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  1. NHrider

    Which Mt. Bike?

    Watch Craigslist. I picked up a Fezzari Alta Peak. Cool bike and so far it has been great. I do wish the cables to the rear derailleur had less plastic covering it and had cable stops. Pluses and minuses both ways. https://www.fezzari.com/
  2. NHrider

    Need a bike for my 5'2" Wife!

    Those Scorpa are not cheap and the dealers support...what's that.
  3. NHrider

    Need a bike for my 5'2" Wife!

    GasGas 125 or 200. Model years 2007 or newer. Change out the pull rod and lower the forks in the clamps. Pull rods can be found at gofasters. Or maybe get the suspension lowered. LT Racing does it and they are on the West coast. http://www.lt-racing.com/html/suspension.html. Shave the seat. You could also have the subframe cut and lowered... I think you could be right around the same height as the CRF230 but the bike would be around 220 lbs. The CRF230 is 249 pounds but that is ready to ride which includes the all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel.
  4. NHrider

    Dirt Rider Impression 2011 XC250

    I really want to picking up the 200 Six Day.
  5. NHrider

    Dirt Rider Impression 2011 XC250

    Anyone see the Six Day models that are coming out? Well...here they are http://www.gasgasmotos.es/es/enduro/345-ec-six-days-250-cc.html Okay...those are the Euro versions but they are coming minus the blinkers and rear brake light. What they will have: Renthal Twin Wall hand protector Racing ProGrip 45mm Marzoocchi Ohlins 888 Galfer Wave Rotors Quick Release Brake Pads in the rear Radiator Protector Nickel Plated exhaust on 200. 250/300 Stainless steel. FMF Q-Stealth Silencer Supersprox sprocket Quick Release axle on the front. There is also a Race version coming. Below are the 250/300 specs. The 200 Race is just about the same as above. 250/300 Race: 48mm Marzoocchi Stainless steel exhaust Race Kit with Air Filter, Front/rear brake pads, brake/clutch levers, piston, gaskets, stickers.
  6. NHrider

    Dirt Rider Impression 2011 XC250

    2011 They look so sweet!
  7. NHrider

    Dirt Rider Impression 2011 XC250

  8. NHrider

    2011 Gas Gas Mexico Six Days

    I like the red. I bet it holds up better then black...
  9. NHrider

    Where is Yanni?

    ***! Man this sucks! It is only going to get worse with more people unemployed and the gov creating more gov jobs.
  10. NHrider

    Where did the 2010 GASGAS 200's go?

    I think the dealers margin is only a $100 bucks less from a 250. I would guess you will not see one in the USA.
  11. NHrider

    Shoulder popping after collarbone break

    Ouch! Man that sucks. I'm not sure that "healed" is the right word. Good luck and I would force them to look at it.
  12. NHrider

    Attention Broken collarbone patients

    Okay. It has been 2 1/2 months since I had my clavicle plated. Guess what? I FEEL GREAT! I'm lifting weights and have full range of motion! Yes, there's still a little tightness and numbness but better then being in a sling. With more time all of those should go away. Dr. Mark, A friends kid broke is clavicle last Sunday. The docs told them to come back in a couple of weeks. They said they didn't want to plate it because he was young...I believe around 14. They said because he's still growing that could cause problems later down the road. They said that the plate would need to be removed. I agree with that but the other stuff sounds like a load of crap but I'm not a doc.
  13. NHrider

    Attention Broken collarbone patients

    Ummm...I would say yes but I'm not a doctor.
  14. NHrider

    Gassers have trials DNA, no question

    I feel the same way with my 200! I love it!
  15. NHrider

    Gassers have trials DNA, no question

    Those are 2010 bikes...I think.