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  1. Hi Guys, Any one know if '08 YZ shrouds will fit an '08 (alloy frame) WR?
  2. dgcars

    Left Hand Rear Brake

    Found this on ebay-uk. Worth a look! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KTM-SX-EXC-Enduro-125-150-200-250-300-400-450-500-530-Left-Hand-Rear-Brake-Kit-/150905943428?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item2322b1f584
  3. dgcars

    '06 YZ 450f Gearing For Trails Riding?

    13/52. I slot the mounting holes on the chain guide to drop it. Otherwise I find it very hard on the plastic insert.
  4. dgcars

    Left Hand Rear Brake

    Looks expensive
  5. 105 should be good. I run 110. Springs are next. I'm 185 w/o gear and have been down to .40's on real rocky enduros. I like .42's for roughish terrain with logs, roots & stones. Best advice i can give is "ride it and see".
  6. dgcars

    How to deal with dirty riders?

    Heap big key board warrior.....
  7. Just pull each fork leg & do it right. It's not just as simple as adding oil to what may have been an empty chamber. As oldnbold has said, set the oil level height, don't be concerned about volume. Remember to cycle the fork and damper to get an accurate result.
  8. dgcars

    should I change the cylinder?

    Buy a piston, A, B or whatever...your choice. Send it and the cylinder for a replate. Job done!
  9. dgcars

    should I change the cylinder?

    You should really be concerned with the shape of the cylinder, rather than what its widest point is. An out of true jug will never perform well with a new piston. You may even notice a drop in performance.
  10. dgcars

    need sone 07 yz help please

    If the bike hadn't been started for 4 years.....I would have drained all the old fuel from the system, cleaned the tank & carb BEFORE trying to start it. The fuel is running out of the carb because either your floats are stuck or the needle seat is in need of attention.
  11. dgcars

    Left Hand Rear Brake

    Thats a pic of my bike.....should've had it copyrighted.....
  12. dgcars

    raising forks?

    I remove the front wheel. Slacken the pinch bolts on the triples so each fork rotates freely. There should be 2 lines on the fork upper where it protrudes through the top triple. Line each side up the same. Re-torque the pinch bolts and install the wheel. Remember to cycle the forks before tightening the rhs pinch bolts to prevent binding.
  13. dgcars

    You think this cam is worn?

    Built it up with JB weld.....
  14. dgcars

    Help: Cracked exhaust Cam retainer

    I think the biggest problem will be thru' bore alignment after welding. I suppose if you had an old cam laying about to jig it all up on....it might work. Maybe 20% ability and 80% luck!!! Kudos to you for offering your services.