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  1. Yamahafan

    Cause of nicks in needle?

    I took the bottom half of the carb off yesterday. There was yellow residual and a stale smell from old gas, but no real chunks or gunk. The floats had some residual in them, so I cleaned them and the plastic sleeve with WD-40 instead of carb cleaner, because another post got me scared about "melting some of the internal parts" with car engine carb cleaner. I used carb cleaner on the bottom bowl area where there isn't any rubber or plastic and checked the AP diaphragm to verify that the carb cleaner didn't leak into there. I re-assembled the carb with the stock needle in the third position and fuel screw out 1.5 turns (Sunruh's set-up). I filled the tank with brand new 91 octane and blipped the throttle 3 times. She started on the 5th kick. The bike ran strong, but I got a little popping on decel, so I turned the fuel screw out to 2 turns, which took most of the popping out. I will try 2.25 turns out tonight. The bike died at about 1 turn out, so I think I am in the ball park with the pilot jet circuit. I expect the bike to start easier tonight with the fuel screw set closer to optimal. Thanks to everybody for the help. This was my first off-road motorcycle. I have very mixed emotions about selling it, but I need room in the garage for a new FZ-09 and the 2006 YZ450F I am keeping. Now that I hit 50, I don't get to the track as much as I did before. P.S. I sent a picture of the corroded blue needle to JD Jetting. They offered to replace it for free - no questions asked.
  2. Yamahafan

    Cause of nicks in needle?

    Corrosion from old gas? Does this mean I should change all of my jets? What other implications does this have or is this problem specific to the needle?
  3. I was cleaning the carb on my 2002 YZ250F and noticed that the JD Jetting Blue needle has a bunch of nicks about two-thirds of the way down - the area is 2.5" to 3" from top of the 4" needle. I am replacing the needle and ordered a new main nozzle just to be safe. The bottom inch of the needle was fine. Anybody know what could have caused the nicks and if I should replace something else?
  4. Yamahafan

    TTR 125 Carb idle problem solved !!!

    I was having trouble getting my son's 2004 TTR 125 started and keeping it going. After a lot of effort to get it started it would only idle with the choke on, but it would run from 1/4 throttle or higher after I pushed the choke off. It would die in corners unless I kept the revs up. I took apart the carb, cleaned everything twice and put in fresh gas. The manual and ALL the posts I could find state that the only way to turn up the idle is to adjust the fuel screw (labeled as the pilot screw in the OEM fische). I adjusted the pilot/fuel screw with no effect. I was already using the 110 main jet and 17.5 pilot jet, but I ordered new jets just in case. No help. I tried a 112.5 main jet and 20 pilot jet with no effect. Finally I tightened the throttle screw to see if it would help. When I cleaned the carb I noticed that the little washer and o-ring were missing from the screw set. PROBLEM SOLVED! The bike starts right up and idles strong. Either air was leaking past the throttle screw and causing the carb to run too lean or the throttle screw has some effect on the idle speed. I have oredered a new throttle screw set from the TT OEM shop (the only way to get the little washer and o-ring) and will report back after installation.
  5. Yamahafan

    wr motor in a yzf question

    The wiring harness is defintely different. I think I still have a back up harness and other electrical parts for my 2002 WR250F that I am willing to sell CHEAP. Let me know if you are interested.
  6. Yamahafan

    battery powered fans

    Yes, but I think it would probably reduce the airflow through the fins when the bike was moving faster.
  7. "What we found to our amazement was that the Loud Mouth had broadened up the power curve by 5-7HP on average over stock throughout almost the entire RPM range, while peaking out at a maximum of 45HP. Although that’s just +1HP above stock at maximum peak performance, it’s an understatement at the least to say that getting there is really what’s impressive! Furthermore; the torque curve was broadened by 3-4lb-ft on average as well. Looking over the time for which data was recorded within a two second time interval from resting point, we had discovered that the loudmouth had the advantage of delivering 32:28HP (+5HP), 26:24lb-ft (+2lb-ft) and +3MPH." http://www.loudmouthmx.com/sitex/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=37&Itemid=54 Don't shoot the messenger.
  8. Yamahafan

    Black engine cases that will last!

    Looks really sweet with the blue Hammerhead case saver. How does the line-x affect the feel of your boots on the rear brake and the shifter? Do your boots catch? How much weight does it add?
  9. Yamahafan

    carb sucking sand in?

    You need a carb vent filter. See this link - http://www.7602racing.com/prod_t6cf.php
  10. Yamahafan

    carb hoses have sand in them

    JoshB, Go here, read, purchase, install carb vent filter- http://www.7602racing.com/prod_t6cf.php Thank me later. P.S. I had the same problem.
  11. Yamahafan

    Dyno Graphs showing Yamaha TPS Problem

    Gray - Are you saying that YZ450Fs don't have a similar TPS sputter problem? My 2006 YZ450F does. I have seen many people post that you can remove the sputter by properly jetting the bike. This graph would prove that jetting can not completely fix the problem, unless you are saying that the WR CDI is so completely different than the YZ CDI that there is no problem with the YZ CDI. In that case, the WR riders would be buying used YZ CDIs to fix their TPS problem. From the aforementioned thread, they are not buying YZ CDIs, but are instead buying aftermarket race CDIs.
  12. See James Dean's post #7 on the following WR450F thread for excellent dyno graphs illustrating the Yamaha TPS sputter problem. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=636373
  13. Yamahafan

    WR450 Surge

    My 2006 YZ450F also has TPSitis. I have been riding without the TPS connected for some time now and the bike still has plenty of power for my 170# frame. If I read JD's repsonse correctly, he was saying that there was no loss in wheel speed or power despite the sputter?
  14. Yamahafan

    2009 YZ450F Info June 6th

    Will you need a bushing to keep the 2009 brake caliper frame with a 25mm hole from sliding up and down 3mm on the older 22mm axle or will the pressure from the wheel and swingarm on both sides keep it from moving?
  15. Yamahafan

    -5 Degree Jetting

    Using the 15 degree rule for main jets (one step up for each 15 degrees cooler) produces 165 -168 - 170 - 172 - 175 - 178. If you use the actual correction factor formula: Correction Factor (CF) = 1.0778-.00111*T + (2.38554*10^-10)*E^2 - (1.0777*10^-5)*E T is temperature in degrees F; E is elevation in feet You get a 177 mainjet for -5 degrees @ 2000 feet elevation. I would bring a 180 mainjet as well for backup. I have seen it written here many times that 450s like gas when it is cold. Also, minus 5 is pushing the envelope. I think the correction formula may be calibrated for more normal temperatures. I would also post your question in the jetting forum where you might get somebody who has more experience with extreme cold temperature racing. Why are you punishing yourself this weekend? Couldn't get a ticket to the Packer game?