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  1. WOW! They had me fooled for a minute when Musquin passed Dungy, but of course they made him slow down then basically pull over to make sure he won. That about sums it up. Was hoping for a tight race next week but it will be boring and Dungy will be crowned.
  2. I'm heading up to CC tomorrow if you are going there we can meet up so we both don't have to ride solo. PM me if you're interested.
  3. I went to the site the other day to see some close out stuff and to my surprise they have added alot of new stuff to the Beta 300 on the site. It used to be very little but now its not too bad. Good to see the Beta's are getting some more attention. Take a look if you get a chance.
  4. Yeah they look about the same to me. They are about a quarter inch wider than the stock ones.
  5. I ordered a pair of Rocky Mountain Tusk Billet foot pegs For my 15 Beta 300. I Ordered the ones for a 2015 KTM 300xc-w. I had a pair of these in the past for my CRF and loved them and the price($65). They fit perfect except for the holes were a little too small for the pins. I drilled them out with a 3/8" drill bit and they installed like they were made for the Beta. Just wanted to let anyone know about this if they were in the market for some new pegs at a great price.
  6. what model was youre KTM? Or does that make a difference?
  7. Thanks guys. Yeah, here is some pics of the bracket and the bolt and nylon sleeve I used. The bolt is about 1 1/2" long.
  8. Thanks for you're replies, I ended up making a bracket out of a piece of aluminum 1 1/2" angle i picked up at home depot. Came out pretty good I think. Love the looks of the Beta without the headlight.
  9. I have a 2015 300. I was going to remove the headlight and put on the number plate that came with the bike but the number plate will not mount because of the stock computer being in theway. Has anyone done this? And if so did you just remove the computer or did you find a aftermarket mounting bracket that raised it out of the way. Any suggestions would help. Thanks.
  10. You made a great purchase! I Purchased my 2015 from Motoexotica also and Dan is a really good guy. One thing though, check youre tranny oil level. After my first ride I changed my oil and noticed it had double the amount that it was supposed to. I called Dan and told him about this and he of course was very appologetic about that. He said the bikes usually come to his shop empty and they must have had oil in it already and the didnt check they just added oil. I run mine 50 to1 and just raised the clip one position. I ride stony, cc, cow and the jetting is really good, no splooge coming from the exhaust. I also agree with the front forks, not as good as I thought. I re-sprung for my wieght and it got a little better. I then brought them to 707 suspension and Joel did a great job. Night and day difference.
  11. Thanks guys for letting me tag along today. You're a good bunch of guys, I had a good time. PM me anytime your up for a ride.
  12. I've owned my 2015 300 for about 4 months now and have almost 40 hours on her. Yes to answer my own question it is all That. From an old 2 stroke rider back in the early 90's who switched to many different four strokes over the years from 250f to 450f back to 250f then a x model with electric start etc etc. I found the best woods bike for me was a Honda 250x with a big bore, cam, pipe etc, and pulling everything off it I did not really need to save wieght and have electric start. It handled great in the tight stuff but still with all the mods not enough power on the open stuff. Then with the engine built to its limits, when I wasn't riding it I was working on it. So this made me want to go back to a 2 stroke again and along came the Beta 300! This is by far the best handling bike I have ever owned and you can lug it up the nastiest, rocky, loose dirt hill around and it won't die. It's like having a Rekluse in it. Adjusting the power valve is a great option, I didn't think I would change it once I found the perfect spot but It's so fast and easy to do I adjust as needed through the day or terrain i'm riding. Since i'm only 5'7" the seat hieght is perfect for me. And so far all I do is ride, change tires, and the tranny fluid. What a great bike!
  13. Lets Go Potto! Make the USA Proud! Hope he keeps it up.
  14. I will be looking for someone to ride with. That sounds great to me. That time is perfect since I am a early riser. Just post where you will be meeting.
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