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  1. mlyamkaw


    I let the kids go first, we call them the Snowplow 😂
  2. mlyamkaw

    This crew was obviously getting paid by the hour

    Looks similar to the work done on Danquist trail in North Idaho. I can’t believe how much work they put into a trail almost no one rides. I’m not bitching, cause I ride it often now. Just seems that the amount of users for an area is not taken into consideration when looking at trail maintenance.
  3. mlyamkaw

    Hey Idaho! What you think of this trail conflict?

    Yep, I’m aware of her results. But I doubt the 5 guys who beat her are making money or getting free stuff for racing. That’s the point I was making. Not many people would be watching their YouTube videos either... Contoversy sells, and Tiger is helping her get more clicks with this thread! More power to her.
  4. mlyamkaw

    Hey Idaho! What you think of this trail conflict?

    She is getting paid for the clicks, I wouldn’t worry about her. If she was a dude, she would be paying for all her shit like the rest of us. And would be considered fast, but not haul ass fast, make money fast. So she gets free stuff, money, whatever because she is a chick. So the controversy is actually helping her get more clicks.
  5. mlyamkaw

    underWeyerhauser gate blockage Teanaway

    He sent me this. Not sure where it’s at.
  6. mlyamkaw

    underWeyerhauser gate blockage Teanaway

    I was told by my buddy that that same club has gated the area west of Sand Creek trailhead (Cashmere). Lots of user built trails in there that we have ridden over the years. That would be a real shame, but I’m pretty sure that was Weyerhaeuser land, or they leased it anyway. I can't confirm, as I live in Idaho now, but will be back in a few weeks and will check it out. Not sure where the gate is, but will try to get more info.
  7. mlyamkaw

    Getting off at 80

    Impressive you are out there still doing it. That provides inspiration for us all. I just rode a week of BC dual sporting with a 78 year old ex racer from Cali. He was on a 701 and did awesome. So there is some hope for us a few years younger to keep it going.
  8. mlyamkaw

    Smoke talk

    You got a spark arrestor on that bike?
  9. mlyamkaw

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Yeah, I thought about going on that ride, but knew it would be really dusty. So headed north to Moyie. Wasn’t bad because there was only 3 of us.
  10. mlyamkaw

    Mt Clifty Flag Issue

    I’ve been there in the snow, about 15 years ago. I felt like a retard. We walked the bikes across from the uphill side prepared to lose one. I haven’t been back.
  11. mlyamkaw

    Mt Clifty Flag Issue

    Some amazing riding in that area! ✊🏽
  12. mlyamkaw

    Mt Clifty Flag Issue

    Seahawks flag, at least if I need some mountain money when I am up there I know what to use ✊
  13. mlyamkaw

    Number plate bag

    I have been thinking about this recently as well. Either for a pistol, or bear spray, or both. It’s huckleberry season. I was thinking of mounting something to my chest protector so I could get at it fast. I have come across plenty of black bears in the woods, and they always turned and ran. I have never come across a grizzly, and I’m thinking they may just hold their ground, especially with little ones around? The other option is to let your friends ride in front!
  14. mlyamkaw

    Teanaway Open Invite

    I’m wondering if that was fun? And would you ride it again? Looks like a nope for me, I hate death slide trails.
  15. mlyamkaw

    Sedona 907 vs shinko 505 cheater vs 525 (northern Idaho)

    I have been running 6-8 PSI with that setup (505 Cheater and UHDbtube this year. It’s a pretty tall rear tire, so that absorbs a lot of rock and root hits. I ride the same areas, Gold Creek, Moyie, Priest, etc. No pinch flats yet for me, but now I have probably jinxed myself!