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  1. msiddalingaiah

    1991 DR350S Issues in 5/6th on the highway

    Can you rev the engine to 6-7k RPM in neutral? Does it still misfire?
  2. msiddalingaiah

    1991 dr350s overheated and is now having problems

    Sounds like it might be running lean. A lean mixture will cause the engine to overheat and backfire. Check for air leaks on the intake side. Let us know what you find out.
  3. msiddalingaiah

    1995 Dr350 new to me-runs like crud

    The rev limiting is internal to the CDI. It cuts out north of 9000 RPM and the timing control is digital, so I doubt that's your problem. There was a guy that had intermittent CDI problems, replacing it made a world of difference. If you can find one nearby, you can swap it out temporarily to see if it helps. If fuel mixture and compression are good, spark is about all that's left.
  4. msiddalingaiah

    1995 Dr350 new to me-runs like crud

    Uncrew the spark plug boot from the wire and check for a good connection. Electrical contact cleaner works wonders. Is the carb float set right? If not, your mixture will be off. Have you checked the valve clearance?
  5. msiddalingaiah

    Purpose of battery on 83 XT250

    The battery is there for safety and to smooth out the voltage from the stator. If you don't need lights when the engine is off, replace the battery with a 10000 microfarad / 25v capacitor. It's a common mod for kickers.
  6. msiddalingaiah

    Electrical Ghosts - Need coaching

    Which model bike do you have? If it's a DR350 (any model), it won't need the regulator to run. Most likely it's a switch/wiring problem, e.g. key switch, kill switch, side stand switch, or neutral switch is acting up. The other possibility is a bad source/pickup coil in the stator. Get the manual and check the resistance of the source/pickup coils. These are separate from the lighting coils.
  7. msiddalingaiah

    DR350S Dies after closing throttle

    It's a Mikuni BST33ss. I would guess the problem is either a float issue or vapor lock. Next time it dies, open the gas cap and see if that helps.
  8. msiddalingaiah

    Fuel Injection questions, ask away.

    EFI fuel pumps can be a problem. I made an electronic fuel pump controller for my EFI conversion. It draws about 2.5 Amps and doesn't require a return line.
  9. msiddalingaiah

    Carb Problem or spark problem?

    It sounds like a carb problem to me. Have you cleaned the carb recently? Check the slide to make sure it moves freely. It's possible the needle clip fell out and the needle is not moving with the slide. Have you checked/replaced the air filter?
  10. msiddalingaiah

    1990 DR350S Cuts out at about 5500rpm...

    Does it run if you go up to 5500 RPM and then reduce throttle? Do you have spark beyond 5500 RPM? If it stops completely and requires a restart, it could be a CDI/spark problem or maybe a flaky kickstand/kill switch. The CDI has a high RPM cutout around 10,000 RPM or so. That shouldn't be a problem, but it's hard to tell from here. One way to check is to remove the spark plug boot and lightly connect the spark plug wire to the plug. Once the engine is running at idle, pull the wire back and watch the spark jump from the wire to the plug. Increase RPM and see if the spark is good beyond 5500 RPM.
  11. msiddalingaiah

    dr 350 93

    Try Ron Ayers or Cheap cycle parts. If it's a stock "S" model (dual sport), then you probably have the CV carb. Just check the online Fiche diagrams and get all the seals.
  12. msiddalingaiah

    1990 dr350 starting trouble

    Try closing the throttle completely by unscrewing the idle thumbscrew. If it tries to start, then you probably have an idle circuit problem. This could be caused by a clogged pilot circuit, pilot jet, the wrong size pilot jet, or the improper idle mixture screw setting. I had a similar problem with my 90 DR350S. Report back after you give that a try.
  13. msiddalingaiah

    1991 dr350s wiring

    The DR will run without a battery, but it probably won't idle well. I used to run mine with a 30,000 microFarad capacitor in place of the battery, that worked really well. For main power, just tap the + side of the battery connection. I would install either a small battery or a capacitor. The manual says the electrical system could be damaged if there is no battery or capacitor to smooth out the stator pulses.
  14. msiddalingaiah

    90' Dr 350 Knowledge

    I have the exact same bike and have run into many of the same problems. The fact that it runs at all is a good sign. It means you have decent spark and compression. The carb can be an issue, especially when they get old. If the air fuel mixture is off, it just won't run well at all. There are lots of things that can cause poor mixture. Clogged jets, improper float setting, cracked float, leaky float valve, or an air leak at the intake boot are possible candidates. Is the fuel tank clean? If it's rusty, super fine rust particles can clog what you thought was a clean pilot jet. Check everything carefully, step by step. I would seriously consider replacing all the non-metallic parts in the carb, maybe even the complete float assembly. Add a a good inline fuel filter, it's cheap insurance and it never hurts. Here's info that you might find useful: http://dr350.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page
  15. msiddalingaiah

    1993 DR650 only runs at full choke

    If you have spark, your stator is probably fine. Check the carb float level. If it's not right, the mixture will be off. If you need choke to run, the it's running too lean.