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  1. I had a hard time finding one at the price point I wanted(I'm in Indiana). They seemed to run about $1000 more then the equivalent used 250f. Patience. edit-Just saw your other post. Congrats on the new(to you) bike
  2. 110 here also. Imo the bike has plenty of power and notice the added traction more then the added weight.
  3. I'd be super surprised if the valves needed adjusted if the description you gave is accurate. Looks clean. Congrats.
  4. "I’m sure this has been Beaton to death " Well, I guess not. I personally like riding my R1 in the woods. Although the suspension has little travel and it is stiff initially, proper set up will get it there. Its great to open up on those more wide open trails with 150mph straights. Or while other bikes can work great for certain riders on certain trails, the bike that is engineered and marketed for a specific terrain might just be the best in that terrain for the needs of the majority. ps... nobody get mad this is an attempt at some humor
  5. I disagree with the marketing comment. These features, and the FX, were added in response to customer demands. They weren't pushed on by marketing. An 18in rear wheel is certainly handy for the trails I ride. And while I don't need the FX gearbox it certainly has its place. I can see some types of trails or riding style where people prefer the F over the FX but that is far from saying one is better then the other. But hey I'm not a huge 450 fan, especially in the woods, so maybe there is not a lot we are going to agree on.
  6. ^ And I thought he was going to suggest a crow bar. But I concur with the little screw driver.
  7. Factory Yamaha yz250f. Hit the euro mxgp famous tracks. I'm assuming these fairies are going to make sure tracks are prepped to perfection.
  8. 2013s are still carberueted so it would just be a matter of jetting if running lean. They are solid bikes with arguably the most bulletproof 250 mx motor.
  9. All you need to know is keep the right grip twisted back while riding. Taking off the brakes is a quick way to shave some weight off these pigs, and they are not necessary.
  10. I have both an f and fx. I just got done putting about 10 hours of trail time-mostly single track- on my very mx-tuned f(was on a trip and only had room for one bike). The f's aren't that bad on most types of trail I ride, just a little less of the convenience features(e-start, kickstand). They don't overheat that easy, they are not that hard to start etc... End of the day, yamaha hit the mark they aimed for on both bikes, pick accordingly.
  11. You are talking about the 2 strokes correct(yz250 vs yz250x)? Little different game for the 4 strokes.
  12. The power isn't what makes the fx less competitive for mx. If you are just getting into mx it is a fine bike. Just go ride it and as you progress you can make changes. I would honestly just switch bikes if you are going to ride mx all the time tho. But short of that stiffening up the suspension and putting a 19in rear wheel on would help. It will always have a little extra weight, and funky gear ratios for a track.
  13. I would probably stay off the bike until the knee heals more. This is coming from someone who did not do that in his 20's and now regretting it only in his 30s(also complete MCL tears in both knees). Most knee braces are better at stopping over extension/limiting travel, then they are at preventing twisting(they do help but not as much). Its inherent to design IMO. As far as straps I wear CTI's. But you strap them in order of importance. The one that sits above the calf but below the knee cap first, then one just above patella, then bottom calf and then top thigh. Looking at your anatomy and how it changes as you move your knee its pretty clear why each one has the importance and holding power that it does. So yea I guess I couldn't answer your specific question..but hey its something.
  14. Less time at the track on race day. Could split up between big bikes and little bikes-all big bikes do both motos then quick refresh track and let 50-superminis have at it. Low gate fees. It helps more people see the sport and get involved.If you have to charge me more to race so be it. But I always prefer pricing Where the promoter is making the money off #s. The more racers the better the racing. Big jumps are fine and fun it's part of modern mx. They just need built right and need to make sense with track lay out. Big jumps equal big landings and proper lip maintenance. Personally I don't like fast freeway tracks. A track can be flowing without being a freeway. Rutted corners, braking bumps, off cambers keep things at a safe speed and require skill too. The tracks that know proper track prep, know how to build a safe but fun track seem to do good. I think a proper track builder is usually a fast guy who is not able to loose sight of keeping things friendly for beginners too. Beginners dont understand what makes a good track for fast people. And some fast people dont care about beginners and it alienates them. And places that can support different tracks for multiple skill levels is nice. But now I'm getting off topic.
  15. What did you do about the damage on the head from where the exhaust cam got hot?

    1. ericz103


      I took it to a guy who knew what he was doing and he line bored it to clean it up. No issues afterwards.

    2. Kane321


      so he just bored out the grove that was left in the head and ran the same cam? I have a bike im working on that has the same problem. Thanks for the reply.

    3. ericz103


      Yes. I'm no machinist so I'm not sure the exact process he used but thats the jist. I'm sure he just took the minimal amount to get a smooth bearing surface. I put another 100hours on the head since, and just recently had to shim valves for the first time since.