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  1. ericz103

    ECU Accurate hours

    The hardline hour meter probably records in set increments(like .5 hours) and rounds up with less run time, i know some do this way. Making the ECU runtime both more accurate and lower hours.
  2. ericz103

    pussification of mxon

    it was the triple in the back not the leap. Barcia's save was nuts. There were other sketchy moments over it too like with Anstie.
  3. ericz103

    2019 Yamaha YZ250F Reviews?

    Yea I had the previous generation. I made a post probably page or two back where me and a few other dudes left impressions. Stock for stock it does everything just as good or better. The motor is slightly softer on bottom but a lot more overrev. Instead of a hard hit and then falling more flat like last generation. The body is narrower. It doesn't want to stand up as much when on the gas. I notice this in long sweeper it doesn't want to push wide as much. Also exiting ruts I feel like I have more control where I want to go. The suspension is awesome. 150lb b rider and I set sag and that's it, and it feels great. I probably never liked stock suspension so much. Everything else works like it should. It didn't take long to get comfy on coming from the old generation which I was very in sync with.
  4. ericz103

    Athena 276 Big Bore?

    I'm not at home where the bike/tuner is and won't be until the weekend to look. Try this though- it should be very close, its what I posted in the past on here. I kind of dialed mine in my own, and then ended up getting the tune from a reputable tuner(while purchasing other stuff)- and they were almost the same. If this is not what I have in my bike now it is close. Fuel+1 +3 +4 All Zeros on ignition +1 +2 +4 +1 +1 +2
  5. ericz103

    Athena 276 Big Bore?

    I would imagine it should be similar the to the cylinder works big bore kit(269cc). It will run ok but lean on stock settings. Ramp fuel up as a product rpm and throttle position. Can screen shot map if needed.
  6. ericz103

    2019 Yamaha YZ250F Reviews?

    9hrs Likes: motor suspension chassis Dislikes: only capable of putting 9 hours on so far Problems: make sure to grease. Tighten spokes(normal stuff)
  7. ericz103

    Official 2018 MXoN Smack Talk Thread

    Yes but the thing with pickling is its more then just bolting on what solution they are suspended in. It takes time and testing. Geometry, taste mapping, flex characteristics all need sorted out.
  8. ericz103

    2015 Yz250f Hard to start

    Recheck valve clearances after break in?
  9. ericz103

    2019 yz20f info

    Took my swing arm/ linkage apart at 5 hours to grease because it started to feel a little sticky. There wasn't much grease at all from the factory. I'm not sure this means much from bike to bike but thought I would update. I have took new bikes apart in the past for this, only to see that they did great on grease so I suppose it is hit and miss. Not sure how this is acceptable or still a thing on dirtbikes. For the short time I was an engineer for an automotive supplier, grease weights(as in amount applied) was a very big deal for the lines I was over...
  10. ericz103

    2019 yz250f exhaust popping

    I get a lot on mine too (on the standard map).
  11. ericz103

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    We definitely lost a good guy on Sunday, RIP Jeff. He was one of the originals from this thread and one of many I became friends with through thumpertalk. Very friendly and generous guy, who I never not had a good time with. Heat stroke is very real and very scary and this will change how I approach riding in the future. Of all the dangers of dirtbikes it is easy to think something like this will never happen in your circle, or overlook this particular danger.
  12. ericz103

    2019 Yamaha YZ250F Review, Impressions

    Its not a "game changer" and there will never be a perfect bike, so I would agree to disregard people who say that. However, I would counter if you can't feel any differences you are delusional. Stock for stock the engine is easily noticeably better(backed by dyno charts). The stock handling is better then I was able to ever get with the old generation even with work to it.(subjective) The bike is noticeably narrower(back by tape measures). Overall its just another progressive step on the slow evolution of dirtbikes...
  13. ericz103

    2019 yz20f info

    Been trying to get parts for mine, more are seem to be coming available but Does anyone know if the 18+ yz450f air filters fit? None listed on rocky mountain for the 250f yet. More then one air filter is always nice. How about radiator braces? The oil filter is a carry over from the last generation yz250f so thats good. Graphics from the 18+ 450f work. Ordered an Acerbis skid plate...
  14. you don't have to take the tank off. just unbolt it and flip it 180, and be careful not to knock it down. I don't take the shrouds off either, just the bolts that go to the tank on them.
  15. ericz103

    2019 yz20f info

    I'm only 5'7 and usually find stock yamaha bar bends comfortable, including this bike. Haven't played with clickers at all.