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  1. littledog

    VDR round 3 Dec.11 row call

    mmmmm Beer
  2. littledog

    Goodbye 4strokes, hello KTM

    Loved my 250X, but went orange this weekend with XC-W300. What a blast! Light, easy to start, tons of torque and power to spare. Very docile down low and rips up top. See ya and thanks for all the helps over the last two years.
  3. littledog

    Miles per tank full

    I have hit 65 miles without switching to reserve. I regularly do 50-55 miles and have never hit reserve. Siphon hose a good idea though. That would be attached to my camelback if it came to that.
  4. littledog

    CRF 250X compared to XR 400?

    Everything everyone said is true, especially the Tractor vs. Mountain bike comment. Can't afford a 250X? I have one for sale, (building house and need the damn cash!, or rather, to lose the payment). Read my sig to see mods. $3800 and I can deliver in Colorado. Has zero issues, no valve problems and runs like a scalded chimp!
  5. littledog

    spring purchase

    any recommendations where to purchase a new (for a heavier rider) spring for 05 EXC450? KTM books list something like $250! thanks
  6. Looking for a rear spring for 450EXC, about 210 pound rider. Any suggestions without spending a ton of money? thanks
  7. littledog

    Fork Oil Life

    My X has about 2200 miles of fairly aggressive trail riding. Lately the forks feels like they bottom out and front end is pushing more than usual. Fiddling with adjustments justs makes it worse. (stock has always worked well for me.) Could I need fork oil change? (My street bikes seem to come with tunafish oil and that is always the first thing I change out.) thanks
  8. littledog


    but if you live and ride at 6000-10000 feet then a big bore kit and cam is the ticket! And rejetting of course.
  9. littledog

    rocky uphills, I bounce off!

    Well, I tried most of your suggestions: Backed off the compression and rebound (actually set them back to stock setting. I was running them in a few clicks in cause it felt great at times) Really got on the gas over the rough stuff looked up the hill more got in crouch position, head over bars with tail off the seat. Went through a very large rock section that had previously been very hard for me. Now I have confidence! Went up about 4 miles of rocky, off camber steep section, picking awesome lines and leaving behind a friend who used to complain I did not keep enough momentum for him to be behind me comfortably. thanks to all. (Of course later I was hauling ass, lost it and sprained my shoulder. Oh well, life at 45)
  10. littledog

    performance upgrades for crf250x?

    270 kit is amazing. Gives you loads of bottom end, but may not make it "faster". That is up the rider.
  11. littledog

    KTM 250 exc too small???

    i think 250 4-strokes are appropriate for the following conditions: 2) very light riders, timid girls, etc... 3) very tight low-speed woods riding. 4) sea-level (bikes lose power as you go up in altitude. You must be smoking crack. Both blue and red 250f's are powerful bikes, wheelie machine and great at hill climbing. Yes, they need rpms to work but they haul ass. The KTM 250f however is a bit underpowered with all the size of a 450 and mariginal powerand needs a big bore kit to compete. Now, when KTM gets the new 250 engine into their exc model.....
  12. 45 year old, fairly new to riding off road, CRF250X. I get thrown around, and so does the bike, on rocky uphills. Am I picking the wrong line? (Very hard to maintain it as is) My buddy says I go too slow. 250f requires some high rpm and clutch work. Any suggestions?
  13. littledog

    NEED HELP...Oil Question

    My 04 X model used oil almost every ride. I checked it regularly, adding a little every time. I just changed the piston (actually went to 270cc) and the piston looked fine. Soooo.... some bikes use oil (talk to BMW owners!) and some don't. Just check it every ride and never let it get low. I would not worry.
  14. littledog

    Cracked right side cover

    Very straight forward. Have you thought about JB weld? Worked well on the two times I holed mine.