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  1. That bike looks like you rode it for 17 year straight lol. Simple maintenance neglect of lubing/checking bearings. Ive seen this before, some of my friends buy a bike and never even wash it off, let alone do the proper maint at least yearly.
  2. KTM 350 and you can have the best of both worlds.
  3. Please be on the lookout for a 2006 KTM250 XC that was stolen sometime between Easter and today 5-6-14. It was stolen out of a locked shed. If you have any information please call 412-605-8050 or contact the Cecil Township Police in Pennsylvania via 911. VIN: VBKEXL2356M227372 Thanks Thumpers and Thumpettes.
  4. He is finally listening to me and putting it in his basement instead of the detached shed.
  5. Nope still had the same dirt on it from when it was put away last hehe. Believe it or not, this bike has been stolen twice and recovered both times. Some bad JuJu around that thing. Both times , posting it on FB and other social media has aided in its recovery. That would be my first word of advise to anyone looking to recover a bike. Get the word out to every riding group in the area on FB / Twitter / Insta. Moto guys look out for one another, its pretty effing awesome if you ask me. Thieves have to be much smarter these days about getting rid of a stolen bike.
  6. We just got it back. These tards didnt even take off the graphics or try to make it look like any other KTM in the world. Stupid, stupid junkies
  7. Thanks to ThumperTalk and Facebook and some good timing on the part of some friends, the bike has been recovered with no damage to the bike!
  8. He was out riding the saturday before Easter right behind his house. It was likely taken a couple of days after that. The thieves probably cased the joint a bit. Its not hard to get past a lock unfortunately.
  9. Ronus

    Blown up?

    lol a clogged carb is not a blown up engine. If your engine ceases, i wouldnt hesitate to replace both top and bottom ends. You can certainly take it apart first and examine both to see if it needs done. Chances are though that if you dont replace the bottom , that it will fail later causing possible damage to the top later.
  10. Ronus

    wow some people amaze me

    I always check the filter on a used bike before buying. Tell tale #1 on how someone took care of that machine.
  11. Ronus

    Off-Road Head-On. Who's fault?

    KDX was riding in the middle a bit but the Yamaha freaked out and layed his bike down. Both had a hand in this one. Glad they are ok..or seem to be.
  12. what you are looking for is a quad loading ramp https://www.google.com/search?q=quad+loading+ramps&safe=off&rlz=1C1CHFX_enUS545US545&es_sm=93&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=roJJUovfHKL_4AOY34GYBQ&ved=0CH0QsAQ&biw=944&bih=927&dpr=1
  13. Oneal is usually so slim that i can barely get knee braces in them.
  14. I was listening to a podcast interviewing Rich Taylor, owner of Ecks brand goggles and a bike tester for multiple magazines and even factory honda and suzuki. He said that there is no need to mod a stock bike for anyone but the very top pro riders. a 450 has more stinking power than you need. Throw on a pipe and go rip. Maybe thats the problem, so many people mod the shit out of their bike and wonder why they blow up. The more power you squeeze out of a motor the less time that its going to last. That is a fact. Pro motors are built to run for 35 min x 2.
  15. Yeah because that is the same bike you get off the showroom floor? lol
  16. Ronus

    Reved it's nuts off

    probably a stuck slide. Needed a little gas in there to free it up
  17. Ronus

    Brake and Clutch levers

    unbreakables on track bike, Cycra probend bark busters on trail bike. Havent replaced a lever in a long time.
  18. Get used to it! Seriously though, i have my stuff ready to go the night before (gear/bike prep) and roll out as soon as i get home. I can get a few hours of riding in before dark in the summer.
  19. Sold most of mine. Heres what i got left 09 KX450f - Track bike 09 KTM 300xc - Trail bike 12 Honda 250x - Wifes bike 12 Honday 50f - sons bike 03 JR50 - daughters bike.
  20. Ronus

    To tuck, or not to tuck.

    OTB for trails Tucked for Moto
  21. Ronus

    Tarah Geiger Naked

    JP$ is a solid 3 on the scale. Geiger is better looking than her. Alexah Pearson or Tonya Mantsch probably the best looking WMX chicks that ive seen
  22. Ronus


    House / Techno / Dubstep Knife party, skrillex, Dr. P, Avicii
  23. its not going to seize. The big debate is how to wear the rings perfectly not weather its going to seize or not.
  24. nothing , Troy Lee Designs catalyst X braces dont need anything under.