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  1. I had purchased a Pro Moto Billet insert last week and initially thought it wasn't going to fit. There was some interference in getting it to seat properly. I called Pro Moto Billet today and Brett double checked the part number they had sent me, we shared some pictures, and figured out that, at some point in its past, the stock exhaust tip had been tweaked just enough in a fall to knock it out of round and prevent the insert from fitting. I just took my Dremel to the interior of the exhaust tip and everything now fits correctly. Ahhh....I can hear myself think now I'll be warming it up in the driveway tomorrow before a ride and won't be worried about my neighbors wanting to shoot me Thanks for the help! Mark
  2. I recently picked up a 99 WR400 and its in great shape. That said the previous owner removed the baffle from the stock exhaust and its now only running with the YMS400 screen type arrestor...and it is REALLY loud. Since its plated I want to ride to/from the trails and I don't want to anger my neighbors even with idling. Beyond swapping out the exhaust to an aftermarket unit are there any other options I could use to quiet it own to 94-96db? Anyone still have a stock baffle or another WR stock exhaust that would fit? For now I'm more concerned about sound levels than dropping a little power. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide! Mark
  3. There are a bunch of solutions out there. There is: Baja Designs Trick Dual Sport Highway Dirt Bikes or you can roll your own set up like this CRF450X owner did. Highway Dirt Bikes is near me and I really like the way the parts are engineered so that is likely the direction that I will be heading with the CRF450X that I want to get. The most important thing is to check your state requirements for what is truly required. Here in Colorado you aren't required to have blinkers but I'm planning to add them anyway. It won't hurt to be as obvious as possible when on the road. Hope this helps! Mark
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