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  1. ForsheeMS

    YZ 250 flywheel weight question

    Retarding the timing will take quite a bit of the mid range hit out and make the power very smooth through the entire rpm range. It will add a little bottom end however it will take away some over rev.
  2. ForsheeMS

    spark plugs?

    You will be fine with the irridium plug. It's just made from a little different material than the standard plug.
  3. ForsheeMS

    Pro Circuit Piston ring orientation

    I've never had a clip come out but I always pay close attention when installing them. Once I get them in I look at them under a magnifying glass to be sure they are fully seated in the groove. My opinion on why they move is harmonics or basically vibrations in the engine. Even though I would prefer the clip didn't move I don't think it's anything to be concerned about.
  4. ForsheeMS

    Pro Circuit Piston ring orientation

    I know for a fact the clips can turn also. I have done way too many freshen ups on engines that I built and it's not uncommon for the clips to have turned. I always put the clip in with the gap facing down and will continue to put them in that way. The way I look at it, the manual is an excellent guide and I follow all of the important torque specs as well as going by most of the factory toleracances and clearances. Read the valve section in your manual and you'll find they tell you to lap the valves. Everyone knows that you never ever lap a titanium valve! Putting the rings in the position the manual recommends is fine. I put them in different because in my experience having the oil scraper ring gaps located inline with the piston skirt allows them to go into the cylinder much easier. I've put them in all different ways with no issues, but my method just works better for me during assembly. I'm not saying my way of doing things is the best, only that through trial and error I have come up with the way things work best for me. Luckily I do a lot of engines so I am able to try different things. I keep a log book so I can see what worked and what didn't.
  5. ForsheeMS

    Pro Circuit Piston ring orientation

    Yes, the rings will turn. They don't spin at 20 mph or anything but the can rotate slowly on the piston mainly due to harmonics in the engine. On a 3 ring piston I install the the oil scrapers with the end gap centered on the skirt. The second ring goes in line with the wrist pin on one side and the top ring is on the opposite side in line with the pin. Rarely do I tear an engine down that comes back out the same way I put it together. The wrist pin clips can rotate as well. I always put them in with the gap at the top or bottom and when I go back into the engine in a lot of cases they have rotated.
  6. ForsheeMS

    2006 v 125 Cylinder stamp

    Correct. It should be fine but you always need to check.
  7. ForsheeMS

    2006 v 125 Cylinder stamp

    The Wiseco pistons don't come in A B C D sizes. To do a top end correctly you should always measure the bore and the piston to determine the piston to cylinder clearance. Too tight or too loose can cause problems. In most cases the Wiseco will go in with no issues but it's still best to measure everything to be sure.
  8. ForsheeMS

    2006 v 125 Cylinder stamp

    No. If you're trying to order a new stock piston get the C or D and it will be fine.
  9. ForsheeMS

    Pro Circuit Piston ring orientation

    It really doesn't matter as long as the 3 end gaps don't line up. The rings will turn on the piston when it runs anyway.
  10. ForsheeMS

    2008 yz125 or 2005 cr144

    The suspension on the YZ will be better than the CR. The CR still uses the old cartridge type forks where the YZ has the twin chamber SSS forks. I've ridden a stock 2009 YZ and a stock 2007 CR and the yz has way better suspension. The Honda will have more power since it's a 144.
  11. ForsheeMS

    Steering head bearings - best fix

    Here's a thread I started a while back on this: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=797940&highlight=steering+stem+bearings Seems Pivot Works upgraded their set to the new style. Due to being really busy I went a little over a year before taking a look at them in my son's bike only to find everything looked really good.
  12. ForsheeMS

    2010 Fuel Octane

    The manual states a research octane rating of 95. Most pumps list octane as an average research octane number (RON) and motor octane number (MON) which ends up being lower. The 91 or 92 octane will be fine.
  13. ForsheeMS

    Transmission/shifting problems.

    Yep, that would be normal. Sounds to me like a bent shift fork. Another possibility is the cases being worn where the shift fork shafts slide although my bet is a bent fork.
  14. ForsheeMS

    Found the culprit, but how did it happen?

    Take a close look at the cam cap, cam bearing, and head. There's no way that clip can just come out if it was installed correctly. As others have said you definitely dodged a bullet. Be careful since your luck probably won't be as good next time.
  15. ForsheeMS

    kxf 250 rebuild doubts

    The cooling system will have no effect on the head pipe. If your running it inside or in low light conditions it will glow.