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  1. Your guessing right Farmer I am also in Alex,do you also ride KTM?
  2. South Island,Central Otago,3 week wait for parts,the Salesman doesnt want anything to do it,No bike to use in the meantime etc etc,funny how they're all smiles taking your money. If there are any Problems with the dealer I will happily name them.They are a reputable Business and although hardly suprised with their reaction,its disappointing.
  3. Ok its a top end seizure,cylinder and piston poked,no one can explain why this has happened,..
  4. The dealership is a 2 hour drive,i havent taken the bike in yet,but they know its coming,Im taking it through today so will know more towards end of week.
  5. I Absolutely ride it hard,but ran it in as per standard,im as suprised as anyone,this is my 4th out of the box and have never had a problems in the past. I will keep you all posted as to warranty claim,not sure if im happy with a rebuilt bike,but a new engine from KTM will suffice..
  6. Hey All yup 12 hours and she,s very dead Sounded like oil starvation to me,lots of metallic crunching and now wont start Have followed servicing intervals and am using the right motorex 10w 60 oil Its under warranty but im curious Anyone else had this happen to their late Model kTM?
  7. onecrf

    89 tt600

    Thanks Yes its all there but will need some work Im looking forward to opening it up
  8. onecrf

    89 tt600

    Couple of pictures. First registered as a 92 it must be close to that year
  9. Hey all As a young man in my early 40s i developed an interest in xr/tt 600s Have owned 5 xr600s over the years but have recently gotten hold of an 89(i think)TT600.. Its very Original which i love but needs some tlc here and there. So here we go The old oil level question. Do i check the oil tank dipstick hot or cold?Dipstick screwed in or out?Thanks. Its quite smoky on startup but settles down to almost nothing when warm,So im starting with oil level first. However with some rattles coming from high up im guessing a worn top end,valves or stem guides. Will post pics soon but can tell you its the white frame model,red seat,white plastics with red edging on guards. I love riding this thing,i race a 13 ktm 450 xcf,but for fun factor wheelies and skids this thing puts a smile on the dial! Many thanks in advance Wayne
  10. Yup i have the 12 exc 350. I have drag raced with an rmz and crf 450 and once revving pulls just as hard. Will stay with the pack x country starts no problem It is the low end power that really lacks,picks up to a decent midrange though. My bike is standard apart from Akropovic Pipe,lot crisper with that. The standard exc Muffler doesnt actually run straight through,fairly restricted.
  11. Turns out it was an oil pump drain bolt,harmless enough just remember to tip the bike over and prime it again. Yes i remember on my 09 450 it was THE drain bolt to get all the oil out. Old habits die hard. DO NOT undo the angled bolt on the right hand underneath Or be very careful to make the sure the ball bearing sitting on top goes back in the same way. It is an oil pressure release valve(or oil pressure related) Scary stuff indeed..
  12. In a hurry to change my oil tonight,i mistakingly undid the allen bolt(directly underneath,gearchange side) I know one of these bolts is an oil pressure ball bearing,nothing came out with this bolt though. Anyone know what i undid?? Thanks in advance
  13. Gotta love the way they go streakin across the desert wide open. That takes nuts and the bigger the better. Just watching it gets the heart rate goin. Wish we had them in NZ!
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