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  1. Brock_Landers

    Kurt Caselli death: what happened?

    Spill the beans GBowman. Obviously we would all like to know exactly what happened.
  2. Brock_Landers

    Possible Job in Ontario

    Where in Ontario? It's a huge province and the cost of living varies an incredible amount depending on location.
  3. Brock_Landers

    Dryden and Kenora area

    Anyone? I've decided to bring the bike. Now I'm just in search of people to ride with and places to ride
  4. Brock_Landers

    Ontario Dryden and Kenora area

    I'm gonna be spending the summer in Dryden and I am wondering if there is much in the way of good trail riding arounf Dryden or Kenora area. Or should i just leave the bike in Calgary?
  5. Brock_Landers

    Cherry bomb crbm

    Just to add to my post before.. I realize that you cant order from that website but you could contact the UK yoshimura distributor and maybe they can find one for you. When i bought my RMX in 2011 they were eveywhere. Every parts website had them. And I believe youre right, the quad version wont work on the bike.
  6. Brock_Landers

    Cherry bomb crbm

    This is what i found. A "power up unit" http://shop.yoshimura-jp.com/en/product/syousai.php?id=12393 I'm not sure if its the same thing but it sure looks like it. Congrats on the new bike. Youre gonna love it!!
  7. Brock_Landers

    RMX 450Z Owners....One Simple Question

    There is so much power between my legs, I feel like Dirk Diggler when i ride my RMX.
  8. Brock_Landers

    RMX 450Z Owners....One Simple Question

    I LOVE IT!!!
  9. Don't forget to install a Yoshimura CRMB or (cherry bomb). When you get it, it will come with instructions on how to replace the throttle stop screw, open up the air box, and unrestrict the exhaust.
  10. Brock_Landers

    Dirtbike Insurance in Alberta

    Right on man, glad to help!!
  11. Brock_Landers

    Dirtbike Insurance in Alberta

    Jeff Cooke Insurance, the ladies name that I deal with is Heather Strecker (403) 590-3427
  12. Brock_Landers

    Indian Graves Riding

    Anyone been to Indian Graves lately? Like within the last month or so. I would like to head down there but i would hate to show up and find 2 feet of snow.
  13. Brock_Landers

    RMX450Z Instrument Cluster

    I'm not sure if it can be changed but why would you want to? I'd rather go 80 kmh than 50mph. It sounds faster!
  14. Brock_Landers

    Dirtbike Insurance in Alberta

    As stated above I use state farm. Last year I paid $205 a year for liability including theft and fire. This year it dropped to $130 a year. I ride a Suzuki RMX450z and I have no class 6. It's a sweet deal.