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  1. Thanks - it's an '08 model. Rear fender and side panels are from the Suzuki Supermoto body kit. UFO radiator shrouds that are cut back and. UFO Supermoto front fender. Stickers are from an aftermarket 2014 SM kit.
  2. It didn't pull any more or less than my friends identical SM with the Yosh RS 2 once the jetting was dialed in.
  3. I'm very happy with the full system on my '08 SM that came from WCS. I use the heat shield, aircraft-type hose clamp, JD kit and 3x3 mod for the stock carb.
  4. BelRay Super Clean for chain lube. WD-40 for cleaning and Pledge for shine.
  5. Exposed rubber like coolant hoses and vent lines? You could get some of that high-end automotive preservative/protectant. Personally - I use Pledge on the exposed stuff plus I get that awesome lemon scent as it warms up the first time.
  6. Cynictis - the DRZ frame plug is different than the DRZ engine plug. The two Zeta part numbers you listed are what is needed. The Yamaha listing is what's used for the frame - The Suzuki listing is for the engine.
  7. I'd trade my black '08 SM rims for the blue ones.
  8. The frame plug is a 10 X 15 - 1.25 pitch. Zeta part number is ZE58-1222. Both are magnetic and pre-drilled. Forrest at Wheeling Cycle Supply has both. You will need new washers for both.
  9. Mine came with the Delta Barrel 4 full system from Wheeling Cycle that the PO had installed. Sounds and feels comparable to the Yosh my friend has.
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