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  1. superslyko

    Top Ten new TT names for KX450CARider

    He knows!
  2. superslyko

    Georgetown west side. Down Low Ride - Saturday Dec 8

    The best remedy I ever heard was when I was playing football in high school. Coach was complaining I was running laps too slow and I quipped, " I got a cramp in my leg!" He yelled, "So what!!!! Whatdoyawant me to do, Tape an Aspirin to it?" 😳
  3. superslyko

    Top Ten new TT names for KX450CARider

    Coming from a guy that garbage pales ain't safe from, I'll be takin' my va jj home! 😊 "Oh, I'm losing air......... I gotta go home!" 😅
  4. superslyko

    Top Ten new TT names for KX450CARider

    I still think Q-Tip was the best. 😤
  5. superslyko

    Buying an out of state FRAME only

    I love TT !
  6. I'll give you a specific example. I once told everyone how great it was on a "certain" trail at an OHV. Totally public spot, everyone could get there very easily. The next month I went to that exact area, and it was totally blown out. An area that was "undiscovered and pristine" It was a majestic single track with everything, water crossings, switchbacks, hillclimbs, beautiful. I ruined it by being too open. Never again. The idea of work parties have a reciprocal theme is total bullshit. P.S. The OP gave some incredible hints. Follow them.
  7. superslyko

    Feeling Big Bob old 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Following Bob has it's own secret challenges! ☺️
  8. superslyko

    Feeling Big Bob old 🤷🏻‍♂️

    You'll just HOPE you're still riding when you're Dr. Evil's age. Some other items you might question, but his riding isn't one of them!
  9. superslyko

    Gem and mineral collecting

    I like Turtles!
  10. superslyko

    Skippy's Random Thought Thread

    It was my son at Stonyford. He was kept awake all night scared of a rabid squirrel that was circling him!
  11. superslyko

    Cali is DEAD.... Hodge Podge

    Threads like this inspire me!!!!!!!
  12. superslyko

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Bottom Line: I still love TT. 💎
  13. superslyko

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Poor Bolt, He hasn't changed too much. Still a jerk! 😋 Now I wouldn't be too concerned what I think...................... but I've received too many PMs from different members that are telling me what a bozo you are. I guess it's no mystery that you and hate each other. And I haven't been here for quite some time! So be a little easier on these fellas or do yourself a favor & just stick to selling tires. For Smokin' !!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9h4pznxO9Bo&ab_channel=vivianvbh
  14. superslyko

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Thanks for the Invite, but TT lets me know I'm a bozo for not supporting them........................................................... every time I sign on. Then there's the trolls that ganged up and chased me around. Took all the fun outta giving you guys flak now and again. But everytime I hear this song......................... I still think of YOU! 😰