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  1. This is exactly what I did, cut the graphics, but you'll start to eat your plastics.
  2. http://www.tpstool.com/ I don't know what the magic number is, but my 17 was at .52 from the factory. I ended up around .60 and it's running pretty good. I haven't messed with it again after adjusting it to .60, but... it would seem a lot of guys are in the .63-ish area.
  3. XtremeDuners

    Who rebuilds dirtbikes in the PNW?

    I have nothing to add to the topic, other than to tell you that your are wrong. Irregardless is a word. It's just not commonly used or accepted.
  4. XtremeDuners

    New to KTM

    That's exactly what I came off of. The forks on the KX are definitely tricky and although I think I got them figured out for my riding, the stiction it what I couldn't handle. They'd feel really good and then I'd pull over for a few minutes and start back up, and the forks would feel totally different. I started at 145PSI and ended up going to 150PSI. But yea, the AER forks are pretty good.
  5. XtremeDuners

    will yamaha rims fit on my bike?

    I would imagine you could get them to work with spacers???? Direct fit, I don't think so.
  6. XtremeDuners

    New to KTM

    I see you have a brand new-ish KX in the back. I made the swap from Kawi to KTM and so far its been a good decision. The new KTM's are pretty awesome, and the AER forks (to me) are a lot better than the TAC forks on the Kawi.
  7. XtremeDuners

    Cam caps machined for head?

    The cam caps or towers that hold the cams are machined to match the head. But I suspect that's not what you're referring to. Because I'm not sure what that has to do with the spark plug seal. Are you talking about the cover? Those are not matched.
  8. XtremeDuners

    ’17 450 TPS setting

    Just got the TPS tool in and checked everything out. To preface, the bike popped on decel from day one and seemed lean when starting. The idle would act weird, jump high after start. My TPS was set at .522 from the factory. I'm headed down to the dunes in a week, so we'll see how it runs. It's sitting at .606 right now. Excited to see if it runs better. Without a doubt, it definitely seems to idle smoother.
  9. XtremeDuners

    f1 warning indicator light blinking when starting

    The blinking light is normal. On a side note, the loud mouth intake is the worst intake you can buy. Good for clean air, bad for air flow, really bad. I've tried them twice now on two bikes and got rid of them both times, about 5 years ago. Surprised there still around.
  10. XtremeDuners

    '09 Engine Fit

    "l believe" it goes... 09-11, 12-15, 16-17. But you might be able to direct sway 09-15 with the right electronics. Take a look online at the engine case part numbers from each year.
  11. XtremeDuners

    Won't go into neutral and locks up in gear

    #1 Get a shop manual and start reading. You'll need it to properly reassemble everything. With those symptoms, I'd be looking at the trans gears/shaft on the drive side or the shift drum/fingers are jacked up. But sounds to me like some split cases are in order because typically what your talking about is not an easy fix.
  12. XtremeDuners

    Shavings in oil and coolant

    Oil in the coolant?
  13. XtremeDuners

    How is the 2010 Kx450?

    It's a 7 year old bike, that you haven't owned for the past 7 years, that would be my only concern. They were all good bikes for their time, in regards to the FI bikes from 09 on.
  14. XtremeDuners

    ’17 450 TPS setting

    I just bought the tool, waiting for it to come in. I'm interested to see where mine is at and where everyone is ending up. I noticed from day one that the bike pops a lot on decal and doesn't start the easiest. I'm hoping this does the trick.
  15. XtremeDuners

    Tips for more power for ktm 350

    The 2013 is when the power all came into the 350's. 2011 KTM 350 made 46.94 HP, the 2012 KTM 350SXF made 48 HP and the 2013 KTM 350SXF made 54.18 HP and dropped some weight. If you need some more grunt, make some engine mods, gear it down or buy something with more power.