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  1. KLX450-DIRK

    14T front sprocket

    Mine is a JT sprocket i believe.
  2. KLX450-DIRK

    14T front sprocket

    I have a 14t that i run for a couple rides a year and it clears without issue. Its a snug fit but it should go.
  3. KLX450-DIRK

    My 1986 Honda XR80R

  4. KLX450-DIRK

    New clutch...same problem

    If the fingers of your clutch basket are grooved, your clutch will hang up and it will not shift smoothly. You can give them a light file and get a little more time out of your clutch basket, but you'll be replacing sooner or later. Go aftermarket...Hinson, Barnett etc.
  5. KLX450-DIRK

    Header glowing red hot!

    KX header is Ti and a lighter gauge and heats much quicker.
  6. KLX450-DIRK


    You have probably stripped the splines on the shifter itself. The shift shaft is made of hardened steel so it should not be that. Mine actually just did the same I can upshift but when I try to downshift it just slips and it's the frame. I need to replace it quickly.
  7. KLX450-DIRK

    Tm 250 mx 2005 cross over parts?

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Leave the plastic screw.
  8. KLX450-DIRK

    KLX 450R 08 Re-jetting !

    Its going to be lean and run hot unless you are above 4000ft.
  9. KLX450-DIRK

    Tm 250 mx 2005 cross over parts?

    Kickstarter and radiator should be a direct fit from anything 2000-2006. Plastics can be found new but will be expensive.
  10. KLX450-DIRK

    TM Specific forum

    I've been thinking that we need a specific forum for the TM racing motorcycles for a long time.
  11. KLX450-DIRK

    01 Tm 125 has trany oil come out of crank breather

    Too much oil.
  12. KLX450-DIRK

    How often should I change the fork oil

    I change my oil usually twice per season...early summer and early fall.
  13. KLX450-DIRK

    2012 klx450 Linkage Removal

    Pound it out with a hammer and drift.
  14. KLX450-DIRK


    Because the compression ratio is 12.5:1, octane is not your primary concern so to that matter anything above a 91 will be good. Ethanol in gas is the real enemy. Try to find a fuel without ethanol as it will quickly varnish and gum up your carb if left to sit longer than a couple weeks.
  15. KLX450-DIRK

    Need some opinions...

    I have a TM 250e 2t that is an absolute riot to ride but it still tends to get left behind when i'm going on a gnarly, rooty, rocky, slimy soul crushing single track ride. The KLX is just so stable and predictable at speed and with my tractor gearing and trials tire, i have yet to meet a trail it won't dominate.