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  1. pgr11

    Lost Dog - Please pass along....

    I have not posted on this thread but have been watching it hoping beyond hope that you would find your dog. Man Im so happy for you guy's right now. Give her lots of love i know you will
  2. pgr11

    Big Bear conditions

    Dawn to 8 am huh? your not going to be very successful like that. Its obvious nothing will change your mind about riding in YOUR favorite spot during hunting season and thats your right. Just remember its there right to hunt in that are as well. We hunt where the deer are not where they are not so that may be near the trails, so to say there are more deer in other places may not be very accurate. But then again your not a hunter so you must know where all the deer are. If more people thought a little more about the other guy and not so much about themself's alot of these problems would not exist. That goes for all of us. I will say again both riding and hunting are supposed to be fun, so lets have some fun in whatever you choose to do
  3. pgr11

    Big Bear conditions

    As a hunter and a rider I see both sides. You mention thed they can hunt 7 days a week 5 of those days are not busy. Well you can ride 7 days 5 of those days are not crowded with hunters. We need to share and be kind to all. All hunters do not giveyou dirty looks but some will, they even give other hunters those same looks belive me I know. The samegoes for the riders, not all are rude irresponsible riders but some are, and that is whatalways stands out to people. Hunting season is short and it is hardenought to get your deer when all things are perfect, but it can be frustrating if you have a deer that you have stocked for a while and it gets spooked off by some riders. It may not be there fault but it will frustrate you. Maybe thats how that guy plans to help feed his family, in these tought times this is a much more cost effective way of getting food put on the table than buying at the store. Ifsomeone took out of your family's mouth that might make you mad, it would me. There is no real right or wrong here as none of us were there to hear or see what happened. Could have been the riders were in an area that they were not supposed to be in, on an illegal trail. Could be the hunters were just being jerks. We just don't know. Just try and be kind to each other, and remember Riding and hunting are supposed to be fun
  4. The waiting in the canyon did suck, but you get that sometimes. Normally you don't see the bib bottle necks in the 2nd loop, but I think this year conditions in the 1st loop gave some the false sense that they could attempt the 2nd loop. After 9 years I defenitly know the 2nd loop can bite ya. Conditions were great but in years past like the hot and dry years the trails get alot worse. Ridden it also when it was pouring on us and thats fun. Congrats to all who came and had a good time and see ya next year
  5. pgr11

    Nicer restaurant in Pasadena Monrovia area

    I vote Ruths Chris
  6. pgr11


    Been riding this for about 10 years and love it. I agree crank up the 2nd loop. its always the best. For that matter I wish the 2nd loop was longer and we could just run that one. Dealing with the other riders :in the 1st loop can be a problem if you get a later start. Hope everyone has a great ride this year.
  7. pgr11

    My pet loss.

    I am very sorry to hear of your loss. The passing of our friends is never easy. I thought I lost my buddy scooter 12year old cocker this last friday. put him out at 600am wife let in at 715am had hid hind end was covered in blood and hewas bleeding from his rectum. Long story short He will be fine, but I thought for sure we lost him. The doc did a great job. Reading your post and everyone else got me all teared up. My thoughts are with you. Josh Billings wrote In the whole history of the world there is but one thing money cannot buy.. to wit - the wag of a dogs tail.
  8. pgr11

    Soboba 2009

    I saw you on the 2nd loop on your kx 500. we were stopped on a ridge catching our breath, you were coming by and yelled out DAMN IT:lol: . We all laughed out loud hard. We also talked to the guy that got his bike wraped in the wire. tough break. I have ridden this for 8 years now and still like it I just wishsome of the guys that are not usedto true single track would move over for the guys that move at a faster pace. I was t boned at the begining by a guy trying to climb a hill. I had a clean line to the right of him, well he crossed over when I got to him t boned me and knocked me right off the hill, a big one. I had to muscle my way down the hill, with 4' tall shrubs all theway down and find an alt way to get back to the trail, then later i went for a pass on a guy and he didn't want tot be passed. he rode a wide bike and caused me to hi side to avoid hitting him. no worries just gotr up and passed him later. Fun ride 2nd loop made up for the first. bob and the boys always do a great job. Thanks bob:thumbsup:
  9. pgr11

    Whats up with Villopoto?

    oh how quickly some forget or don,t remember. Ricky dominated everyone in the 125 class got on the 250 and took a few dirt naps. Bubba same thing. Grant langston, ernesto fonseca, john dowd, kevin wyndham, to name a few others that struggled going from the small bike to the big one. You maybe right that he isnot comfortable on the big bike, or not ascomfortable as he wason the250 but he needs experience on the 450 to get comfortable. He hasn't forgotten howtoride or hasn't given up he is just getting the experience needed to ride with theboys in the premiere class, and that takes time. As for the lites being amature by no means is that the case, but if you think it is the same as the 450 your wrong
  10. pgr11

    Anyone in soCal use a trials tire?

    Rode satwith my new pirelli and am now a convert. This is my new favorite tire. It grabed everything Rocks, loose soil, sandy soil, shellrock,dg, everything I could throw at it. I even followed my buddy up a rocky loose hill, he made a mistake and had to stopand since I was right behind him I did as well. No way did I think I was going to be able toget back going but the tire grabed soooo well I didn't even slip and just motored up from a dead stop. I love this tire:banana:
  11. pgr11

    Anyone in soCal use a trials tire?

    Just mounted my first trials tire pirelli mt 43. The tire is sooo soft. Will this tire really last longer thana traditional knobby?
  12. ordered the 3.4 today . now all I have to do is wait. It's supposed torain for a few days here so hopefully it will come by the middle of next week and if so I will try it out right after the rain ends. thanks again forthe replys:thumbsup:
  13. thanks for the info will order one on friday
  14. I have an 08 450exc and was wondering if anyone else had the 3.4 gal tank. My concern comesfrom the fact that the tank shrouds are part of the tank. How durable are these shrouds? I ride single track and rocky areas and am concerned in a fall or crash how wellwill they hold up? Any help would be appreciated:thumbsup:
  15. pgr11

    450 exc makes extra parts

    got a call today from the dealer. He said that the parts came from the oil pump drive and that the engine will havto come apart. They contacted ktm and they got the approval to do all work under warranty. I should havethe bike back in about a week and a half. Its a bummer that it happened but if ktm is honoring the warranty then I am happy. I was expecting a fight but there wasn't one. Good job ktm:thumbsup: