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  1. OldCrash

    WR450... a good wife bike??

    I have found in dealing with a women, get them what they want not what you want or think they should have. If they aren't having fun you probably won't be either.My approach for my daughter has been, to let her help make the decisions after I made the error and bought her a used yz80. Which is what I thought she should have. After the first year of stalling and kick starting and ending up on her head from the power band type power she decided she would like something a little more mellow. After shopping again for a bike she decided on a new 2003 TTR 125LE She has been in love with it. She can start it by herself (electric start) and it runs forever on a tank of gas (more ridding time). It weighs 179lbs but after teaching her how she can pick it by herself (she's 13yrs old now). It works out good for me too. I don't have to start it, pick it up, or fill it with gas very often. There are allot of arguments for the different bikes. You may have to help educate your gal on the particulars of each explaining how the bikes differ and what the differences mean. (2-4 stroke, mix or not to mix, power styles, suspension, seat height, the type of riding, lights or no lights, etc.) Most bikes can be lowered, there are off the shelf suspension links available for the wr's (we bleed blue here) that will lower them. The better informed she is the better decision she will make. Hit the dealers get brochures check the net. There is a gals section on thumper talk she could ask other gals what they ride and what they like or dislike. Good Luck and let us know how it turns out
  2. OldCrash

    The Official Snow Chicken thread.

    Peacock Ltd has it on there calender with a flyer link. Here is the flyer link they have. Can't wait.
  3. OldCrash

    Detroit Area Suspension Services

    I would also recomend Tech-Care . my brother and I both use them, Dave does a nice job and they have always taken good care of us
  4. OldCrash

    Wr450 Or Yz450

    I have a 03 WR450 I wouldn't trade it for anything other than a new WR maybee. I used to ride a KX500 but an injury gave me a bad knee on the kicking leg So I went electric start. I was worried about the power of the 450 compared to the 500. I actually layed it down the first time I rode it. On the first ride(all stock still) I layed it over in a corner and it didn't have enough power to pull it self through the corner so of course we went down on the bad leg I was sure I screwed up with the 450, what a dog. I couldn't believe that the free mods were going to make that much difference. After the free mods (except for the gray which I still haven't cut) WOW what a difference. The WR's are choked up so bad it is unbelievable. The WR would not be the best choice for a full time A level racer, but they are very raceable for the average racer. If you ride the WR like a YZ they are slower. My brother rides my WR and claims it is allot slower than his YZ But when I ride it I am right on his tail. I race (25+ races last year) and trail ride mine. I ride a 30+ vets class or 250c class. The WR has gotten me the holeshot many times it will run with the average racer on YZ's and CRF's. There are a few tricks to help racing one. I remove the stock rear fender and headlight and use YZ fender and # plate this saves about 5lbs plus the YZ items are allot cheaper if they get banged up. Don't fill the gas tank full it holds almost a gallon more than a YZ this saves about 8 more lbs. The best part is here in Michigan you can make one street legal for about 50$ (we don't need turn signals) The headlight and tail light are already dual element units. all you need is a hi/lo switch, a brake light switch, a horn, a mirror, and a little rewire and down the road you go. They are a blast on the street. In short full race-YZ all around ridding WR I love mine
  5. OldCrash

    2006 Snow Chicken

    Any word on the 2006 Snow Chicken ride?
  6. OldCrash

    WRF4?? on the MX track ?

    I believe it is the flywheel key not a cam gear key. Bikes that have been repaired by dealer should have a punch mark by the vin # on the head tube. There is a Yamaha service bulletin on this problem I don't recall the bulletin #. There have been allot of post talking about the cause and effects you could do a search for it in the forum and find it . I love my 03 it is a blast.
  7. OldCrash

    WRF4?? on the MX track ?

    Hey there I personally would go for the 450 It has allot of benefits over the 426 in my opinion, the best being the electric start and the auto decompression. According to Yam the 02 426 has a dry wt. of 240 lbs and the 450, 245 lbs. so the weight is not really a factor. I race a 03 wr450 myself this is my second full season on it and have not had a problem with it yet. I race with a group called MRA (motorcycle racing association www.racemra.com) here in MI/OH area. Most of our races are night races, racing starts at 8:00. So we race on into the dark. I race most of the time in full wr trim. It's kind of my trade mark I race with the lights on , it also helps friends and family pick you out in the dark. The bike is mostly stock with just the free mods except cutting the gray wire. I like the torque the way it is and don't want to change it. I did have to have the suspension done to handle my size 6' 1" 220lbs. it just wouldn't handle the jumps without bottoming but my brothers 02 yz426 wouldn't either with a rider my size. The stock tires had to go also. I run dunlop 756's. The 450 tank is pretty slim and as for the fuel capacity I just don't fill it full to race only about half full will get me through 2 practices and 2 motos. No need for the extra 10lbs of fuel when racing. I do take the rear fender and light assy. off once in a while when I race a big race or a day race not because of weight but because of cost. The light assy cost around $100.00 and the rear fender and tail light is over $60.00. It's better to replace a $20.00 fender and a $20.00 number plate if you get hit or go down. I learned this the hard way, a guy lost it on a jump and landed on me It got the headlight rear fender, handle bars, bent a radiator and bent the exhaust. Not to mention it hurt a little bit A yz fender bolts right on you just have to punch out a couple of slugs for the overflow tank and with a small bracket a yz number plate will go on. I have had allot of guys come up and ask me what the bike is . They know it's not a yz because of the lites and e-start (I never kick start it) but it's to fast to be a wr . I take the gate in 2nd gear and ride the whole race in 3rd and a little 4th. I hope this helps Send me a note if you would like anymore info.
  8. OldCrash

    Silver Lake sand dunes

    I have been there allot, with several forms of transformation. Trucks, Dunebuggy and Bikes. I have not had a bad time yet. sometimes we spend more time making repairs than enjoying the sand. The 4th of July is a great time to go the fireworks are awsome from the dunes. Just remember that dune sand will get into places you wouldn't think it can, so do a good prep on you vehicles. Air cleaners breathers etc. My brother runs paddle tires on his bikes most of the time, but I never have (I hate changing tires). The last trip with a bike I was riding a KX500 with a dunlop 752 it would take me anywhere I wanted to go, big power does help in the sand. My brothers yz426 does good his boys 125 and 250 have to work a little esp. the 125. I ride a wr450 now haven't had it up there yet only got to make 3 trips last year and we took the dunebuggy my daughter can't ride in the sand yet. Her is a couple of links that will give you information about the dunes. http://www.silverlakesanddunes.com/ www.silverlakesanddunes.net /www.silverlakesanddunes.com/directory.html One thing to remember the sand hurts allot more than you think it should if you hit it Have fun and be safe.
  9. OldCrash

    major hip rebuild last week...

    Hey I hope you are doin well I know the feeling. April of 2003 I didn't like were my KX500 was taking me with a stuck throtle (3rd gear wide open), So I bailed off. As I layed on the ground saying yea I'm ok let me rest a minnute then I will get up. Asking how is my bike? Being told not a mark on it "go figure". Then deciding that I can't get up and hearing sirens at that point, I figured something was wrong. Well an ambulance ride, 1st hospital, A helicopter ride, then the 2nd Hospital, they decided I had A broken and dislocated right leg ,damaged right knee, chiped right hip socket, pelvis broke in three places, and 2 fractured vertibrates. other than that I was in excellent shape. I can share your pain. I have a plate and a few screws myself. The doctor would not let me walk for two months had to ride a wheel chair. This crash is what led me to my 03 WR450 with my knee and right leg I couldn't kick start a bike so electric start was the way to go, So I could get ridding again. I raced 2 races last fall and just rode my 13th race this summer last weekend . Everyone tells me the crash knocked the marbles loose in my head . I turned 40 last March and should know better than to get back on A bike. Do what the doctors tell you get some rehab, and you too will ride again. Good luck and Love those WR's
  10. OldCrash

    04' WR vs. YZ

    In August I started to look for a replacement for the KX500 I had been ridding. I was much like you undecided . I do race a little but I was recovering from a serious crash this spring on the 500. Didn't know if I would be able to race again or if it would be trail riding only from now on. The dealers around home were sold out of the 03 YZ & WR models I happened to be on vacation and stoped by a dealer in northern Michigan Who had both bikes on the showroom floor so I could compare. They had them on clearence with the same price on both bikes. I had been leaning to the YZ since they were cheaper I was told by my local dealers. After Wondering the showroom for an hour I decided WR. I figured for the same money I would get the WR and take the extras, lights, electric start, kickstand etc, off if they bothered. I figured I could take these Items off cheaper than I could put them on the YZ later. I have had the bike since Sept. I had the susp redone which I would of done to a YZ also. I have raced it still full WR equiped, 3 times this fall with no regreats. If I was going to race full time then the YZ would be the way to go. For my riding, trails and some racing I would buy another WR even if it cost me a few extra dollars.
  11. OldCrash

    How does the WR hold up on a motocross track?

    I would check your manual. I am not sure on the Yam on my 87 Kaw with the old style dampening rod forks you could add washers and go up 10mm preload I could not tell much difference on that bike and ended up changing the springs on it also. I can get my manual out of my trailer and check what it specs if you don't have one.
  12. OldCrash

    How does the WR hold up on a motocross track?

    My old bike (KX500) put me in the Hospital for a month then I had to ride a wheel chair for the next month before they would let me stand up and walk. I am not what I consider fast by anymeans right now on the WR, but if I can get back up to speed again it's going to be fun passing a few "race bikes" on this trail machine.
  13. OldCrash

    How does the WR hold up on a motocross track?

    After the free mods except for cutting the gray wire, the bike will run pretty close to the YZ's and the CRF's. With the heavier flywheel and different cam than the YZ it rev's a little slower, but it will put me in the first turn with the pack off the start gate. So I decided money spent on the susp. would be the most bang for the buck $$$. So I had the works done to my bike. New springs front and rear Revalve front and rear Air canisters and hydraulic bottoming stops on the forks Tech-care has a good description of these two items on thier web site www.tech-care.com I doesn't even ride like the same bike it handles so much better. It has a slightly stiffer feel but is still pretty plush ridding with no bottoming and excellent rebound control. Here are the specs I was using before the mods. Stock springs were .46kg fork springs 5.3kg shock spring Shock 7 clicks out on the hi speed damp. Fact low speed, 8 clicks out on the rebound. Fork 4 clicks out Damp. (still bottoming) 8 clicks out rebound. Stock oil weight front and rear. After mods Springs .48kg fork springs 5.8kg shock spring Shock 20 clicks out hi speed, 14 clicks out low speed, 8 clicks out rebound, 5w oil Forks 16 clicks out comp, 10 clicks out rebound, 7w oil. I am at 15 clicks out on comp. now. Hope this helps
  14. OldCrash

    How does the WR hold up on a motocross track?

    Other than the extra weight, the wr's aren't much different than the yzf's. The soft susp. will be your major complaint. Just raced mine (03 wr450 picked it up in Sept.)for the third time this Sat at Baja Mx here in Michigan. This is a pretty mean track. I had done most of the free mods plus a tire change when I raced it the first two times at my local track Delta Raceway. The power was good but the plush suspension just couldn't take the jumps, the front end bottomed out every time. I spent two weekends adjusting the susp. but could never come up with the right combination of clicks. By the time I tightened up the compression setting to minimize the bottoming in the front the bike was so out of balance you could not ride it. I'm 6'1" 210lbs the spring rates were just to low for my ridding weight. So off to the susp. shop I went. Now with the susp. Set up for my weight the bike is much more friendly to ride. The bike handles much better all around and you don't notice the weight near as much . I race 10 to 12 times a year and am not afraid of it breaking down. www.bajamx.com (track info) www.tech-care.com (suspension shop)
  15. OldCrash

    Help me decide between the YZ450 or the WR450

    I was riding a KX500 until it hurt me so it went bye-bye. When I went looking for it's replacement I decided Yam 4 stroke after riding my brothers YZ426. So I hit the dealers most local dealers were out of 450's they were waiting on thier 04 model shipments. When I found a dealer with 03 stock left the WR was the same money as the YZ. So I thought for the same money get the WR and have the extras at no extra cost, lights and electric start. After the first ride I was sure I had made a mistake WHAT A DOG IN STOCK FORM. But don't get dissapointed. After a couple of cheap mods YZ throttle stop $10.95 Throw away the exhaust silencer "FREE" (sounds like a real motorcycle now) Remove the air snorkel also "FREE" (might require a little jetting change) A set of tires to suit your ridding style and conditions In my case Dunlop 756"s $125.00 for the pair. Now, TWIST THE GRIP AND HANG ON. I have raced it a couple of times now. The suspension is a little soft for motorcross but it sure trail rides nice. It will run with the big boys if you are willing to twist the grip. I don't regreat it a bit especially when on the starting gate eveyone is kicking thier brains out starting thier bikes, and I just hit the little gray button and smile.