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  1. I have a stock 2011 TC 449 muffler and mid pipe - but here's the rub: It's not perfect. There's a crease in the mid pipe. Pictures here: https://billsridepics.wordpress.com/2013/04/27/hope-this-can-be-fixed/
  2. banda

    How Much Does It Cost To Rebuild A Four-Stroke Engine?

    Nothing I'm going to say will be popular: The mix of today's 4 stroke race bikes, built for ultra low weight and ultra high power, and surly, poorly informed motorcycle service providers is totally toxic to the sport of off-road motorcycling. Dirt bike owners must know enough to DIY to spot the bad service providers in the first place. This means that the rider just getting into dirt biking either has to climb the mountain of technical learning, or will be burned by high service costs enough to make a second dirt bike purchase unlikely. Bring on the electric motocross bikes. When those get competitive in price and performance, the sport will explode.
  3. banda

    When if ever to put a leg out?

    Two answers: 1) when you are turning with great lean angle on loose stuff... like a flat track racer... the reason the leg comes out is that you have shifted your weight to the outside edge of the seat and your leg isn't actually long enough to reach the foot peg on the inside, or hooking your foot around to rach the peg is of no use anyway because of the extreme lean angle of the bike. At this point you have opened your hips up into the turn. 2) When you are railing a rutted turn and your big stupid foot will just drag on the inside of the rut - the foot goes up and forward
  4. Ugh - I hate to hear this story. When I bought my 2011 TC 449, I was really impressed with the parts distribution under BMW - I got stuff FAST and cheap, way better than my experience with the big 4. I was worried that going from a super modern automobile parts network to whatever KTM has would be a huge step backwards.
  5. banda

    Throttle Arm Pump

    Taking a couple ibuprofin before a day at the track helps me.
  6. banda

    03 yz450 won't shift just rebuilt

    Well, you're in the wrong forum for starters - this forum is for discussing MX riding technique. You want the Yamaha specific forum. Here's a link to a 250 rider who asked a very similar question.
  7. banda

    Near New TC449.. Need advice please...

    The clutch drags when new. Get a few hours on it, and it becomes the best clutch you've ever used. Running a tighter chain cuts down the chain slap - you can run the chain tighter than on other bikes because of the CTS - the geometry never changes. A little chain slap won't hurt... the kind you hear under hard braking - that's just the rear suspension's way of telling you you're braking well.
  8. banda

    Husqvarna Warnings!

    For the record: Pink elephants are drunken hallucinations. WHITE elephants are valuable, but burdensome possessions of which their owners cannot dispose because of the cost of their upkeep.
  9. banda

    (rumour) BMW selling Husky to KTM?

    Call me a kool-aid drinker if you want. I love my TC 449. It's a capable MX/TT machine that's easy to ride and plenty fast, and it's not "disposable" like Japanese MX bikes. This news makes me sad, because the BMW supply system made parts cheap and quickly available through my BMW dealer. I don't care much about how healthy the Husqvarna company is. I don't care much about "the right direction" for the brand. I don't care if they ever make another bike with the 449/511 motor. I just want to know where I'll get my parts next year and the year after that.
  10. banda

    Husqvarna Warnings!

    This is a big "aw crap" for 449/511 owners. I love my TC. Love that OEM parts are cheap and arrive quickly from my BMW dealer. I don't give a damn about its resale value - I just want to know where my parts are going to come from and how long I'll have to wait to get them if BMW isn't supplying them.
  11. banda

    Husky Parts Availability

    I get my parts from Gateway Husqvarna in about 2-3 days on average.
  12. banda

    ttr 230 rear wheel

    As a matter of fact -yes I did check. The OEM spokes on the TT-R 230 are made of a proprietary blend of chrome and peanut butter. Silly, is it? I'm not suggesting that anyone respoke a wheel that's not having a problem. But if your TT-R has a broken spoke now, you are A) short on options for finding a replacement for a single spoke and probably going to break six more before you are done, no matter how carefully you attend to your rear spokes from here on out. I joke, but they have some problems - firstly, as another poster noticed, the spokes come from the factory frozen to the nipples. Second, the heads of the spokes (at the hubs) snap off like nobody's business. So, if you find a loose one, good luck adjusting it, you'll probably just snap it when you try because it's welded to the nipple. But even if you don't find a loose spoke, don't be surprised when you come home with two of them broken. The installed spokes on the TT-R230 are a major weakness. My friends with Brazilian CRF230s ride the same terrain I do, and don't ever have the same spoke problems. They are doing something wrong at the Brazilian Yamaha factory in the area of rear wheels.
  13. Totally off-topic, but I saw a guy yard-sale one of these at a track day at Putnam Park back in 2004. They don't crash well. There was fiberglass EVERYWHERE.
  14. This constant argument is tiring, and detracts from the joy of motorcycling in my opinion. But in the spirit of community, I'll join in: Who do you think would win in a arm-wrestling contest between Taiwanese manufacturing quality and Italian manufacturing quality? Hint: One of them has a bad reputation. The other is in Taiwan.
  15. banda

    2011 TXC 449 Exhaust

    Don't know the technical answers to your questions, but I was under the impression that some, if not all TXC 449s shipped with the Akra exhaust as an uninstalled accessory unit - basically included with the purchase of the bike. I thought that's what my dealer told me, Gateway Husqvarna in Saint Louis. Although I may have just imagined it. I don't know first hand - I bought a TC.