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  1. Cambo_wr400

    Need advice...newbie bike for "girlfriend"

    Get her an orange bike...Any KTM from a 520 to the 380 are suitable CHICK bikes.
  2. Cambo_wr400

    Help needed for sore butt on long rides

    Yes we know you Kiwis like haveing a sheep between your legs, but no a lambs wool seat cover wont help....Answer; stick to riding sheep or spend more time riding your bike, conditioning yourself....
  3. Cambo_wr400

    E-Series how many db?

    Can anyone tell me how loud (how many db) the W/B E-Series is and does the loudness alter with different numbers of discs in place? Any help appreciated, thanks....
  4. Cambo_wr400


    Has anyone herd whats happening for 2003? Are we getting a 450 or 470 with a button? Or am I going to have to start looking at the Euro bikes? Not the orange turds though, blue/yellow or black....
  5. Cambo_wr400

    factory front fender?

    Go the original factory unit, I have the UFO one and its crap. It looks good but is to soft and wobbles and shakes when riding...
  6. Cambo_wr400

    400 Thumpers Aust, is it dead?

    Can anyone get into the 400 Thumpers Australia site? or has it finally died.....
  7. Cambo_wr400

    White Brothers R4 Pipes

    Sounds too loud for my liking but thanks for the info, I might still chase up a YZ unit at 102db. How much $ and how loud was the FMF because I have herd good reports on them..... Thanks DOC.....
  8. Cambo_wr400

    White Brothers R4 Pipes

    Can anyone tell me about the W/B R4 pipes, are they any-good? How do they compare to the E-series? And how loud are they? Any help appriciated.....
  9. Cambo_wr400

    Rear wheel bearing number?

    Only one set so far but the fronts were knackered after 2000km so I changed the rears as well. Mainly play in the tight trails around Nerrim, gormandale and in the high country...
  10. Cambo_wr400

    Rear wheel bearing number?

    Hey Grum, One side is Koyo 60/22RS [definatly] and the other side is Koyo 62/222RS [i think, not posisive]...hope that is of some help...
  11. Cambo_wr400

    I have gone to the DARK side

    So Mitch, will the VOR help you get up slippery hill or will you still go around...He He He...Cambo...
  12. Cambo_wr400

    Oz YZ Pipes Qn

    Is anyone running the yz 2000, 2001 pipes on there wr's. I have a 99wr and was wondering if the yz unit can be used on my bike and what needs to be done too suit it. Will it slip straight on and what jetting specs will I need for it in Vic. Also is it too loud or bearable for bush work, how does it compare to a W/B s bend. Thanks any help apreciated... Cambo...
  13. Cambo_wr400

    Best rear tyre?

    Yea I agree with Darren, the Michelin s12 is a sweet rear. Haven't used the front YET...
  14. Cambo_wr400

    Fuel for your WR

    Hey Curt, is your bike stock or altered and what state are you in. Because I was wondering if the different state of tune and or altitudes has anything to do with why my bike hates Opticrap and yours doesn't. My one is a bog stock 99'r with the air box lid removed and I ride east and south east Vic. It runs well on it then suddenly the plugs stuffed, I have no problem with any other fuels. The general sences seems to be you either love or hate it depending on your paticular bike..... Cambo....
  15. Cambo_wr400

    Australian TT update

    Hey Mitch, I'll be there and should have a couple of mates with me too, if thats cool. I will give you a bell in the next couple of weeks to get the low down on whats happening. Cambo..