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  1. Doc_speeder

    WOT sputter

    That most definitely sounds ignition/spark related to me. Agree with ^^^^^.
  2. Doc_speeder

    Best YZ250 model years?

    2006-2027 are the best years.
  3. Doc_speeder

    Help me with the plug eater

    Does the bike start easily? Are there any other symptoms that may indicate the ignition system is not what it should be? I wonder if it's a case of weak spark. As soon as the plug gets a bit of "normal" buildup on it, it just can't fire. For reference, my last plug had over 80 hours on it, and I only changed it out of precaution and the fact that I had a new one laying around.
  4. Doc_speeder

    Peick Injury

    Yeah, worst case scenario from the looks of it. When I see that video, I think he got cased on. Brutal. No way a helmet is (or really could be IMO) designed to take that much load. I love this sport, but man seeing this kind of makes my gut wrench. It could happen to anybody. Just amazing it doesn't happen more often really.
  5. Doc_speeder

    Are people buying 250X's and turning them into YZ's?

    Can you comment on your overall impression of this head? I am about ready to pull the trigger on one, just still trying to gather input. I know he offers a money back promise, and that is encouraging. I'm glad to hear that your volume didn't change much, as I have heard others say that their static compression was significantly increased with this head. Perhaps thats something that can be fixed with different dome inserts etc.
  6. Doc_speeder

    Top end rebuild, what happened?

    Just curious, how many hours were on it when you tore it down? And why was it necessary to replate it rather than just fresh piston & rings? Did the old piston come apart and tear it up?
  7. Doc_speeder

    Are people buying 250X's and turning them into YZ's?

    I modded my 250X powervalve to open SOONER, and completely. This was done by removing one shim on the PV governor. It now revs out more consistently and cleanly, but it didn't make it hit any harder. Fixing the squish is not done to make it run like a "regular" YZ I don't think. As far as I know, it is usually done in conjunction with re-shaping the chamber to keep much the same compression as stock, just with better combustion which makes the bike run cleaner and easier to jet properly. And it is not done to make it the same as the squish on the regular 250, as that one is buggered from the factory as well... So...I'm not aware of a bunch of people turning the X into a non-X.
  8. Doc_speeder

    YZ250 - tuning help

    To the OP: How does the bike run? Are you happy with it? My YZ250X smokes too. It's a "2 smoke", so I don't worry about it because it runs awesome. FWIW I run Motul 710. It doesn't seem to smoke any less than when I ran Yamalube 2R, but I do get less spooge. Just another thought...where is your ignition timing? Timing can affect combustion temp and EGT, so in theory may affect the amount of smoke, maybe?
  9. Doc_speeder

    18 yz250x clutch multiple clutch failures.

    Is the free play set correctly at the lever? If there is no free play, it could be that the clutch is slipping all the time. Just to add to the pile, my '16 250X has about 100 hrs on the stock clutch and I ride a fair bit of slow steep clutch abusing trails. Clutch is still in great shape and feels the same as when I rolled the bike out of the showroom. Let him ride your bike for a race and see if he smokes your clutch...if so, it's totally him and you can just tell him to figure it out on his own after purchasing you a new clutch! lol
  10. Doc_speeder

    New (to me) YZ250x

    I rarely miss the 1-2 shift, but 2-1 is a bit tricky. It is a deliberate solid movement needed for sure, and seems to be common on the YZ trans. I know my '16 does that too. I hate to recommend oil, but I've switched from ATF that I always used in every bike ever to Amsoil 10w50 "Dirt". It is a game changer for me. More constant progressive clutch action and has improved the 2-1 downshift to the point that I never even think about it anymore. Congrats on the bike, they really are fantastic.
  11. Doc_speeder

    Best Oversized Tank?

    I've had the Clarke 3.2 on my 250X for almost 3 years. Yeah, the shrouds don't fit perfect but it's never caused me any grief and I didn't have to cut or mod anything to fit, just bend them a bit and I've never come close to snagging pants etc on them. Other than that, no issues for me. But maybe I just got a good one, as they seem to be a bit inconsistent. Also, I got the Tusk aluminum cap (made specifically for the clarke tank) for mine which I highly recommend.
  12. Doc_speeder

    YZ125 motor / GP Roadrace cylinder mod

    Thank you for the update, I was actually wondering about this the other day. Glad to see you're still working on it, it's a cool experiment for sure. I'm very curious to see how it works in the real world.
  13. Doc_speeder

    Fuel consumption

    I feel like there is something else at play here. If you JUST changed the pipe, it should not have any significant effect on fuel consumption, regardless of which pipe you installed. Did you touch anything in the carb?
  14. I wouldn't expect that to be a problem.
  15. Definitely not a DIY job. The Nikasil coating needs to be applied/refinished. Millenium Technologies I think is one company that does this, there are others you can find if you use the search feature.