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  1. Interesting...maybe a Canada thing I guess. Mine was in a bag zip tied to the bars when I picked it up along with a spoke wrench and the little pin to lock the PV.
  2. My 250x came with a complete spare top end. Piston, rings, gaskets. Didn't yours?
  3. Still no luck here seeing the video
  4. I like my Gnarly. I don't feel like I lost anything on the top end. However, I did do the PV mod at the same time, so with the stock pipe and PV mod it may be a different story. My stock pipe got completely mashed on some rocks, and I got the Gnarly cheap (used, but near perfect). When it gets dinged up I'll replace with a Fatty, just for science! I feel like overall, the Gnarly has more area under the curve than the stock pipe.
  5. You sure? I believe there is only one Gnarly pipe available for the current Yam 250 2 stroke.
  6. Haha, my bad. I just have 2 stroke smoke on the brain. I'll bow out gracefully now...
  7. Haven't you heard? The 2019 250x will have e-start, 7 speed gear box and proper lights, fuel injection, and possibly reverse if the rumors are true...I'm just bummed about no hydro clutch... JK. I SERIOUSLY doubt there will be any updates beyond BNG to the 2019 2 strokes. I hope beyond hope that I'm wrong.
  8. Uh, you're going to need pictures of that wee beasty.
  9. I first became aware of this issue trying to jet a fairly high mileage and neglected 1989 GSXR750 that I bought cheap. Couldn't get it to clean up at low-mid throttle no matter what. Stumbled on a tech article from Factory Pro that described this issue. 4 new needle jets later that Gixxer was proper screamin again!
  10. I absolutely can't overstate the difference removing one washer from the PV made on my bike. Like, night and day. And it's free... And that mid to upper-mid is exactly where you'll feel the difference.
  11. This makes me cry but I believe it to be the truth
  12. Yep, and a good strong kick right through the stroke. That ensures you are starting at top dead centre, then when you kick it you are forcing a full charge up through the transfer ports into the cylinder. Best chance to light it off.
  13. In my experience it is very hard to get rid of all spooge with a spark arrester. I had my bike jetted to run with no noticeable spooge out the silencer with the stock silencer. After switching to a PC 296 s/a I I am getting spooge again. I think it is the way the exhaust swirls at the end after it is past the packing portion of the muffler. It causes whatever oil is left in the exhaust to drop out of suspension as it slows down rather than just shoot straight out the end. With that said, the amount I get is not enough to run down the bottom of the silencer and certainly not enough to drip out of the joint between the pipe and the silencer. I'm happy with the way my bike runs and I don't know that I have ever ridden another 2 stroke that runs more crisply than mine. I did switch from Yamalube 2R to Motul 710. That has helped considerably. My jetting is currently: NECK #2 45 pj 168 mj 3000-5500 ft altitude.
  14. Sorry, but this is technically wrong, and I feel like it contributes to confusion many have when dealing with this relatively simple topic... Each circuit addresses a different THROTTLE OPENING RANGE, NOT REV RANGE. It is entirely possible to be WOT at 3500 rpm, and closed throttle at 8000 rpm, and every variable in between. I'm sorry to pick, but I really feel like this confusion is at the root of many people's jetting difficulties.
  15. Seriously? You sold an almost new bike due to carb issues? What problems were you having?