    Anyone is welcome to sign on to www.nvoffroad.com. The information is pretty much centered on northen nevada since the site was designed to help others in our community find other riders and keep up to date on local land issues. But hey, come on in and hit the forums... all are welcome.
  4. YamahaSteve

    YZ250 2 stroke converts

    I have the 05 YZ250 and have not ridden my thumper for months... I absolutely love it. the aluminum frame is nice and the bike is very responsive. Also, it is very light... yes it is only 5 or 10 pound slighter than a new 450f but the weight is carried lower and it feels to me alot lighter than all the 450s I have ridden... and it is WAAAAAY ligter than my WR450. I am happy with my switch to 2 stroke and it is much simpler and easier to maintain. I have had my 250 since Dec 04 and I still have not had to pop open the motor yet for any maintenance and it is still running good. Of course I do not track ride or race the bike. It is a purely offroad bike for me and it does that job very well... I have no problems in even the tightest and trickiest trails becasue, believ it or not, it actually lugs pretty well with the stock pipe on it; which has numerous dents and bashes on it from those stationary objects on the trail. A slightly heavier flywheel might help it out a bit in any situations where the clutch work becomes tedious to keep the motor goin... Basically, i love it and it has been a great bike; and like others have pointed out, it is alot cheaper than its big brothers, i.e. the 450f bikes. Cheaper not only out the door, but in the long run.
  5. YamahaSteve

    What class do you race?

    Over 30, Novice, MRANN desert racing series.
  6. YamahaSteve

    Reno area riders

    Hey guys... There is a site for locals called www.nvoffroad.com. Not sure if any of you have used it or not. It is a way for locals to keep up to date on land use issues in the area and a way to hook for rides... just an FYI for ya.
  7. No problem... I graduated from Douglas HS... in 1993. I only went there two years though... my freshman and sophomore classes were in Cali...
  8. I have seen that and cannto find proof that it was anything other than a anti-anti-motorcycle thing.... I have never seen it anywhere excpet that site which makes me think it is not legit... not that it does not contian plenty of wonderfulw ays to hurt innocent folks having a good time...
  9. No... I lived in Ventura, CA until 1991. Here ever since.
  10. Cool... I am south of Carson... you should check out www.nvoffroad.com... it is down tonight for somereason, but it is a cool site for locals to meet up. It is my brothers site.
  11. LOL... nice sign... ha ha... I have actually seen somthing like that before and it makes total sense.... Yak, where in NV do you live?
  12. Yeah, this stuff is INSANE... I just wanna go out and have fun; my activities on the trail dont kill people... or even try kill people... the only person that gets hurt from my riding is me... this is absolute obsurdity.... Makes we want to catch these maniacs and introduce thier kidneys to my alpine stars... then give them a demonstration of what a new Maxxis IT feels like on your back... but then I would be no better than they are... so I digress... Anyway, just wanted to make sure you all are careful out there... I used to think that stuff like this would never happen in my town.
  13. Hey guys... I am so upset about this news... I posted in land use forums as well, but this is probably worthy of a general post as well... Her is an article about booby raps the found here in my VERY local area this weekend. http://www.recordcourier.com/article/20050601/News/106010006 Stainless wires across trails at neck height designed to hurt/kill riders and they nearly worked. I am fed up with this crap, I dont care how much a person hates OHV, you dont try to kill someone!! That is over the line... unfortunately, this kind of stuff seems to be more prevalent everywhere now... just be careful out there fellas (and gals).
  14. YamahaSteve

    Putting Bike on Stand

    This is how I do it as written above... if you lean it over onto your leg a bit, you can use your leg muscles to help toss it up on the stand... works like a charm...
  15. YamahaSteve

    Zip Ties

    I use them to hold my flag on my subframe when I hit the sand dunes....