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  1. zoomzoom


    Youtube search "moab dirt bike" and it will give you lots of videos of the type of terrain that you will be riding. Also search "slick rock dirt bike" and "moab five miles of hell"
  2. zoomzoom

    mx bike rentals

    There is a company that rents at Hungry Valley OHV. Don't know the name. But they bring the bike out to the park and also rent gear. Chaparral also rents.
  3. zoomzoom

    Mammoth Aug 20-24?

    Will be up in Mammoth Aug 24-26. Coming as you're going, darn it. Know the area a bit but would have liked to learn more from you. Next time check with me first before you schedule your trip... j/k
  4. zoomzoom

    Rand Mountains being fenced off

    I'm visiting TT less and less. And I'm not the only one. Too bad as this site was awesome at one time, but no more. I would like to think that it could return back to it's roots as a resource for riders. Since it's becoming a troll habitat, my interest lie elsewhere.
  5. zoomzoom

    50 T rear on 2012?

    Tried a Yoshi slip on. Whoa, what a difference. Deeper tone. Much more free rev. Way more pickup. Increased power across the band.
  6. zoomzoom

    50 T rear on 2012?

    No complaints. Love the '12 but would like to have a bit more pull coming out of a corner. Wanted to try a 50T but figured I'd poll the riders here to see what they had done. Seems most have gone to a 48T, at least those that replied to my question has. I'm still running the stock exhaust so asking if those that went to a 48 are running a stock or aftermarket exhaust. The bike does seem choked up but if changing the rear sprocket will do what I want it to do, I would prefer to not spend more $. I've already put the 50T on the bike, but haven't had a chance to ride it yet. Darn work gets in the way. Thanks.
  7. zoomzoom

    50 T rear on 2012?

    Thanks Grinstead. Those of you running a 48T. Are any of you running the stock exhaust?
  8. zoomzoom

    50 T rear on 2012?

    Anyone running a 50T rear on a '12?
  9. zoomzoom

    2012 ktm 200?

    Been considering a '12 Toom 200 xc-w. Hope to have it by the end of the year.
  10. zoomzoom

    2012 ktm 200?

    Any one have any comments on the '12 200XC-W? Preferably by someone who's ridden one. THANKS
  11. zoomzoom

    Cajon Pass\Baldy Mesa RR Tracks Staging Area Open?

    they're afraid of the the Quad crowd
  12. zoomzoom

    Lost Gear Bag

    Oh yeah, it'll never happen again.
  13. zoomzoom

    California Lost Gear Bag

    Brown OGIO Gear bag leaped off the back of the truck while on the 10 freeway heading west past 215 and before Mt. Vernon exit. The bag contained Arai Helmet, Fox POD knee braces, and a Leatt. By the time we looped around, the bag had run away. Reward and gratitude for return or any info...
  14. zoomzoom

    Big Bear

    cactus flats
  15. zoomzoom

    Big Bear Dualsport ride next weekend

    There are going to be approximately 300 riders. I'm sure you can find people to go with at the start. The organizers also try to hook people up so that you're not riding alone. we've got a group already planning to start early. If I knew the others that I'm riding with better I'd invite you along... Good luck and see on the trails.