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  1. hotwheels

    How big of a rear tire on a 650L?

    You can get yourself a bit more room on the drive side by redishing the wheel. Simply loosen the drive side sopkes one turn, then tighten the brake side spokes one turn and the rim/tire will move over away from the chain guard. this will work on any motorcycle wheel. My wife's xr250l now accepts a 130/80x18 Michelin s12 in the rear.
  2. hotwheels

    Need Help on Chain Adjustment

    For something different, try this: both wheels on ground, sidestand up, fold the left side passenger peg down and put your knee on it and push the suspension down as far as you can there should be just the slightest amount of slack in the chain. I have my suspension quite soft (old guy) and this method gets the swingarm almost level. It can't be too far off, I ran the oem chain 10k mi in the sand of the Ocala National Forest, the next chain went 12.5k mi. Just remember loose is better than tight, at least when it comes to chains and valves.
  3. hotwheels

    Drilling out main jet?

    These jet drilling threads are getting like oil threads ! Drilling jets is easy and fun, you need two sets of drills, #1 to #59 and #60 to #80. Find the smallest drill that WON'T go thru the jet you want to enlarge or richen. Then clamp the drill in a vise, this is neccessary with the very small drills, then with your fingers twist the jet down onto the drill until the drill goes thru the jet. Next find a drill that just fits into the reccess (or counterbore) of the jet, and lightly dress off any burrs caused by the first drill, do both sides. Install the jet and go for a test ride. I've been drilling jets for years with great results, I've even filled a jet with solder and redrilled when I went too far. I won't go into jetting theory and all that rich/lean business, if you can't tell a lean running engine from a rich running engine you have no business running drills thru your jets.
  4. hotwheels

    Need used baffle for XR650L

    Whao ! Captain crude ! Now that you know it works, try to find a piece of pipe and make it look nice. That hurts to look at ! The only other thing I might try for more sound reduction is a piece of pipe long enough to "bottom inside the muffler and stick out the same amount, might take off a few more db. What are all those wires in the background ? My father (s.k. w2cha) had a similar collection and he was a amature radio operator and electronics tinkerer. Is that one of your other passions ? Good luck with the muffler.
  5. hotwheels

    Need used baffle for XR650L

    Hi, hotwheels to the rescue ! You need to go to a scrap metal yard and find tubing with an O.D. of 1.625" (42.5mm), I used what I think is aluminium handrail tubing (1/8" wall). Just take your calipers and go search. My first(and only) attempt was with a 2" piece of tubing. Use silicone seal to glue the tubing into the muffler, be sure to apply the silicone to both the tubing and the inside of the muffler. Insert the tubing into the muffler so that the end of the tubing protrudes about 1/4" beyond the very end of the muffler so the "sound" does not see the last cone of the muffler. This will mellow the sound quite a bit. Good luck, I will stop back and see how you made out.
  6. hotwheels

    stock 650l taillight

    I have two bikes that can use the stock tailight, how can I take your tailight off your hands ?
  7. hotwheels

    XR650L baffle/silencer ?

    You can take the edge off the sound of the unbaffled stock muffler very eaisily. Find a piece of pipe 1 5/8" o.d. (I had to go to the salvage yard, I think the piece of tubing I used was aluminiun handrail tubing) about 4" long. Muffler shops did not have anything. Use silicone seal to glue the tubing aprox. 2" into the muffler. Clean the inside of the muffler with laquer thinner, with your finger smear the silicone seal inside the muffler, you want to make sure there is a good coating inside the muffler. With the same finger smear the pipe and slide the pipe about 2" into the muffler, the end of the pipe should protrude about 1/4" beyond the end of the muffler and let it set at least an hour, preferably overnight. Put 6mm set screws in the screw holes that secured the baffle(before installing the pipe). It sounds like you have some jetting issues also, before adressing these, install a good a good foam aircleaner, you can make one out of the stock paper unit, I'll give directions if you want. Now the flames start, at nearly sea level the following works, drill the idle jet with a number 76 (.020" dia.) drill, drill the main jet with a number 53 (.059" dia.) drill. Spacer the needle up .040" to .065" with washers, you should be able to get the washers at any hardware store. This setup is both cheap and effective, the xr650l can be made to run very well with minimal dollar outlay. Good luck.
  8. hotwheels

    xr650l cdi connectors

    I took apart the cdi connectors to solder the connectors, I made a diagram, but I'm having trouble. Can someone that owns this bike check his cdi connectors and tell me which colors go were. The shop manual does not help.
  9. hotwheels

    05 XR650L

    The stock pipe can be quite good, grind the welds remove the screws, hook onto the baffle and remove. The jetting needs to be changed, might as well do the air filter (I'll tell you how to build a filter from the OEM piece if you want) . If the sound is too loud, insert a piece of pipe into the muffler(I'll show you how.) the will take alot of the "edge" of the sound. I can't use a lot of power in the deep Florida sand, I need smooth controlable throttle response to get the power to the ground. Have fun.
  10. hotwheels

    Gonna be in Florida - Trails??

    I would be glad to give anyone a tour of ONF, don't need GPS' just a good map. The forest service has cleared a lot of the blowdowns, plenty of trails to ride. Get in touch, we'll go for a trail ride
  11. I would be glad to give anyone the best tour I can, the ONF is very big, lots of trails, I don't know them all. During the week is best time to avoid hunters, I'm retired so any time is a good time for a trail ride! The best m/c to have is a plated dirt bike or dual sport as then you can ride on the numbered roads. Get in touch, let's go for a ride!
  12. hotwheels

    Ocala National Forest trail closure maps

    I emailed the BRC as soon as the stuff hit the fan after I went to the meeting and a few times after. They said That I was doing a good job. They have offered nothing constructive, just told me to keep doing what I was doing, no help whatsoever. Will be at Big Scrub campground on Sat.(11-06-04) with the paper maps and preprinted comment forms. See you there!
  13. hotwheels

    Ocala National Forest trail closure maps

    I talked with the rangers at the meeting in Ocala ( 10-12-04), the unrestricted section is NEXT !!
  14. Good News! The National Forest Service has extended the deadline date for comments from November 1, 2004 to December 1, 2004. Now we all have time to call (850-523-8557), email: comments-southern-Florida@Fs.Fed.Us or write, Mr. Will Ebaugh 325 John Knox Rd Tallasshasse, Fl. 32303, and let the NFS know how you feel about these trail closures. The NFS maps showing these trail closings can now be viewed at: http://www.freewebs.com/paulsmaps/ Please be patient as the files are large and require a little time to download, the wait is worth it as these maps show very plainly how the NFS wants to close half or more of the trail mileage. The first map in each area (PLAN is the existing condition, showing all trails that are now open to the public. The following maps (A,C,D,E) show alternative plans to close at least half if not more of the trails. I strongly urge everyone reading this post to let the NFS know how you feel about this closure of your trails. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Florida, the USA or the free world, if you enjoy trail riding off road PLEASE get active and help with this. It would help in your comments to advocate the implementation of (PLAN and not to close any trails, just to enforce the current regulations. I also ask you to request the reopening of the day use riding area at the intersection of forest roads 523 and 573. I spoke with Mr. Will Ebaugh at the meeting in Ocala on 10-12-04 and he indicated that he wanted “input” from the OHV trail riders on this issue. Now is the time to make the NFS aware of our feelings about the closure of OUR trails in the National Forests.
  15. hotwheels


    Will be at the hare scrambles in Palatka on Sat. and Sun with trail maps and comment forms. See you there !