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  1. CamP

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    Yeah, more power isn't what most woods riders need. The STIC really shines on the motocross track. I'd imagine it would also work well in other applications that see a lot of wide open throttle.
  2. CamP

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    Intially, i was a skeptic, but my independent testing showed that the STIC works well on the track and on the dyno.
  3. CamP

    Bringing Home a New/Old CR

    Thanks for inquiring about me. I've had a couple of physical setbacks over the last 2 years that have kept me off the bike. In 2016 I dislocated my shoulder and that took about a year to heal up. Then last summer, just about when shoulder felt good, I developed type 1 diabetes, which pretty much wrecked me for another year. Fortunately, I'm feeling pretty good again so I plan to be back in the saddle this fall, barring any new blindsides
  4. I'm not sure that's the case. Up until a few weeks ago, I had both a 2005 and a 2007 in my collection. Many of the parts are date coded. The 05 has parts made in late 04 and the 07 has parts made in late 2006. Also, even though the parts are interchangeable, details like gold vs silver cad plating, different tones of anodizing, etc. exists between the bikes. No real substantial differences, but pretty obvious the bikes came off the production line at different times.
  5. Yes. The 2007 CR250R was produced in very low numbers. Because of it's rarity and collectibilty to the 2-stroke Honda fan, it will command a very high price. Especially new ones that are still in the crate. It might not be how you would spend $10K, but there are people out there that have deep pockets and want those bikes for their collections.
  6. CamP

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    Most dynos in the US are rear wheel chassis dynos.
  7. CamP

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    That 300SX curve is very impressive. I've toyed with the idea of buying one, but those dyno results are really sealing the deal. BTW, is that Austin Squires' bike you are testing?
  8. CamP

    1995 CR 250

    The bike was awesome. I just needed to simplify my life a bit. The bike collection was getting out of control and I didn't really have adequate space for so many bikes and two collector cars. I sold everything but my 05, 07 CR250's and a 1973 XR75.
  9. CamP

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    I'm not a trail rider, so I have no experience with the Gnarly pipe. Most feedback says it trades top end for low end. Installing a STIC in a Gnarly equipped bike may be the solution for the trail rider that runs a Gnarly, likes the extra low end, but isn't exactly pleased with the loss of top end. Purely speculation on my part, but if I was a trail rider, I'd probably experiment with that combo. My experience with the STIC is that it actually improves low end throttle response a bit, with big gains in the mid/top.
  10. CamP

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    Not necessarily. Anyone that's been around 2-stroke tuning for a while knows that some un-burnt fuel exits the tail pipe. If that fuel is utilized in the combustion process, do to improved vaporization, one may expect more power with the same amount of fuel. I'm going out on a limb here because I don't know how it works. I just know that it does.
  11. CamP

    1995 CR 250

    No problem. I checked availability and now everything is obsolete, except one tank stripe.
  12. CamP

    1995 CR 250

    I have a set of new OEM 95 shroud graphics. The right side is still available, but the left side was discontinued and rare as hen's teeth. Also have the matching tank stickers. Let me know if you are interested in them. I sold the bike and don't need them anymore.
  13. CamP

    1995 CR 250

    I had a 95 and it was a great bike. I had a set of '08 CRF forks on it, and a Titanium YZF450 rear spring. The shock was damped too soft for me so I had it revalved. Once dialed in, it was fantastic. I ran the engine bone stock, with PC's recommended jetting. If you are just trail riding, it will probably be good with just a little fine tuning.
  14. CamP

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    There are people that talk about it, and there are those that get it done. I was talking to David Reher from 4x NHRA Pro Stock Champions, Reher Morrison. He told me that most of the advancements in drag racing didn't come from engineers, but from grease under the fingernails guys experimenting until they found something that worked better. Good old empirical testing. My father was an electrical engineer in the aerospace industry in the 50's and 60's. He told me that the transistor blew the field wide open when it was invented because it defied the conventional thinking of engineers at the time of vacuum tubes. Theory got checked at the door. The STIC technology works. It's not a gadget, nor a widget. My own dyno testing confirmed this when I was clearly in the skeptic corner. With very little tuning between runs, I saw 7.5-12% gains in horsepower, with no loses anywhere on the curve. I've been tuning 2-strokes since 1980 and I have never seen a bolt-on part come anywhere close to this much gain. When testing on the track, the performance increase mirrors the dyno, which is often not the case. The bottom line is that you can talk about theory all day long, but it doesn't change the fact that the STIC guys have invented a much better mouse trap. They found a lot of fruit on the tree when everyone else thought it was all picked over.
  15. CamP

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    I didn't buy it at first either, so I ponied up with my time and money, and performed side-by-side dyno tests with the stock PWK carb and the same carb with the Stic metering block. I was shocked by the results, and so was everyone else in the dyno room. As far as fuel mileage goes, additional horsepower requires additional fuel. If your goal is to squeeze maximum mileage out of your fuel tank, it may not be the modification for you. I spend all my time on the mx track, so that isn't an issue for me. I do know that when I follow my wife around the track, putting around at low rpm, I'm not having any loading up or fouled plug issues at all, so I believe that conjecture is unwarranted.