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  1. HrcRacing

    Chain length question

    Depending on what you're riding, I'd go with a sealed chain. It will stretch once as it takes a set then that's pretty much it. Your sprockets will last much longer as well.
  2. HrcRacing

    This says it all...

    The ad mentions the SH 250 vs the factory supported teams 250F's, not 450's.
  3. HrcRacing

    My 1994 CR250R

    Looks great. Who makes that seat cover? Love it.
  4. HrcRacing

    First track ride on my '88 CR500R

    Put a decompression valve on that dude. Mine kicks like a 250 at most. Larry Wiechman did the work for me. Looks like oem. You can contact him at wiechman@charter.net . Congratulations on bringing that beast back to life. Love it!
  5. HrcRacing

    cr500af radiators

    Yeah, as JBird says, use the '02 CR250 radiators but they will have to be modded. I would contact AJ at ajwaggoner@servicehonda.com unless you want to mod them yourself.
  6. HrcRacing

    new to site

    Wasn't sure since some of you Canadian chaps like the cold too.
  7. HrcRacing

    500 Service Honda

    Stock vs stock, the 500 has more hit while the 450 has more pull. The 500 will want to flatten out on top so you'll need to short shift it. The 450 will continue pulling, well, the '08 I had did anyway. Service Honda 500AF's come with a 39mm PWK carb which let it pull further. They also come with 14/48 gearing which also helps. As my 4-stroke friend described of my SH 500AF, it's the "ultimate MX bike".
  8. HrcRacing

    new to site

    I've ran the Honda gear oil (red bottle) for years without a problem. I also use their HP2 2-stroke oil at 32:1. Pretty sure I read some where not to use 927 in the cold so, in Canada, I'd only use it during the warmer seasons.
  9. HrcRacing

    Possible cr500AF build?

    Engine, carb & electronics won't be needed from the 250F. Check out cr500riders.com and bannedcr500riders.com for specifics on what will need to be done. MXDogger has done some really clean CRF250 conversions and may be able to source mounts, headstay, etc, for you. Best of luck.
  10. HrcRacing

    Oem wheel for 03 cr250r

    I have the front & rear complete wheel sets from a '08 450 I owned on my '04 CR250 based 500AF so, as said, they will work.
  11. HrcRacing

    Rode a 500 today, for the first time

    Thanks guys.
  12. HrcRacing

    Rode a 500 today, for the first time

    I love my SH 500AF!
  13. HrcRacing

    My 2005 CR250R

    Wow, that's a sweet deal. Congratulations and welcome back.
  14. Wow! That is incredible!!!!
  15. HrcRacing

    97 cr250

    If it just shut off suddenly, I'd guess it's the plug.