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  1. husky1360

    Stewart to Suzuki talk - Actual Source

    No real word on what bike he will ride, but my sources tell me he may sign a SX/Enduro gig with the new Jolt Cola/Marlboro/Husqvarna team.
  2. husky1360

    Stewart to Suzuki talk - Actual Source

    From a reliable source in Germany via an Italian connection, I was told that Stewart will race the World Enduro Championship next year. Peace.
  3. sticks leaned up over the trail sort of in a teepee shape during an enduro in NorCal. Saw little kids and some weirdos in a campground nearby.
  4. husky1360

    MXA TC 449 Test

    thought that the test was vague as well, usually mxa explains all the technology.
  5. husky1360

    Steve Lamson's 2002 CR250 race bike

    Lamson holeshot two years in a row at Hangtown, once on the 125 and then on the 250. I wouldn't believe a word travis preston said about those bikes being crap. Nice photo thanks for posting.
  6. husky1360

    California Gbros U in Fort Bragg?

    Really? www.gbrothersracing.com Says there will be a riding school in Fort Bragg. Anybody know if that woukd be on the Mendocino Coast? (where they gonna ride at?)
  7. husky1360

    Samoa dunes

    Check with the BLM Arcata Field office. Never road there before, but if I remember there is camping bordering the official gate that they lock at night.
  8. husky1360

    Husqvarn Back to Pro Racing in the U.S.

    the pastrana experiment should be interesting. Wonder if he'll take out any of his team members? Warning: There may be Husqvarnas on the podium.
  9. husky1360

    Worcs 2008

    So does this mean that Breck is race testing a husqvarna for Dirt Bike or will he be running the whole series. Either way its good.
  10. husky1360

    Is it true? No '08 XR 650???!

    The world is running short on real bikes. dirtrider115, you are having good luck with WR Yamahas?
  11. Is it true that there is no 2008 650? If so, thats a bummer. Not everyone wants to ride a 450.
  12. I am looking at buying a bike from out of my state and will need to have it shipped. Does anybody know of somebody that ships bikes cheaply? Thanks
  13. husky1360

    OffRoad looking for ISDE results??

    Does anybody know where to get ISDE results? They usually have something set up where you can follow the scoring, but I cannot find it. Thanks
  14. husky1360

    BMW doing GNCC, how about Husky?

  15. husky1360

    2009 Husaberg unvailed today

    Will that bike be replacing the "traditional" engine etc. or will it be a separate model?