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  1. As the kids these days say “ you do you” lol. I’m far more concerned about my Fantasy SX points than cheering for any particular rider. So sometimes that results in cursing and sobbing but I haven’t shot at my neighbors yet. Although one of them is just askin for it...
  2. Yeah. I watch the races for entertainment. I try not to get my panties wadded up if people don’t like that.
  3. Also, running a 158 mj with your rich pilot and needle sounds wrong. AFTER verifying your float height, try bumping your main to about 168-170, try a 45 pilot and drop your needle a clip.
  4. I’ve said it before...why are guys so horned up to try spinning and sliding a bunch of expensive hot bits of aluminum and steel around and mix in 10,000 explosions per minute and try to run less oil? To save money? Really? Math is not strong with this crowd lol
  5. blah blah blah Eli's a head case blah blah blah. Whatever, that dude is fun to watch. Love his style.
  6. Yes, that is my experience too, and I should have clarified. The one that started on fire on me had been dropped (although very lightly) on concrete and there was no VISIBLE damage. However, I got spooked from that and would rather have nothing to do with them now unless I am using one in a complete "system" for which it was designed, along with the appropriate charger. They just seem like too much care and feeding for my needs. They do burn spectacularly though. When it started to puff up while charging (on the correct charger as well) I disconnected it and kicked it out of the garage onto the driveway. It ignited very shortly after that, and there is still a dark burn mark on the concrete from the conflagration. I am so happy I did not let it charge unattended. My garage and possibly my attached house would have gone up in flames.
  7. I agree technically, except that one mans rattle may be another mans clunk thump bang.
  8. The bike did a hard bog and died you say? Now it has a new rattle you say? I’m curious how thoroughly you inspected the bottom end of that motor. Your description has me more than a little worried at this point...
  9. I run a smallish LED head and tail light off 2 nmh rc packs under the seat in the air box. Bright enough to ride at night, but really just for stupid legal requirements here. I get 4-5 hrs run time on them and they are less likely to turn into a huge fireball under my butt than lithium packs. I’ve had one of those that almost burned my garage down—literally
  10. Welcome to the addiction I had a couple cheap mini bikes but more-or-less grew up on quads. After I got married I didn't ride for several years, then got back on sport quads after we moved closer to the mountains. I had a Blaster that was really tricked out including Elka suspension with wider control arms, Banshee axle, Wildcard Racing ported cylinder and head work, 34mm carb etc. Then a Warrior that I transplanted a GSXR750 motor into, then a Banshee. When I got into sport quads, most of my buddies were on big 4x4 machines. They saw the fun I was having and one by one, all got into sport quads too. Then, for whatever reason I got a bug to try bikes. I got an old '98 KX250 that was a bit rough but basically sound, kind of like your YZ actually. It was a blast. Sold my Banshee and have never looked back. Now,all my buddies are on bikes too! As soon as Yamaha announced the release of the YZ250X I went to the dealer and put down a deposit. Close as we can figure I bought the first one in my province! My favourite thing about a bike vs a quad is the reward factor. When you get to the top of a long rocky loose climb on a sport quad, even a high-strung Banshee, you look back and think "that was fun". When you make it to the top of the same climb on a bike, you get a whole different level of satisfaction. There is SO MUCH more involved in riding a bike well. I've been back on bikes for several years now, and still, EVERY TIME I go out, I can feel improvement in my ability. It never gets old. Also, my belief and personal experience is that you crash more on a bike, but worse on a quad. Dirt bikers break ankles and wrists, quad riders break necks and backs. Not fact, just my observance more often than not!
  11. I think it’s brilliant. And very nicely executed (especially for a prototype design). Keep us updated on successes or design tweaks you make please! I can’t believe how many experts these threads attract...[emoji849]
  12. Yep, not sure on the Dodge tail gates, (that's another kettle of fish I won't open) but on my Chevy I loop the tailgate cables over the latch pins and it holds the gate "almost" closed. It's worked for the last 8 years on 2 different trucks with no issues.
  13. Take off the gate?
  14. Indeed, setting float height is critical for correct jetting. Unrelated here, but my 1990 Katana 750 is VERY sensitive to float height, and it makes a significant difference to mid throttle cruising economy.
  15. How so? 14 lb-ft plus 150 deg rotation is a lot more than 14 lb-ft...