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  1. superslyko

    Return of YamahaGinger

  2. superslyko

    Good Suspension shops in the Sacramento area?

    I 'member a story about a pencil the last time Dr. Evil picked up a wrench. Then there is a history about kickstarting a bike. Convinced he needs boingers before he even has a ride?????? You can't make this stuff up! ☺️
  3. Hehehe! Don't quote shit. Everybody can read that's here. Hahahahaha!
  4. superslyko

    HI-CAP MAGs might be BACK

    Hehehehe! Yup, it's all plastic & blocky. Looks like hell. Why would anyone ever buy one?? 10 years ago I was at the Big Reno Gun Show and asked a few vendors "What was the best selling gun out there?" "What's the cheapest ammo?" You know. Tell me! I wanna hear you say it. 😄 My brother would never own a Glock. He has so many guns he can't even close his safe anymore. I've heard it all. The 45 ACP is a Cannon. I was at the Range & the fella next to me had a $3000 Kimber and he was bragging, "I make my own ammo! These are HOT loads! I'm loaded for bear!" His gun then blew up in his hand. 😐
  5. superslyko

    HI-CAP MAGs might be BACK

    I went to the range with my assortment of 9mm Glocks, 29 , 19, 17. The baby Glock wanted to jump outta my hand, I really had to keep a death grip that little thing. I can only imagine what a baby 45 would do?!?!? 💣 A plinker???? More like a cannon!!!!!!
  6. I've got another story! Years ago I was all stressed out because I had install CAT5 cable in my entire house. I had to rip out all the walls and put in this pesky cable to get the INTERNET in all my room. Being the lazy SOB I am, I put it off, and put it off, and put it off. Then Trump invented Wifi !!!! And now he keeps improving it! When the bargain basement laptops have more computing power than your high end system of just 2 years ago, what does that really say? I love it. I have a $300 laptop that kicks @ss! So I have to wait another second for a large program to load........................................................... I love TT.
  7. superslyko

    Waiting on the Bus

  8. superslyko

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    They're making it recreational, but you can't buy guns anymore???? OK, that does it. I just bought another 100 rounds of 9 mm yesterday. I have about 5000 .223 on stockpile. I'm ready for the zombie apocalypse. I just went to the range in this 100* heat with another buddy, and he had a .38 a .45 and a .22. I was trippin' on all the different types of ammo he had. Them 38's are huge.
  9. superslyko

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    give it another year or 2, they'll be giving it away. I'm waiting till they start selling the stuff at Walmart. It will happen. I was watching the videos at YouTube and the "stoners" were calling it ........................................ "medicine" OMG. It's not medicine. You're not prescribed this stuff from a doctor. Get out of your dream world. Ugh. I'll stick with homebrew........................... it's cheap.
  10. superslyko

    Big Bob getting divorced

  11. superslyko

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    $75 for 6 seeds. Are you nuts!
  12. superslyko

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    Hey, Smokin' save me a couple of them seeds of that wacky tobaccy. I wanna try my green thumb. I'm really good at growing shit. My fruit trees are BUSTIN' OUT. My garden is going ape shit. Don't those buds have seeds in them? i don't know anymore. This new stuff is like medicine! I ain't spending huge $$$ for any bullshit in the back of a magazine.
  13. superslyko

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    You guys realize who coined the term "SSS" ? Hmmmmmmmm
  14. superslyko

    delete please

    I'm so impressed! You guys are getting it!