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  1. So why is it called Bise Hill? What’s the story?
  2. Kevin Bise, not Bile. Good guy and good rider. He’s got a straight shot into the big downhill. It is his backyard. Have fun
  3. I’m thinking it’s a joke, or maybe he was the first one down it? He lives just past the staging area, so it is his backyard. He has won classes of the D100 over the years as well. Not sure if he ever won the overall. Good guy, and he has let us park at his place several times.
  4. Lawyers are the problem. Too many snakes, we need reform against all the frivolous lawsuits. Insurance is the protection from lawyers...
  5. I think I tried it about 5 or 6 years ago and didn't get far before I hit a dead end. Before that two big German Shepards chased me. I had to turn around and ride back through them. I went sidesaddle so they wouldn't get at my legs, LOL. They should be slower now unless they had babies...
  6. No we are talking about the same trail. Have you ridden it lately? I know what the map says, but the kwads have been on it, and it is a kwad trail now, about to the high point before you drop down to the trail head where 231 starts. As is Green Monarch almost to the lookout over the lake.
  7. Talache is almost all Kwad trail now. Just rode it a couple weeks ago. So is the Green Monarch trail. Only a small amount left that the kwadturds couldn't get through. I'm blaming Tiger.
  8. I have heard that about the TID and the guy running it as well. Maybe that is why another guy started this ride: They have a Facebook group as well, and I don't think he kicks people off. The guy running Ridaho seems super cool, and doesn't kick everyone off the site, unlike Martin, the Director of the Blueribbon Coalition does.
  9. I went to all the FS meetings ten years or so ago, and that trail and Duncan Ridge were on the list to be closed, as well as others I can't remember. I don't think the motorized plan has been implemented in the Wenatchee NF yet. But I have since moved to Idaho, and seen the future for the Wenatchee NF firsthand. A lot of trails are not on the new MVUM (motor vehicle use maps) that locals are still riding here. So eventually they will just fade away unless they are maintained by riders, and hopefully not patrolled by the FS. At least the ORV Rangers in the Wenatchee area are super cool, and will hopefully not see you riding those trails.
  10. We call it Shitty Poo! I like that trail, looks like it treated you well. I thought that was on the closure list, guess not yet. 👍
  11. Aren't you a previous winner of the Ironman at Goldendale? Yeah, you could be done with the Lolo motorway in a day, or half day depending on how relaxed you went. It is worth doing, and there are side trips in there as well. We did that going one direction, and hit the Magruder corridor coming back the other way. Picked it up south of Hamilton
  12. I just rode this area 2 weeks ago. The road was open to Avery. Very dry and dusty. Rode single track over to Avery, and gravel back to Wallace over Moon Pass. i agree, the singletrack was intermediate to advanced.
  13. Have you been to the lodge? I'm assuming yes. Everytime I have been there, there have been a half dozen tards in there drinking and eating. There are tons of FS roads around there.