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  1. TimBrp

    XR650R oil change issue

    Thanks, guys. I figured as much. I know most of the tricks (tipping it up on the sidestand to get all the oil out while kicking over etc.. My only gripe with that (I still do it) is that imagine if that sent an air bubble through the oil pump and into the line. Then upon start-up the top-end isn't getting enough oil for lubrication at it's most critical juncture. Anyhow, I'm a drain it like it is and refill and do that check after warm-up.
  2. Hey guys, long time no posting from me. Had a clutch mishap (Hinson basket/bolt issue) that rendered me having to rebuild my '02 650R completely. Anyhow, the dealer put in 20W50 oil in it and I want to dump that and go with 10W40 for the break-in and weather conditions. Seeing as a typical oil change involves starting the bike, which I have yet to do, couldn't I just pull both the drain plugs (frame & motor) and that should sufficiently drain it enough? I'd imagine most of the oil, if not in the frame a bit is sitting in the bottom of the motor. Thoughts?
  3. Yah, no good news..as expected. Started pulling the clutch pack out and noticed the basket was "dancing" around. Thought to myself, this ain't right. Well low and behold...the button head bolts that hold the main clutch gear to the basket came loose and started shearing off. I'm hoping they're all still in the tranny and I can use a snake magnet to fish them out and replace the clutch parts, drain the oil a few times (flush) and be good. Oil was gray as hell and full of metal shavings. I'm thinking most of that should get captured in the filter and magnetic drain plugs..but who knows... What do you guys think? Crummy camera phone pic...but you get it...
  4. Agreed, just trying to be an optimist hoping it's something stupid. It wasn't similar to a seize. Just put some new rubber on it and loved the tires (just my luck she dies)! Dunlop 606's worked mint with the weight of this bike. I think the added traction did her in...
  5. Might be. Just hoping it's not tranny related. First time my BRP has let me down. Try pushing the damn thing through sandy whoops for about a mile with a feeling as if the breaks were stuck!
  6. Was out dual-sporting with a buddy this past weekend and started hearing a noise coming from the clutch area. Almost like a sheering noise (metal to metal) and I could notice the bike engine breaking a bit more so. I stopped and killed the bike to assess. Clutch pull was fine, oil level was good and did not smell burnt so I don't think anything seized up. However, when I went to kickstart the bike again the kickstarter went down about 2 times and then locked up solid. Won't go down at all now. I attempted to bump start but pushing the bike, even in neutral, was a task. It was like the breaks were engaged and the bike was a bear to push. Just curious if anyone has had something like this happen to them? I pulled the clutch cover and the clutch engages/disengages normally so I pretty much wrote-off the basket bushing issue as I upgraded that with the correct part (I think?). I'm leaning more towards kick-start mechanism but I'm confused as to why the bike would be hard to push, even when in neutral? Bike was running strong all day and no signs of overheating etc. Any thoughts??? Thanks, Tim
  7. TimBrp

    Vavle Check 06 WR450

    I'll just spec them out to be safe. Yah, I'd hate to find them way out and have to shim them. (let sleeping dogs lie, lol) I'm guessing they're fine. I just don't need them locking up on a ride 50 miles from the truck. Thanks!
  8. TimBrp

    Vavle Check 06 WR450

    Guys, got my bike torn down getting ready for this season. It's only got ~1,800 miles on it and still starts up fine hot or cold. Should I bother to check the valve spec or just let her go? I know it's an easy thing to do but I'm pressed for time with a ride coming up on Saturday.
  9. Hmm...not sure. If assumed any DS-oriented bike would come equipped with a cush hub. Makes sense....but maybe not?
  10. TimBrp

    xr650r speedometer

    I had an 87 XR250 that had just the speedo and odo on it. Great setup and the 650R has the same two-tab mount like they had back in the 80's. I crashed one time, hard, and it got all twisted up and doesn't work anymore. I've tried micky-mousing it to no avail. Definitely check with the local salvage places and see if they have one. I just called up my guy a few minutes ago and have him digging around for it. I'll let you know how many he comes up with.
  11. Would a used XR650L hub work?
  12. TimBrp

    Sprocket wear. Pictures.

    I think the OEM Rear is an aluminum sprocket. Sunstar rebadged for Honda.
  13. TimBrp

    XR650R what chain

    I hated to cut my staked OEM chain off the pig. However, for the price new (unless you scope out Service Honda) you can almost buy two DID VM's for the same price.
  14. TimBrp

    Sprocket wear. Pictures.

    Just like Owyhee said, WD-40 before a ride and after a bath. Chain lube is a waste of money, IMHO. If you're riding in sand all the lube does is attract dirt/sand to the chain which causes excess wear. The o/x/d/t rings are there to hold lube in that is set from the manufacturer. I've had the best luck with Steel Sprockets (JT's are cheap and good) and a decent X-ring chain, (DID VM 520).
  15. TimBrp

    650R on the rocks

    Great shot!