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  1. roylo

    Suzuki LTZ50 Generator Problem

    I was thinking that as well but the manual doesn't mention anything about timing or adjustment so I'm guessing it is fixed.
  2. roylo

    Suzuki LTZ50 Generator Problem

    When you say stator/ magneto are you talking about the generator or something else? I've been over the carby very well, changing jets and things. I don't think the problem is that. I think the bike has a weak spark.
  3. roylo

    Suzuki LTZ50 Generator Problem

    Hi, thanks for your response. Fuse is ok. I am running the engine when testing for voltage. At the battery it tests about 14.3V when the engine is running and that is what it should be. The engine does not turn off when I disconnect the battery either. But, when I test the generator on the indicated connector lead and earth as per the manual, it should read 20 volts or more and I'm getting nothing.
  4. roylo

    Suzuki LTZ50 Generator Problem

    When I test the generator with my multimeter as the manual says, it should read 20V but I am getting no reading at all. Can this be possible if the engine can still run or am I doing something wrong? Also, all resistance testing for the generator as per the manual registers nothing. I am not very experienced with this type of work so maybe I'm not doing something correctly and I don't want to spend $300 for a new generator coil if it's not my problem. That's why I want to know if the generator is registering nothing at all is it possible for the engine to still run, just not properly?
  5. Hi. I've been having a problem with my 2015 LTZ50 not running properly. It runs but will sputter and sometimes stall, especially if you ride it at a low rev for an extended time and then accelerate. Then it just stalls. I have checked many things over time and I am suspecting the generator coil is faulty. I have done multimeter voltage and resistance tests as per the manual and to me it looks like it's faulty but I am not an expert so can't say for sure if the generator is at fault. What I want to ask is would the bike still run if the generator coil was faulty?
  6. roylo

    2008 YZ450F Muffler To WR450F

    After all this I sold it to my mate and the 2008 YZ muffler and 'mid pipe' wont fit on the 2008 WR. The standard header on the WR is smaller diameter than the YZ Pro Circuit mid pipe.
  7. roylo

    2008 YZ450F Muffler To WR450F

    I do, but I wasnt talking about that section. I said the section from the muffler forward. Now that I think about it that is the header on a standard system, but I was refering to aftermarket (Pro Circuit), where there is a seperate piece before the header not permanently connected to the muffler as it is standard. Thansk for the info.
  8. Sorry if this has been answered before I dont come on here very often and a search would take forever reading through threads for a specific answer. I want to fit a 2008 YZ450F muffler and the first section of pipe from the muffler forward, to a 2008 WR450F. Will they both fit straight on? Thanks..
  9. roylo

    Yz450f Cornering Problem

    Im using Dunlop MX51 front new.
  10. Hi, I have an 08 YZ450F. The bike will push wide and has little grip coming into a corner under brakes and coming out of a corner it wants to cut in too sharp towards the inside. Ive tried messing with ride height all the clickers front and rear, and raised the fork oil height by 25mls which helped but its still not enough. What else can I do? I was wondering if changing the triple clamp offset from the standard 24mm to 22.5 would work?
  11. roylo

    GPS Based Lap Timers

    How accurate do you think the one you have is? Some tracks are six meters or more wide and you dont pass the same line (width wise) every lap. How does it know when you cross the finish line? If it is not accurate to 1 second or less per lap it useless.
  12. Anyone know if these are accurate? Im a bit sceptical to how accurate these are when the best GPS I know of is accurate to only 3 meters at its best. Any recommendations on a particaular brand? Im looking at the 'Get data MD5 Chrono' Thankyou for any help..
  13. Can anyone direct me to a link or know of a tire test or comparison on the Pirelli Scorpion MX mid hard FRONT tire. Thanks. Edit. Title is supposed to read medium HARD.
  14. Is it worth changing just the rings and not the piston after 100 Hrs? I have 2 sets of them in the spares kit.
  15. All four strokes are hard or harder to start after a stall, not just the 426.