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  1. Good Job on getting your mods done. I'd love to do the cam timin on mine. Brrrrrrrrrrrrap!! Only "magic" I used in the throttle cables was to loosen the set screws all the way and get them out of the of the holders a little. Get all the slack you can in the push pull action of the assy. Use long skinny needle nose pliers just below the cable end to assist in getting the ends in/out. I double check the slack and alignment of cable during open/close operation. Takin the Carb off 3 times to fix my problem gave me lots of practice.
  2. AZWFO

    What's are the steps...

    Registration varies widely from State to State, so first check with local DMV office to see whats required. For my state, the first thing I did is get an emmision test and Insurance, then just registered it. I modified hardware later. Your state may or may not requre inspection first. So again, check locally before you decide how to spend $$$ on hardware to be street legal.
  3. AZWFO

    Grey Gray wire mod misnomer?

    OP- Good question--which wire is it? Only speaking for searching on my 99', I cant find any real evidence that anyone has actually done it or documented it for this model year. My guess it doesn't exist for 99and even some 2000's. It seems only on later models. Is it possible reasoning that the factory had a WR CDI and a YZ CDI in early production years, and to to save money,-later made a switchable CDI via the grey wire mod.....Just speculation for what it's worth..
  4. AZWFO

    09 WR license plate bracket

    Here's one cheap option. I used a rubber $12 motion-pro plate holder. I mounted the actual plate to a same size piece of hard plastic and then to the rubber motion-pro plate holder. On the fender I used some existing holes for mounting, while trimming the rubber a little to fit. You may also see in the pic a ty-wrap that will give me a last chance save if it all falls apart. So far it hasn't. Later I added LED plate-lights that run off the tail-light power.
  5. AZWFO

    WR400 Oil changes?

    My 99 manual agrees Cptr 3-17. 1.5 L periodic, or 1.6 L if you also change the oil filter. Total capacity 1.7L Bonus info Torque: Oil filter cover-7.2 Ft lb, oil filter drain bolt 7.2 Ft-lb, Crank case drain bolt 14 ft-lb, Drain bolt frame 17 ft-lb
  6. AZWFO

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Uncorked the Exhaust on my 400 for the first time! Then went on one of the most amazing 90 mile speed/dual sport/power/scenic runs ever!
  7. AZWFO

    Will it be ok to ride at MM10?

    If you stay out in front their should be no problem.
  8. AZWFO

    Front brake issue on 98 wr400

    Is it possible the resivoir is filled a little too high creating a back pressure. And even gets worse when the fluid warms up during riding?
  9. AZWFO

    Value of a 1999 WR400F

    Almost 2 years ago I paid 2200 for my 99. Although the bike looked clean, soon after I found it wasn't taken very good care of. It is a tough bike, and mine has been a strong performer, but clearly I paid too much. The owner should be able to tell you ALOT about the bike in detail. Offer 1400, and work from there.
  10. AZWFO

    WR400 wiring prob. pic

    Here's my 99. The green and white (going left and down) go to pressure switch at the rear brake. Ignore the 3 fuse holders-their for the horn and other stuff.
  11. AZWFO

    throttle cable problem

    Not a great pic, true. Thats just grease on the assy making it look screwy. Not broken. For the OP-wr-400, here's a better pic of my old 99 cable ends to see if yours is wrong by comparison. Hope it helps
  12. AZWFO

    throttle cable problem

    If it helps here's a pic of my 99 WR
  13. AZWFO

    AZ or NV. Need some info...

    AZ will keep ya warm. It was 72 today. 63 later in the week. Summers are definately HOT, but everyone knows that. ALL different types of trail riding here, desert, forest, dunes, single track, etc. and 350 plus days/year of sunshine. You just need a $25/YR OHV sticker from DMV to ride in approved areas. We were hit hard with regards to the economy. The state has a large buget deficit and is cutting services. Recovery seems slower than average. However, housing is more affordable than ever.
  14. AZWFO

    turn signal power

    I tapped into the tail lights for white LED's on liscense plate, but for the horn install, I installed a 2.3AH battery. So far it's working great. I bet some blinkers would run off it as well.
  15. AZWFO

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Looks Good, Nice addition. Bikes way too clean. I'm sure that will be fixed when the rain stops.