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  1. barton

    2004 WR250 carb question

    I set my 03 fuel screw open 3/4 of a turn from fully closed to start with. Warm it up good and ride around. Adjust as needed. If the idle hangs, you're too lean. Open it up in 1/4 turn increments and test again. If you need to open it up more than three turns, go up one size on the pilot jet. Also, be sure that you've got the spring/washer/o-ring installed in that order, and that the o-ring doesn't have any tears or gouges.
  2. barton

    WR250 with YZ performance

    Just swap in a YZF exhaust cam. Last I checked they ran about $120, but that was some years ago. Hot Cams makes a replacement as well that put outs a little more power than the stocker.
  3. barton

    WR250 with YZ performance

    I used to worry about that as well. This is definitely not an issue. You won't lose any of the bottom end when upgrading the WR cam to YZ spec.
  4. barton

    06 YZ125 Transmission Oil Level

    That's what I've decided to do. I'd rather blow an oil seal than trash the tranny. What is the purpose of the oil check bolt if it's too low to be of use? Maybe it's supposed to tell you when the oil level is too low.
  5. barton

    06 YZ125 Transmission Oil Level

    I fill it on the stand, but check the oil level with the bike on the wheels, standing level.
  6. barton

    06 YZ125 Transmission Oil Level

    The manual lists two oil specs. One for bone dry (700 ml) and one for a standard oil change (660 ml). So when 250 ml drains back out, it looks to me like that's a heck of a lot less oil than the manual calls for. Other opinions?
  7. Just bought my son an 06 YZ125. The manual says that it takes 660 ml of oil in the tranny when you change it. We put that amount in, but about 250 ml drained back out of the oil level check hole. Is that normal? If we left the whole 660 ml in it, would that cause a problem. Sorry for the noob question. He wants to race it today, and I don't want to burn up the transmission.
  8. barton

    YZ250F to WR250F ?

    He'd probably just end up going back to the YZF cams. A lot of WR riders (including myself) like the YZF cam response, even in the woods. I like the flywheel weight and re-gearing the sprocket suggestions.
  9. What he said. If there is movement in the wheel, that means the clearances are opening up, and you're at risk of losing the bearing's cage. If the cage disintegrates, you'll do a lot of damage including the hub and probably the brake disk/caliper. Not to mention that depending on what you're doing at that moment, you'd have a pretty ugly crash. You should replace these bearings before further riding.
  10. barton

    new to me 03

    Search earlier posts regarding replacement of the stock leak jet with a #40. If the rest of your jetting is sorted, this will help elimiate the bog that you might be getting when snapping the throttle open from low rpm. Also, you can get a bit more HP, and lose a little weight if you substitute a pipe off of an 03 YZF. It's a little louder, but much lighter and better flow. Replacing the exhaust cam with a YZF model is also quite a nice change. Stick with the 03 or newer because it has the automatic decompression mechanism. Hot cams are only slightly better, and quite a bit more pricey. An 05 WR seat/tank combo is quite a bit narrower and more comfy. Other than that, excellent bike. Still have mine, and it runs like a top. Have fun with it!
  11. barton

    mid to high rpm bog/hesitation

    So when you're pushing it hard, does it feel like someone pulls in the clutch real quick? Only happens in certain gears? Could be gears. The engagement dogs on the side of 5th gear (engages 3rd gear) begin to slip if they don't get fully engaged. If this is it you're making metal. Probably need a new shift fork along with the affected gears. Here's an older link. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/231096-problemspleas-help/
  12. Probably a clogged pilot jet or pilot jet passage.
  13. Slide installed upside down?
  14. barton

    HELP...Can't fix bog

    This doesn't sound like the normal bog. It sounds like an issue with the ignition module itself. See if a friend will let you swap his ignition module, and see if that doesn't do it.
  15. Care to tell us how? That way the next guy knows the trick.