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  1. We are big in Rally so the base bike we have been jumping on is a 450 XC-F / SX-F. HP/weight on this bike is hard to beat. So it has been gaining popularity in the Rally and snow bike folks out west. The close ratio 5 is leaves a lot to desire. We have a very talented certified mechanic in town who has added 6th gear and full sets of EXC gears in the XCf/SXf transmissions. Being our bike will be in 2 primary modes. Fall winter = rally, rest of the year = enduro/trail We just added 6th gear on this bike. Gain some on cheaper parts to install. Loose a bit as a trail bike with keeping the tall 1st gear. About 300 in parts and 400 in labor. In rally mode we run 14/48. In enduro well do 14/50 or 52 to help make up for the tall first. With the return of the 500 XC-W, that will likely be our next rally build bike platform. Anyone else add 6th to their bike?
  2. Sorry to hear about the issue. (just noticing this thread) hopefully you resolved it with us. We have seen 12 Beta carbbed bikes that can not make at least 9v to fire up the LED reliably. We have sold close to 100 of the Squadron kits for carbbed Beta bikes with the AC rectifier. The issue has been random from the stator, to a corroded light switch to the resistor recall that many have seen. If we have not resolved this, please shoot us an email or call.
  3. MotoMinded

    Baja Designs headlight

    Thanks for all the support on here! I see the majority of you get it. Understand the challenges of a small business. The plastic I use is a special blend of Polycarbonate and PBT. It is as tough as a plastic injection molded part. That is why I stand by my warranty. Not your beginner proto plastic here. I design around Baja Designs LEDs exclusively due to their performance, made in the USA, ability to change the patterns, warranty and they are moto people too! I can get better margins with the amazon knock offs, but I could not sleep at night knowing that these LEDs **without the proper cooling** will degrade over a short period of time. I am in it for the long haul and back what I sell. Thanks again guys! Braaap!!
  4. MotoMinded

    mx Lighting Kit

    Agree, that is a great setup for racing! Only thing brighter would be dual XL80s. Then over 16K Lumens. But 160watts of draw. So not really for most bikes.
  5. MotoMinded

    KTM 500 XC-W (2012)


    Can not get enough of this bike. Love it!
  6. MotoMinded

    KTM 500 XC-W 2012

    Can not get enough of this bike. Love it!
  7. MotoMinded

    Milliken race

    Thanks! I will likely purchase some. I am forwarding the link on to my friends. I see they are in there as well.
  8. MotoMinded

    Captain Jack's 10-30-10

    Hey Ryan, Weather came in yesterday afternoon, but I am hoping it was not enough to stick up there. I may try next weekend.
  9. MotoMinded

    Milliken race

    I am planning on heading out with 4 others from the front range. We all are in unless it is snowing... and todays forecast is not looking too good. Holding off to make our decision until Sat. afternoon.