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  1. I'm actually super stoked that they seem to be releasing a new 65cc 2 stroke. I'm hopeful it means the development department for 2 strokes isn't dead.
  2. That is interesting. I have no explanation, just a bad experience, along with a couple guys laughing at me because they already knew that haha. Maybe there are different grades/types of silicone spray??
  3. It will leave a film that collects between the seal and the fork leg and give you leaky seals within minutes of beginning your next ride. Literally minutes...ask me how I know lol
  4. Absolutely that's a possibility. Forks out of alignment will eat seals and slider bushings. However it also causes harshness and stiction.
  5. How many hours riding is 8 months for you? If you ride a lot that's maybe not that bad. Also, cleaning and maintenance is important to getting the best life out of them. After a ride I carefully clean the lower tubes and usually pull the dust seals and clean behind them and then use a seal cleaning tool if it seems necessary. Then spray down the lower tubes with WD40 and wipe them well with a soft clean cloth. My YZ250X that I bought new in Oct 2015 has original seals and no leaks yet. WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T USE SILICONE SPRAY anywhere around them!!! Oil based like WD40 etc only.
  6. Performance: Jetting, sag, PV shim mod Protection: Enduro Engineering aluminum skid plate and handguards Then just get out and ride and see what else you want to do.
  7. Sweet carnage pics!! As said by others, not really a big deal. Not as bad as it looks.
  8. Nice bike. Used bikes don't come any fresher than that. I'm not sure what you paid, but since it's basically the identical bike to the 2017 I think buying a used YZ is more about hours/condition than year. You certainly got a nice one!
  9. Interesting...maybe a Canada thing I guess. Mine was in a bag zip tied to the bars when I picked it up along with a spoke wrench and the little pin to lock the PV.
  10. My 250x came with a complete spare top end. Piston, rings, gaskets. Didn't yours?
  11. Still no luck here seeing the video
  12. I like my Gnarly. I don't feel like I lost anything on the top end. However, I did do the PV mod at the same time, so with the stock pipe and PV mod it may be a different story. My stock pipe got completely mashed on some rocks, and I got the Gnarly cheap (used, but near perfect). When it gets dinged up I'll replace with a Fatty, just for science! I feel like overall, the Gnarly has more area under the curve than the stock pipe.
  13. You sure? I believe there is only one Gnarly pipe available for the current Yam 250 2 stroke.
  14. Haha, my bad. I just have 2 stroke smoke on the brain. I'll bow out gracefully now...
  15. Haven't you heard? The 2019 250x will have e-start, 7 speed gear box and proper lights, fuel injection, and possibly reverse if the rumors are true...I'm just bummed about no hydro clutch... JK. I SERIOUSLY doubt there will be any updates beyond BNG to the 2019 2 strokes. I hope beyond hope that I'm wrong.