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  1. Don Beaver

    Quads vs. Bikes...

    I'd actually love to havea trike. I just can't find a clean one that the owner doesn't want an arm and a leg for...
  2. Don Beaver

    Quads vs. Bikes...

    Looks like I'm definately among a pro bike crowd... I've been looking around a bunch and am really leaning towards a KDX200. From what I understand, they're pretty easy to learn on, yet not something that I will "outgrow". I've found a really clean looing '03 for $1700 OBO that's awfully tempting... but for some reason, I'm holding back.
  3. I've always owned quads, but am without a machine right now and have recently been thinking really hard about making the switch to bikes. Bikes are so much less expensive to buy, mod and maintain. I also think I'll be able to go more places on a bike than I can a quad. I ride tight trails. BUT, for as much as I really want a bike, part of me is hesitant. I just turned 31 yrs old and have a family depending on me. I have virtually zero experience on a bike... I don't wanna hurt myself, lol. But then again, as long as I ride within my limits, I should be ok... I don't know... I'd like to hear as many arguments for or against making the switch. And just opinions on bikes vs. quads, in general.
  4. Don Beaver

    Making a MX bike trail worthy

    Thanks for all of the suggestions, guys. I'm gonna keep looking around awhile, since I've been too busy to ride anyway. We'll see what develops.
  5. Don Beaver

    Making a MX bike trail worthy

    Like a Recluse clutch? Are these a little pricey?
  6. How hard is this to do? I'm looking to purchase my first bike and don't wanna get something too hard to handle. I've been looking for a KDX or XR, but there just aren't that many to choose from compared to CR's, YZ's, RM's, KX's, etc. I've heard about flywheel weights and gearing down, but have no experience working on two stoke motors, since I come from the 4 stroke quad world. How hard is it to add flywheel weights and how expensive is it?
  7. Don Beaver


    I'm shopping for first bike(currently ride quads) and this seems like the bike for me. Are there any particular years I should either persue or avoid? I found a clean '90, but was hoping for something a little newer...
  8. Don Beaver

    Thinking of getting my 1st bike...

    Is there a particular year or years I should I either shoot for or avoid with yhe KDX's?
  9. Don Beaver

    Thinking of getting my 1st bike...

    I think I'm pretty well sold on the KDX. From everything I've read, it seems to be the right choice. Thanks guys.
  10. I'm considering getting my first bike and have about $1500 to spend, so nothing fancy... early to mid 90's two stroke, probably. I have VERY little experience on a bike(but quite a bit of quad experience) and don't need a lot of power for the trails I ride, but I'm a bigger guy(read fat). Is a 125 two smokers suspension gonna hold up to a guy in the neighborhood of 220 lbs? I think I'd really like an XR400, but they seem to be hard to come by. KDX200 maybe? I don't know, I'm looking for suggestions, I guess ,lol...
  11. Don Beaver

    Best upgrade for my 2004 400ex

    Mines still stock, but if I were to get into mine I'd install a Hotcams Stage 1. Great lowend and improved midrange... suited for XC and trails. The Stage 2 cam would be the choice for MX or dunes.
  12. Don Beaver

    Best upgrade for my 2004 400ex

    I'd stay away from Big Gun. It has been proven that with that pipe you will actually LOSE power in much of the powerband. A full system flows a little better than a slip on, but not enough to be worth the money unless you have significant motor mods. HMF slip-on = Best bang for the buck. I did a lot of research and listened to a lot of people before purchasing mine and I'm glad I did.
  13. Don Beaver

    Best upgrade for my 2004 400ex

    Go with a Sparks or HMF exhaust and go down 1 tooth on the front sprocket.
  14. Don Beaver

    My raptor idles but won't open up!?

    If cleaning the carbs made it run better for a couple of passes then that was the problem. Since it's reoccuring you likely have contaminated fuel. I'd drain the tank and clean the carb again.
  15. Don Beaver

    Quad Recomendations

    The Z400 and 400EX were the two that made the most sense to me when I was shopping. When it came right down to it, I got a deal on the EX I couldn't refuse, plus I've always wanted one.