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  1. Halfcab76

    FCR-MX 39 vs FCR-MX 41

    On a Duke I would go with a 41 FCR, but the 39 gives better low in torque.
  2. Halfcab76

    KTM 640 Adventure Performance

    Yes they have a 660 kit like/as the Dakar bikes, it is vary pricey and not to easy to get. The first performance (move on a stock motor) is change out the carb to FCR, it is a must do with the 660 kit.
  3. Halfcab76

    2001 lc4 640 spinning sump bolt

    That is not good. This is one of those HAVE to BE THERE to know for sure of what needs/can be done. There or two drain bolts under the motor, is it the smaller one or the larger? Have you tried using vice grips to lock down on that bolt head so you can pull out as you turn counter clock wise? Let's HOPE the drain bolt is bad and not the cases. It sounds like the bolt is the problem. If cases threads were bad the bolt would almost fall out.
  4. Halfcab76

    01 LC4 battery wont hold charge

    Have you tested the battery to see of it has a bad (or dry) cell? Have you checked the battery and/or charging system with a volt meter?
  5. Yes...the front 908RR is identical to 739 knob pattern. If you like the 739 you will also like the front 908, it's a little harder tire and DOT. There are better traction front tires out there but they are not DOT and last as long if that is what your looking for. On the average 300.lbs DS bike don't run over 19 psi, 16 psi is working for me on a 640 LC4 with a D606 (x130) or MT 21 (x140) rear.
  6. Halfcab76

    640e front sprocket question

    15/42 is not bad for pure off road, it makes the vary low first gear almost worthless. For all around Dual Sporting the stock 16/42 or even a 16/45 you will find vary workable everywhere and easy on the motor.
  7. Halfcab76

    New owner Of KTM lc4e 640

    I would buy another one at that price. Most plastic from 99 to 06 will interchange. The 640 Adv plastic is different but will fit.
  8. Halfcab76

    400 Lc4 Valve Pop

    That popping sound is ...."WHAT THE H---"..... your first time. It's the auto compression release on the cam working....on my 640 anyway.
  9. The price sound good for a 04. Yes the 450 RFS or a lot quicker, handle better and does every thing else better OFF ROAD. The 450 is 50+lbs lighter with the weight lower, top end speed is in the lower 90's. The LC4 is more wash & wear then the RFS and will out run the 450/530 top end on dirt are pavement. For street the LC4 has better lighting and better cooling.
  10. I'm vary jealous also! I fell in love with the 950/990 on the first test ride, seating down are standing up the bike is a pleasure to ride. Seat is no problem but hatted the windscreen because it made things worse. No dew rag are get in the way cruiser here, I may be old but I'm not dead.
  11. Halfcab76

    I hear the 4wheelers have destroyed Carolina Adventure World???

    CAW is quad heaven.........keep them there!!!!
  12. Halfcab76

    Anuther DS tire question

    The 908 front works surprisingly well, better then the 606 or MT21 for a front. The 908 rear needs a 3.50 rim to work. For a rear either the 606 or MT21 which ever you find a better price on, both are about the same, and wear about the same. If you air them up like some are doing both or worth less for traction.
  13. Halfcab76

    640 enduro vs. 625 sxc

    Yes there is a difference in real life, the lighter weight of the SXC is the biggest factor, because of this it does not make the best Dual Sport bike. If you thinking a SXC why not a 520/525/530 EXC. There have been a few different LC4 Enduro models. I believe the Enduro with the 18Lt tank should fit your DS needs. The larger tank, more oil capacity, better street lighting, cush drive rear hub, larger front brake rotor and such makes it a ideal go any where dual sport bike.
  14. Don't forget to put the 42 pilot jet back in with the JD kit.
  15. Halfcab76

    KTM 620 LC4 SC Highway Mod

    Forget the idea of doing anything to the engine mounts. Did you balance the tires?