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  1. Have you been to the lodge? I'm assuming yes. Everytime I have been there, there have been a half dozen tards in there drinking and eating. There are tons of FS roads around there.
  2. Rode it today. Would say Devils Gulch trail not for beginners, maybe not intermediates at the moment, especially if it's dry. Going down easier than going up because of the work around from the slides. Lot of people on the trails today. A lot more than we are used to seeing.
  3. Idaho

    I was there twice this year. We were the only ones staying in the rooms both times, and that was on the weekend. A few Pantra people there camping.Go over and give them some business to keep this place open.
  4. Washington

    Yep, it's open.
  5. Washington

    Rode it today too. Up Devils could be challenging depending on skill getting across a couple of creek crossings, but much better than a few days ago. There are some tracks through it now. Only saw 4 other bikes out today.
  6. Washington

    It rained hard in Wenatchee last night. Trails should be awesome this weekend.
  7. Washington

    No, the slides have been fixed for a while. There were some flash floods on Sunday evening. They washed away the banks of the creek crossings. One is pretty difficult. Maybe 3 or 4 foot straight up and down wall if that makes sense. We found a way around it, but there was 3 of us to lift the bikes up the bank. They are sand banks, so probably a little traffic on them and they will be fine. Only one crossing was a challenge. We did Tronsen and Mt Lillian as well. All that is clear and moist.
  8. Washington

    Yeah, it's fixed. They cu a new trail into the side hill. Rode it Tuesday PM. Creek crossings were interesting with all the water that came down Sunday. Hike a Bike up the side of one of them. Going up Devils will be harder. But a few bikes through and it should be good. I wouldn't try it alone right now.
  9. Idaho

    No wonder I felt so slow riding with him!
  10. PANTRA ride out of Gold Creek Lodge near Sandpoint. Awesome riding and scenery.
  11. Washington

    I was up there on the 22nd with some friends. Mission is open up to the road, Devils was open from the road back down to the second creek crossing from the top. Right after that, two big slides you couldn't pass without carrying the bikes. We turned around. The Red Hill loop is open, we had to wait for the trail running event to finish before we could ride it. The trail head was full of granolas, so we rode the upper stuff first. Thanks to the guys who cut it out! I'm told the FS has been in there, so maybe Devils is getting worked on.
  12. Lots of info on this site and all over the Internet. It's a big deal in Washington.
  13. Washington

    I have been to Ardenvoir from the shitters at the intersection by the saddle, just up from Eagle Creek. Have not been up to Sugarloaf yet. Have been up to Steliko lookout, it's clear up there.
  14. Idaho

    I would check out Gold Creek Lodge just east of Lake Pend Orielle. Looks to be a cool setup with lodging, RV spots, and riding right from the lodge. The owner is into single track, and I think the Pantra club has events there. Maybe they will chime in here. I stopped in on my dual sport last week, but want to make plans to get back there on my dirt bike this summer. It seems they are catering to the dirt bike crowd, although the person I spoke with didn't know a lot about the trails. I think they guy you want to talk with is Dave.