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  1. FatChance

    DR650 Brake Bleeder Size?

    So the rear caliper requires the long bleeder? Thanks for the helpful information!
  2. FatChance

    DR650 Brake Bleeder Size?

    What is the correct size of Speedbleeders to use on the brakes on a DR650? On their web site, they list SB7100S for front and rear for "98-01" DR650, but just above that, they say to use SB8125L for Nissin calipers? I called and they didn't know for sure when that inconsistency was pointed out to them. Googling seems to indicate that the 8x1.25 is probably the correct size, but does anyone know for sure which is correct? Do we use a 7mm or 8mm bleeder screw? Thanks!
  3. FatChance

    Quick question

    Did you ever consider that maybe they thought they looked foolish in their pirate and Starwars costumes?
  4. FatChance

    Offroad Gearing - DR650

    I use 14-15-16 front with a 48 rear. That gives me all the options I want. 14/48 works great offroad, 15/48 is about the same as 14/45 mentioned above and 16/48 is the same as 14/42 that most people use for all-around riding. It takes less than 10 minutes to switch between front sprockets for different purposes.
  5. FatChance

    DR650 Clutch Question

    What changed or did you do differently to get your clutch back together?
  6. FatChance

    Prime Postion ?

    Someone who has a fireball after a crash while riding with the legal, stock petcock in the "prime" position does not have a mechanical or legal failure. Not with my votes! But this is not the town square, so we don't have to delve into the obvious consequences that come from for whom one votes...
  7. FatChance

    Why don't they sell parts for the petcock?

    Do you remember to switch off the key every time?
  8. FatChance

    Prime Postion ?

    There are a lot of things that are required by law that are not necessary and enable people to ride their bikes without knowing anything about them, IMHO. Whether or not they are necessary is a debate that may never be satisfactorily resolved. If someone rides with the petcock in the prime position, knowingly or unknowingly, they have an equal chance of a fire after a crash as someone with a manual petcock in the on position. Many of us break the law and install plastic tanks and manual petcocks on street-legal bikes and get by without the lawyer-mandated required equipment.
  9. FatChance

    DR 650 Service Interval

    The upper roller on my '00 DR650 was fine too, until it broke off and wasn't fine.
  10. FatChance

    Prime Postion ?

    Doesn't it just manually open the reserve path? I've never opened one so I never checked if it also opens the on path since that would be superfluous with the reserve open.
  11. FatChance

    Prime Postion ?

    I guess one of the advantages of being old and having learned to ride back in the old days is that fuel petcocks are really pretty easy to figure out. Turn them on when you want to ride and turn them off when you don't. The new vacuum-actuated on/off position and a separate prime position (the old "on" position) are over-complicated answers to a question that no one ever asked. It is just one more thing that can go wrong with no inherent advantage to a rider who is aware of how his motorcycle works.
  12. FatChance

    DR650 Clutch Question

    The shop manual (page 3-49) shows the clutch with the inner side closest to you (inside out) instead of viewing it outside in, so it looks like that thicker driven plate (#8 in the illustration) is farther from the transmission, but it is actually on the inside of the clutch as it is supposed to be. When in doubt, use the Suzuki manual as your reference. When I replaced that wire, I didn't have any problem? Make sure it is assembled as it shows in the manual. I did that 5 months ago and it works great. Don't be going and making me worry that I put it back together wrong because I didn't have any problem reinstalling that wire stopper ring...
  13. FatChance

    DR650 gearing

    Just to be clear, with the stock chain on my bike, I was only able to get 14/45 to fit, and that is with the snail adjuster set to zero. I do not think a 14 or 15 front with a 46 rear will fit with the stock chain? In my opinion, the stock chain isn't long enough for even 15/45. I don't think there is enough adjustment to fit and if it does, it is too tight or you have to put another notch on the adjuster less than zero. If someone has run even a 14/46 with the stock 110 link chain, please post to let us know if that is possible.
  14. FatChance

    The reluctant copyright pirate

    When I bought a used '00 DR650 a bunch of years ago, it came with a hardcopy manual from Suzuki. Whenever I compared it to the PDF, I could not find any differences...
  15. FatChance

    DR650 gearing

    As mentioned, 14/45 is the lowest you can go with the stock chain (without going to a 13 front sprocket). With the 14/45 setup, absolute top speed (on my '05 DR650, level road at this altitude) is about 90mph indicated on the stock speedometer. I have taken it on multi-day trips and cruised on two lane roads at 70-75mph with no complaints from the DR, but higher gearing is probably better if you're spending time at those speeds. I like 14/45 (or equivalent) for around town riding, but since it is so easy to switch front sprockets as needed, I do that as I use the bike for different purposes. I've since gone to 14-15-16/48 which gives me three very usable ratios, but it did require a new, longer chain. Here is some more information about changing your gearing HERE.