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  1. sagebrush

    ULTIMATE RIDING DESTINATIONS: Places to ride before you die!

    Big Thanks to the contributors of this article. Just the kind of thing I have been looking for. Kinda crazy, but foreign moto tours/service just don't seem to pop up on a google search, in my experience. Please keep these coming! Certainly interested in Mexico and anywhere in South America that has some decent level of public safety. Below are a couple not-so-exotic locations in Hawaii I found on-line: http://www.mauimotoadventures.com/motorcycle-tours-maui-Hawaii http://www.dirtbikinghawaii.com/Dirt_Bike_Hawaii/Dirt_Bike_Hawaii_Rentals_and_Tours_Oahu_Trail_Motorcycle_Rides.html
  2. Is there a real difference, or is it just jargon? Enduro Scramble Whiplash Off-road I just don't want to sound to green at my first poker run next month. Thanx.
  3. sagebrush

    neck brace... which 1

    If you want an integrated neck brace and chest/back protector, consider the 661 Droid as indicated above. They are new on the market, but product review/test guys say they are comfortable. These units are scheduled to begin shipping the end of Nov. I've got one on order.
  4. sagebrush

    Gary Semics 2 Day School Video

    50% off Gary's video's right now! I got the two day and setup vids coming. Thanx for the info
  5. sagebrush

    Gary Semics 2 Day School Video

    where did you guys purchase from? I'd like to get it for my son (& me!) for christmas. thanx.
  6. sagebrush

    TT-R125 Choke Cable Springs

    It appears that there's been no response to your question. Did you figure it out anyway? I need to get the springs and balls for my boy's bike.