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  1. yu130960


    Those 4 o-rings are for coolant. I'd also use appropriate sealant between the flange and cylinder. Look at any power valve cleaning video. Slavens has one.
  2. yu130960

    WP PDS Shock worth revalving?

    DIY! Here is what I did to my 2013 PDS 2 smoker FWIW I also have MXtech low friction piston bands and an OEM rebuilt seal head with Synergy's red seal. PDS Primary 1--16x20x0.30 1--16x26x0.25 1--16x28x0.20 1--16x30x0.20 1--16x32x0.20 1--16x34x0.20 1--16x36x0.20 1--16x38x0.20 1--16x40x0.20 1--16x42x0.20 1--16x44x0.20 1--16x32x0.10 5--16x44x0.20 Piston 1--16x36x0.25 <-- Shim added (Kindly posted at another board by Picklito) 1--16x36x0.20 <-- Removed one shim 1--16x26x0.10 <-- replaced .15mm thickness shim 1--16x34x0.20 1--16x32x0.20 1--16x30x0.20 1--16x28x0.20 1--16x20x0.30 1--16x21x1.00 Secondary (stock) 1--20x24x0.30 1--20x34x0.25 1--20x36x0.25 1--20x38x0.25 2--20x40x0.25 Piston 2--20x38x0.20 3--20x24x0.30 DCC (Kindly posted at another board by Corey at Protune) 1--6x22x.15 <-- Moved 1--6x16x.10 <-- Replaced 14mm OD shim 1--6x22x.25 <-- Moved 1--6x20x.25 <--Removed one shim 1--6x18x.25 1--6x16x.25 1--6x14x.25 1--6x9.5.3
  3. yu130960

    Newer WP Open Chamber 2stk Valving

    KTM Manual calls for 4,4 N/mm for 85-95 kg (187-209lbs). My springs RT .46 kg/mm converted are stiffer than that at roughly 4,5 N/mm Slavens has a fuller chart. https://slavensracing.com/shop/fork-springs-wp48mm-43mm-x-505mm-ktm-husaberg-wp-2/ I will have to weigh myself with gear (w/o gear I fluctuate between 185 - 195). More incentive to cut weight.
  4. Am considering taking out gold valves (base and mid) and playing with the stock pistons. Any comments on my proposed starting point would be appreciated. This starting point essentially comes from a thread at ktmtalk by grtpumpkin with replies by brokenlegs. 2013 KTM 300 XC-W 200 lbs w/o gear C Rider - Single Track/Enduro .46 kg/mm RT Springs Maxima Racing Fork fluid 5wt 120 mm Air gap BV 1--6x16x0.25 1--6x9.5x0.30 1--6x12x0.10 1--6x14x0.10 1--6x16x0.10 1--6x18x0.10 1--6x20x0.10 1--6x22x0.10 1--6x16x0.10 6--6x24x0.10 Piston 1--8x24x0.40 Mid-Valve 1--8x16x0.15 1--8x11x0.10 1--8x12x0.10 1--8x16x0.10 1--8x18x0.10 3--8x20x0.10 1--8x18x0.10 Piston 3--T6x20x0.10 1--6x12x0.10 1--6x16x0.10 1--6x14x0.10 1--6x13x0.10 1--6x12x0.10 1--6x10x0.30 1--6x14x0.25 Float 0.55 mm Piston Bleed 0mm Rear Shock FWIW - 76 WP Spring and stock Primary and Secondary Piston Valving with the following DCC revalve suggested from ds1434 22x.15 16.x1 22x.25 20x.25 18x.25 16x.25 14x.25 9.5.3
  5. yu130960

    Wrecked my 08 300xc bottom end

    $10k even is a sick deal for a '17 EXC-F 350
  6. yu130960

    Wrecked my 08 300xc bottom end

    $10,735 OTD for a 350-EXC right now in Ontario.
  7. yu130960

    Looking at a '14 300 XC-W

    Canada is not the US.
  8. yu130960

    Looking at a '14 300 XC-W

    It's hard right now as they are blowing out the 17s In Ontario 2017 250 XCW $8350 brand new from dealer.
  9. yu130960


    The bucking could be a result of bottoming, especially if the sag is too high or the HS Comp is too soft. Adjust the sag and turn up the HS comp.
  10. yu130960

    2017 250 XC-W rear axle nut size?

    It's the same as on my 2013 300 XC-W 27mm
  11. yu130960

    Changing Fork Seals - KTM 450 EXC WP

    No, we have Google to find the stuff you need.
  12. 2013 KTM 300 XC-W (Open Chamber Forks w/ WP PDS Rear) (RT .46 springs up front with a RT P15 Spring in the back) 115mm sag 195lbs (w/o gear), Single and Double Track Trail rider (loose sandy loam rooted trails) I have RT GV (Base and Midvalve) up front and am pretty happy with the results. I also have a GV installed in the rear with the following valving and experience quite a bit of bucking over any square edge hit. I have tried to turn out the high speed compression (1 full turn) and it helped some, but since I need to tear it down for service was wondering if a revalve would help to get rid of the bucking. Appreciate any thoughts. Gold Valve Compression Valving cL 2007, cLX 1528, cH 238 Gold Valve Rebound Valving rL 2004, rLX 1526, rH 254
  13. yu130960

    Lectron Carb Worth It? 2017 KTM 250 XC-W

    There are a ton of the Lectrons for sale at ktmtalk if you want to try one (guys seem to be ditching them en masse). Stick with the stock carb. The head is a better bang for buck from what I have read.
  14. Unless you get a deal on an older 200, I am not sure I would go to the pain and effort to find one. The 250 XC is better in every way (motor, chassis, suspension and resale).
  15. What idiots! Have you thought about the 2017 250XC? Lots of guys say feels like the old 200.