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  1. jhgsupra

    wrf 450 backfiring and popping

    Thanks for responding. I was referring to the a-pump adjustment screw being about 3 full turns out which seems a lot when referencing the JD A-pump 101 guide. I guess its screw position isn't all that critical but rather that it sprays at the proper time which it doesn't seem to be doing now as it has a wicked bog/miss. I'll check to see when the a-pump is actually squirting now as it obviously isn't running right. My flex jet/fuel screw was 1 1/2 turns out at the time but has now be adjusted to 2 full turns out.. The only jet I have in the bowl is a reall small brass one that is actually solid. It looks as if it should have a hole in but it doesn't. My buddy's 07' actually has a different jet than mine. How does the fuel get into the a-pump? Through the leak jet? Thanks again!
  2. jhgsupra

    wrf 450 backfiring and popping

    Krannie, Good stuff that I think also applies to what I've been going through. I have a 09' SXF 450 that's doing the same thing as rickbury1985's wrf 450. Very intermittent in the way it runs (sometimes good, sometime like crap) but eventually it always starts missing and backfiring and stalling. Just made some a-pump adjustments last night (was set at 3 full turns out but we adjusted it to about 1 turn out). I have the o-ring on from JD jetting, 42 pilot, 182 main, blue needle on the 4th clip, R&D fuel screw. Above you mentioned a 45-55 leak jet. Which one is the leak jet? Thanks!
  3. Hey Ville, It's really great to hear from you. My thoughts have been with you ever since I heard of your spill. I must admit your enthusiasm for what life has to offer and upbeat attitude is truly inspirational. Glad to hear you've already regrouped and have wasted no time getting on with what interests you. Stay strong (or thristy) my friend. Joe
  4. jhgsupra

    450 sxf cold start help

    My 07' was a temperamental cold starter as well. Most importantly was to make sure the battery has a good strong charge. Overall battery strength has a huge impact on these bikes starting right up, I learned that the hard way. I would give it 2 throttle twists, choke on then try and start it. Recommend keeping the choke on even after an initial "burp". If your still having problems you may want to verify your valve clearances.
  5. jhgsupra

    choosing the right bars...

    Most of the reviews comment that the KTM bend bars are a bit low/flat for the average person and recommend going with the Windham bend (Renthal 603, 12mm higher I belive). Not sure how tall you are but that seems to be a good option. There's also a 19mm higher bar (Renthal 604) that may work for you.
  6. jhgsupra

    450SXF Flaming Out

    My bike has been giving me fits for about 3 months now. Yes that's a long time to fix a nuisance type problem but the weather isn't cooperating to allow me to ride as often as I'd like. My pilot jet seems to keep getting clogged. As a result I've cleaned my carb out and replaced the pilot several times now. Last week I flushed the gas tank and removed the petcock to inspect the filter. Nothing came out or was on the filter. I also removed and replaced the black fuel line, put carb cleaner through it and a bunch of black crap came out. I figured the issue was solved. Yesterday I experienced the same problems, stalling, popping, missing. Sounds lean. Runs Ok when up to speed, only happens down low. Bike is an 09 left over bought this year. 20 hours on it. JD jet kit and adjustable fuel screw. 42 pilot. 182 main. Bike ran like this when it was hot out and cold so I don't think it's the pilot size. Also the size that JD recommended. The bike fine the first time out yesterday then after stalling it on the second time out it went back to its fussy performance which is why I was asking about the gas cap issue. Since my gas cap rattles when I shake it I'm thinking it's OK. Keep in mind it doesn't always run crappy. The last time I took it out after farting around with the fuel screw and idle it ran OK for about 10 minutes before acting up. Any help from the masses would be great. Sorry about hijacking this dead thread
  7. jhgsupra

    450SXF Flaming Out

    How do you do that? I may be having the same problem. When I shake the cap I can hear the ball rattling around. Based on that you'd think it's functioning properly. Funky-monkey, ever find out what your issue was? Thanks,
  8. jhgsupra

    HELP! 450sxf won't start

    I had an 07' that was a terrible starter also. Turned out that the problem was the battery. It would turn over but never strong enough to start the beast. When the battery was fresh it would fire right up especially during the warmer months. I ended up getting a TurnTech and was happy I did. Definitely check your pilot for the 42 however I would think that the previous owner would have made the proper adjustments so that it strated for him too.
  9. jhgsupra


    I personally think it's a great club and worth the $ however I'm fairly local. We have rides (33 total) every weekend and an occassional weekday ride. Unadilla Pro and Am, Broome-Tioga (Binghamton), etc. Check out our website http://www.satra.org/ You'll see that we ride the Unadilla pro track for 2 days next weekend for one of our campovers, great fun . Being from NJ will make it more challenging however we do have a member who's also from NJ that makes the trip every year. See you there!
  10. jhgsupra


    Weather suppose to be in the low 80's. I'll be flagging so be nice to us folks! We're part of a local riding club (SATRA) that flags Unadilla events in return for riding their track/s. Great fun. See you there!!
  11. jhgsupra

    tuning my 450sxf

    52 pilot? That seems real fat. Stock is 42 which is what I have in my 09 and what the JD jet kit comes with. You may want to look into that right away.
  12. jhgsupra

    hard starting 450

    I just picked up a left-over 09' and it too is running pretty bad. Proabably about 4-5 hrs on it as well. Is your bike brand new or has it been sitting for awhile? If sitting then gas and carb could be an issue. If new then we might be in the same boat. My bike runs good the first time out then after sitting for 20-30 minutes it runs like crap, backfiring, missing, stalling. Still haven't figured out why. When it runs, it runs great. Running a 42 pilot. We went through the carb and everything looked good/clean. Ordered a JD jet kit so hopefully that helps. Let me know if you figure it out. Good luck...
  13. jhgsupra

    Ely Tomac

    I can't wait to flag Unadilla , thankless work. We do it so our club can ride the Unadilla pro and am tracks several times throughout the year, pretty cool tracks. As far as flagging, we'll do our best. If you see some crazy flagger in the middle of the track it will be me!
  14. jhgsupra

    2008 xcf 450 with 505 kit

    Ville, Any chance this could be the result of the motor being new and extremely tight? My new bike was tempermental (stalling, starting hard) for about a half hour before running consistent and like what you'd expect. My buddy experienced the same thing with his new 350.
  15. jhgsupra

    350 SX-F Battery Charge

    Yes you can. Joe at TurnTech said it wasn't a problem however I believe that they don't recommend using one all the time like some do with a regular batteries. Mine came back to life after keeping it on the tender.