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  1. you don't have to take the tank off. just unbolt it and flip it 180, and be careful not to knock it down. I don't take the shrouds off either, just the bolts that go to the tank on them.
  2. ericz103

    2019 yz20f info

    I'm only 5'7 and usually find stock yamaha bar bends comfortable, including this bike. Haven't played with clickers at all.
  3. ericz103

    2019 yz20f info

    You can do it while running.
  4. ericz103

    What age did you peak?

    Probably about 23 or 24. 33 now and feel I could be in the same shape but a few injuries happened and I don't have as much time to devote to staying in shape.
  5. Fx and the corresponding generation of f's have different axle sizes.
  6. Map selection switch for aftermarket ecu?(or start map) Looks like it has a bunch of aftermarket goodies just judging from that picture(suspension done,triple clamps, clutch perch)
  7. ericz103

    2019 yz20f info

    I will go ahead and update for others since I started the thread. I had my first good ride on my new bike on Sunday. I am a 150lb vetB mx rider coming off a 2015 yz250f. I had rode the 15 with various degrees of modifications and was super comfortable with lots of time on it...These are just my impressions I don't claim to be any kind of a great test rider. Start with the motor: Rode with the maps that came in it stock. Downloaded tuning app and connected(it looks pretty cool and easy to work with) but didn't play with any mapping. This bike revs alot more free feeling. Like others have noted the top end is a lot better then previous, overall then engine just feels racier. The initial hit is not as strong which I like(not as jerky). There were a couple times coming out of corners it sort of bogged a little where I think the old bike would have pulled- once you are in the power it is golden but it is possible to not be in the power. Be interesting to see how big bore kits work with it in the future. For the guy who asked about the clutch. I am fairly hard on them and it seemed/felt fine. Of course its only one ride. Suspension: Set sag to 100 and rode. It felt great. I had my 15 all set up to me and it was running on the soft side(probably too soft), this was definitely stiffer then what I was used to but no complaints. Chassis and handling The bike is noticeably narrower while riding it. The wide body of the old one never bothered me, but if that was your complaint this one is better. Main difference/improvement I noticed is that I felt I had a lot more control of where I went out of corners. Once getting on the gas on my 15 it wanted to push wide, this bike was easier to point which direction you wanted exiting a corner or rut. There were no negatives to the handling it did everything just as well or better then the old bike. I was concerned about how long adapting to it would take since I was so comfortable with the old chassis, but I felt right at home pretty quick. Other: Estarts cool and worked fine. 1 fastener for air filter access. The air filter now has a cage on the outside too that looks like it helps with sealing around the rim. Plastic design looks good/functional/easy to wash. I quickly had boot wear marks on my number plates tho. Hope that helps any perspective buyers. Have any questions just ask.
  8. riding the clutch too much instead of learning better throttle control, especially when I am tired. expecting to get solid advice from internet message boards.
  9. ericz103

    2019 yz20f info

    I think I will like the power of the new one the way it is looking. The 14-18 hard hit, and then falling a little flat was not desirable but easily fixed. After riding stock and then slapping on a Vortex ignition I think the power curve got a whole lot better. Keefer listed it as the best upgrade for those bikes and I agree, it just makes the power so much more linear(and the ignition work great with other mods). I tend to be a more high rpm person...
  10. ericz103

    2019 yz20f info

    I have one on order so I was getting a little anxious with the blackout of info on it(It was kind of silly how yamaha released info, but then kept everyone else hush hush). But it is sounding good to start with now https://www.keeferinctesting.com/motocross-testing/2018/7/16/2019-yamaha-yz250f-first-impression And a Dyno from a thread on vital is attached. Anyone else order one yet? How'd you do on pricing?
  11. ericz103

    '19 YZ250F--woods use

    If you start with equal bikes 18f to to fx I'd still prefer the fx in the woods over the f with an estart. 18in rear wheel and the ability to run radiator fans are a couple of the things I would miss. But it all depends on rider , terrain and what you are going to change on the bike anyways...
  12. ericz103

    Can you plate a dirtbike in Indiana any more?

    I have a 250fx titled as a streetbike in Indiana. I didn't do it, the guy I bought it from did, he rode dualsport(also used to post in here so maybe he will see this) When I went to transfer the title to me I kept it listed as street because he made it sound like it was big deal and would be worth it to the right person selling it down the road. So from my knowledge it should be possible but not easy. Not sure if this was all done before after the recent edit to the form you speak of either. Sorry can't be of any actual real help in the process though.
  13. ericz103

    Wireless hour meters

    I have a cheapo wireless one of eBay and have had no problems. It has different settings for sensitivity to help with the false count problem.
  14. ericz103

    Looking for a used 250fx

    I had a hard time finding one at the price point I wanted(I'm in Indiana). They seemed to run about $1000 more then the equivalent used 250f. Patience. edit-Just saw your other post. Congrats on the new(to you) bike
  15. ericz103

    110 or 100 rear tire 2018 YZ250F

    110 here also. Imo the bike has plenty of power and notice the added traction more then the added weight.