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  1. I have sprayed with silicone spray in the past. Doesn't seem to collect dirt, but on a new tube with new cable, it really doesn't seem to show much benefit either. As above, clean and dry seems to be as good as anything.
  2. figure? There's no actual hour meter on it? I feel like my bike should have more hours on it than it does, as in- it "seems" like I've ridden more than 85 hours since I've got it. I'd say it feels like 150 at least. But the hour meter I put on it before I even broke it in when it was fresh off the showroom floor says otherwise... Is he the original owner? 800 hours on a bottom end, if used gently and well maintained I can kind of sort of see - maybe. But 800 hours on an original piston and cylinder? That's a tough one to swallow. Not calling you (or your friend) a liar, but hour estimates and guesses can be a long way from accurate in my experience.
  3. For whatever reason, I think I'm the only one that has run a Gnarly on a 250X and not suffered anything significant on the top end. Better all over, with just a slight top end penalty. I love my Gnarly/PC296 combo.
  4. Yes, good points. At this point in the video I was already pretty tired... The first few KM of the course are not flagged until race day - it is impossible to know where it is unless you are one of the few that flag it. There are hundreds of intersecting trails in this area, it would be near impossible to actually find the course if you don't know where it is. But yes, that would help!
  5. Here's some poor quality video shot with a China gopro. It's what I have. Whatever, should be good enough to get the sense of the terrain.
  6. Lol no doubt. The field was likely more than 50% 2 stroke. And likely 70% KTM/Husky which is expected as —let’s be honest— they are very competent machines. But there was a very healthy contingent of blue bikes too. In truth I only used 1-3rd gears. Course was extremely tight, with lots of technical climbs/ descents. Lots of roots. Oh my gawd so many roots!
  7. So I did my very first race last weekend at the tender age of 42. Race was Sunday, today is Wednesday. Still feeling it but not too bad. Ran the 30th annual Porcupine XC race here in Southern Alberta. I ran in the beginner class, and took 2nd in class. I'm pretty pleased with that. The 250X ran absolutely flawlessly. I did lay it down in a fairly high speed section when I cross rutted. Pretty much destroyed my FMF Gnarly and tweaked a rad pretty good. I didn't really notice until the finish and the crash was about 30km in out of 56. Whatever, I've been wanting to try a Fatty anyway. Towards the end of my loop, a couple of the pros lapped me (on their second loop...). Those dudes are ON THE GAS! Not sure how they go so fast. Combination of skill and big brass balls I guess! Anyway, it was my first, but I'm thinking not my last! Race was put on by Lethbridge Motorcycle Club, and sanctioned by AMSA ( hopefully I got that right). I was really impressed with the professionalism and organization of the event. A hugely serious amount of work goes into these events, from the course layout and flagging, to the trophy presentation and site cleanup. Great job by all involved!
  8. Isolate the problem. Take off the wheel. Slide the axle through the wheel (with bearings and spacers in place. Does the axle fit snug? If not then it’s a problem with the bearing size or incorrect spacers perhaps. If it does fit snug then your problem is elsewhere.
  9. Correct. Proper warm up is critical. Every time.
  10. motocross

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I couldn't really see a better place but please move if necessary. My son and I are coming down for the Washougal MX race. Any good places within 30 min drive for us to tent that you can recommend? Nothing fancy. All we really need is some flat ground and a toilet. Thank you.
  11. So just an update. Got back from St Anthony dunes last night. We rode for 3 good days. I was running with mostly 450s, so I had to wring out my 250 2t pretty good. It loved it. This 250X motor with just the pipe and pv shim mod freakin sings. Lots of extended WOT peak RPM hill climbs. It takes it and begs for more. Zero spooge, and no holed pistons so I think I got the jetting spot on, and I guess its safe to assume I didn't screw up the top end when I did it haha. In the mountains here, I just run premium pump gas, but at the dunes I did run about 1/3 VP 110 for a bit of a safety factor. Geez that stuff smells great!
  12. Yep, it completely transformed my X as well. Best mod so far. And I feel like it really works well with the FMF Gnarly pipe. My bike still revs out great, even though some have complained that the Gnarly kills top end power.
  13. I think it was a good idea to do it and I'm glad I tore into it but it certainly didn't need it. But again, better safe than sorry. Also, I tend to believe that the cylinder plating will last longer if piston changes are more frequent. Less wear and chance of increased clearance leading to slapping.
  14. I think it might be a Canada thing. It came with a whole oem top end with gaskets and o-rings. Indeed. It’s an awesome weekend every year.