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    riding,big game hunting,shooting ,handloading
  1. wjc2003

    XR200 quiet pipe.

    I keep mine stock.Very quiet...shhhhh
  2. wjc2003

    '02 xr200 chain slider

    Where can I get an aftermarket chain slider? They seem hard to find and OEM is very expensive.
  3. wjc2003

    Old time hillclimb pics

    Anybody have any links to vintage hillclimb pics? Thanks,Bill
  4. wjc2003

    Titling an old bike

    Iv'e used Int.Title Svc. in Nevada a couple of times. Cost about 100 bucks if I remember right.No problems at all. I would use them again!
  5. wjc2003

    Another fatal head-on in belfair

    The last time I was at Belfair I saw a gal on a kwad(sic) lose control in the paved parking lot and slam into a pickup! She was o.k. but that pickup was not! Shortly after that her husband/boyfriend(whatever) proceeded to make an ass of himself by losing control of his kwad in the parking lot,headed into the gravel still holding on,creating a huge cloud of dust and gravel,completely out of control!Too bad the Ranger wasn't there.I think a Ranger should be there every weekend to write tickets and let the morons know that they are not welcome.
  6. wjc2003

    2003 WR450 owners....

    Mine sheared and I had a long push.Never rode that bike again because I could not trust it. I ride a KTM now. I'll bet alot of the guys that had the problem are like me and are not riding Yamahas any more.
  7. wjc2003

    XR400 vs KDX200

    keithco, I figure I get about 60 miles per tank.'00 220 w/some mods.A great bike.
  8. wjc2003

    kdx 200/220 reliability

    I have a 220 with some mods as a spare bike. KDXs are super reliable and easy to work on.Get a '95 or newer one.There are many free and cheap mods for them and lots of aftermarket goodies too. I read that some 220s have had piston cracking problems after a while if the engine is modified so I put a Wiseco piston in mine.The 200s do not have that problem.For a play/woods bike you can't go wrong with a KDX.
  9. wjc2003

    Only 1, 2 smoke in 125 main!

    There should be a 125,250,and an open class like they used to have.
  10. The 300 is very versatile,it can putt and it can rip.It won't putt like a trials bike though.
  11. wjc2003

    Gaerne SG10

    They are nice.Although I have not worn the SG10s I think I should have got them instead of my Sidis.
  12. wjc2003

    125 smoker for big guy

    You're a little big for a 125.Have you tried a KDX 200 or 220? They are very good bikes for everything but MX.All you'll need is some simple suspension work that you can do at home(cheap).
  13. wjc2003

    Ellensburg Riders...

    Good job Sharla!!
  14. wjc2003

    Lost & Living Legends of Our Sport

    Don't forget Joel Robert! He liked to party all night,and show up at the track in the morning and whip everybody. He made it look so easy.
  15. wjc2003

    Cold weather riding gear?

    I like the silk long underwear too.I got them for hunting on horseback because other fabrics will rub the skin raw after a few hours.Got mine from Cabelas.They offer different weights too.