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  1. kyleanegus

    What to wear for beta trials demo ruls

    They have new rules this year from what I’ve seen. You have to wear one of these or they will turn you away.
  2. kyleanegus

    Anyone make a DIY boot dryer?

    I bought the Peet PowerSport dryer last year on Black Friday for $50. I wanted to be able to dry my sweaty helmet and boots. This setup has 4 posts and comes with two sets of boot attachments, glove attachments and a helmet attachment to mix and match as needed. I’m pretty happy with it. https://shop.opticsplanet.com/peet-powersport-dryer-w-helmet-dryport.html?_iv_code=12Y-DRY-M06-ATV&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=plusbox-beta&gclid=Cj0KCQiA14TjBRD_ARIsAOCmO9YWwJzvRL6KU5hoznb7Bn_0caTXCQCX72itan9Tjpnj-c4oaAArDtAaAslMEALw_wcB
  3. kyleanegus

    The unofficial TireBall thread...

    You've been running them for about 15 months now (assuming you're still running them), you still pumped with the setup and are you still popping around a ball per/month or so? My mousses are about to need replacing and i'm currently leaning towards tire balls.
  4. kyleanegus

    DIY strapless tie down

    Trust me they won’t fall over. The suspension is sagged no more than a riders weight, but can’t compress any further without weight on the seat and can’t decompress either due to the chains holding it. They are more confidence inspiring then straps. I probably have a combined mileage of 10-15k with this setup and bikes don’t budge.
  5. kyleanegus

    DIY strapless tie down

    They are rated around 400 lbs i believe, but not 100% sure on that. Spacing the d rings 17”-19” apart has worked well for me.
  6. kyleanegus

    DIY strapless tie down

    I got the chain and carabiners from Home Depot. The e track and d rings I bought on amazon.
  7. kyleanegus

    DIY strapless tie down

    Honestly fumes haven’t been a problem whatsoever. I thought it might be after reading all the threads on motovans, but it’s a nonissue. My furthest trip to date is about 400 miles round trip for a race and I never passed out or got high the whole way! HahahHa
  8. kyleanegus

    DIY strapless tie down

    Like an idiot I have drifted a corner in my old pickup going like 25 with a windrow at the end. When I hit the bump the bike leaned probably 20-25 degrees then snapped back into place. I have yet to have a bike tip over or even dislodge.
  9. kyleanegus

    DIY strapless tie down

    Been using the same setup for 2 years now. I’ve got it in my toy hauler, pickup, mini trailer and van. When I first put it together I used turnbuckles like pat, but the chain setup adjusts way faster and easier. Love the setup and have put it through the ringer. I probably have 6 setups for big bikes and 2 for little bikes. Peace of mind when the toy hauler is loaded not having to worry if the bikes poked a hole in the floor or wall.
  10. kyleanegus

    ktm 17-19 nardo grey plastic kit

    It will, it just wont have the mounting tabs for the rear brake light under the fender, nor will it come with a headlight mask. I have XC plastics and they are the same as my XC-W
  11. kyleanegus

    The Epic Motorcycle Meme Thread!

    My wife sent this one to my riding buddy
  12. kyleanegus

    Cr250 full woods bike opinions

    I built an ‘01 into a trail/harescamble bike recently and I think your money would best be spent on sending the suspension in for a revalve specific to your goals and expectations. I rebuilt the shock and forks on the bike I built and the stock suspension is just too stiff and unforgiving in small chop, large rock hop sections and square edges. Stays too high in the stroke in the slow and tight stuff and beats you up. The ‘01 is awesome without a flywheel weight, but I found a good deal on a Rekluse EXP 3.0 for the bike I built, which made the engine buttery smooth, but still nasty on top.
  13. kyleanegus

    KTM 300 XC-W (2017)


    Bought the bike new in Feb. 2017. Best bike I have ever owned, except for the slack ass forks, which knock the bike to 4 stars from 5. They plunge through the stroke faster than you can bend your arms to compensate, causing a trip over the bars in the faster stuff. A revalve by Dick's Racing and they are awesome now! Also added a slough of aftermarket parts: Rekluse Radius Clutch, Lectron, VForce reeds, Flexx Bars, MME clutch lever, Nitro Mousses, Rad guards/braces, Trail Tech Stator, Rad Fan, Hyde skid plate/pipe guard. I can put the bike anywhere I choose now and with the smooth motor and easy starting I will have it for many years to come