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  1. Pengaleng

    Thumpstar 120 purchase...where to buy locally

    Thanks guys. I want to sit on the bike before purchase. I'll e-mail thumpstar. :thumb
  2. Pengaleng

    Thumpstar 120 purchase...where to buy locally

    help, nobody purchased local to GA, AL, FL
  3. Pengaleng

    Thumpstar 120 purchase...where to buy locally

    I appreciate what yall are trying to do, but a searched this forum and I already know that. I want to ride in and purchase and I'm in central GA. Where can I find a dealer list or a dealer. If you help me out I swear I'll 'dance nakied at your wedding'. Thumpstar Dealers in the South East?
  4. can anyone tell me where i can buy a thumpstar 120 in central Georgia??? The nerest I can find for a drive in and purchase is Ocala, FL. What about AL, GA?
  5. Pengaleng

    ThumpStar 90cc

    I'm looking at a ThumpStar 90cc and want to know what year model it is. Does anyone know when the ThumpStar 90cc switched from drum rear brakes to caliper? Also interested in the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to this machine. I found a used one for $700.00. Is it worth it? Can it handle an adult 180lbs rider? Tell me what you know.
  6. Pengaleng

    Tire questions for a DRZ400SM

    If you click on VinnyL...'s "my garage" and then tires it says. 120/60/17 Front Avon Tire 150/60/17 Rear Avon Tire So there 17" wheels. I understand that the DRZ400SM has painted wheels. Is that any different from the excel?
  7. Pengaleng

    Tire questions for a DRZ400SM

    Very good question. Have you posted here before? They might can help you. supermoto junkie I'm also very interested.
  8. Pengaleng

    Supermoto wheel ?'s for xr600r

    Questions: What size motard wheels are available (should I get) for an 1993 XR600R? Where is the best place to get them? What are my brake rotor choices and will the wheel guys sell me the rotors as well? Tires? MT21's.??? Where can I get a SM front feender for the XR600R? Will there be any spacer issues? Just to let you know how green I am, I have never even taken the dirt wheels off. With this set-up I plan to get steel brake lines for easy hot swap between dirt and street set-up. How does that sound? Am I missing anything? Thanks guys.
  9. Pengaleng

    Baja Type Dual Headlamps???

    Railroader: Thank you for your insight. I already knew that you were going to suggest a low mileage build. Thanks for the info on the rear tire, painted wheels, hubs, etc. That is exactly where I need to begin. Regards.
  10. Pengaleng

    Waiting on DRZ 400 SM....

    Here is a photo.
  11. Pengaleng

    Baja Type Dual Headlamps???

    Railroader Noticed your bike and that your from Gawga' I'm from Central Gawga' by god and that KLX is sweet. I'm trying to sell my dual sport XR600 so that I can get the DRZ400SM or perhaps just build from the DRZ platform. What do you think? From the looks of that bike, you really know your stuff. Investment wise: Would you have purchased the DRZ400SM that is availabe this March or done what you have done to your's? Just curious. I'm afraid that I would not know where to begin on a stock DRZ but could get started faster on a DRZ-sm. See where I'm coming from? decissions decissions
  12. Pengaleng

    centerstand for Honda XR650L ??

    my response was... "we'll let you know".
  13. Pengaleng

    Pics on XR600

    Could not say for certain as I purchased this bike from california and the seat came with it. However, if you were to ask my ass, it would say that it's stock. The outside edges are some sort of smooth vinyl and the top is like regular seat material. Do you like it?
  14. Pengaleng

    Pics on XR600

  15. Hello ya'll: Got's an 93' XR600R frame has been reinforced and the OEM kick stand bracket was grinded off. I've dual sported this bike and gotten a tag but I ain't got no stnad, man. Browsed around for an alternative and I can't find one. Does any body know of a site that manufactures an aftermarket kick stand for this bike??? I could just carry a motorcross style triangle stand and bend down and put it on the rear swing arm. I could just carry a large block of wood in my back pocket. There must be a solution to my kick stand...anyone?