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  1. That's sweet. I love bone stock, low hour bikes for a good deal. You know exactly what you're getting. I know the bike will be great for you.
  2. Yamiryder

    New project

    Not worth it to me.
  3. Yamiryder

    450 shoot out

    I saw i think in Dirt Rider where they said the 14 felt extremely similar to the 13 even with all the changes. They were kinda disappointed. But every other test i saw said they really liked it.
  4. this is the truth about Allison's. They also have some weird quirks to them. Honestly, (i'm sure GM guys won't agree) but the Ford 4R100 behind the 7.3 and the 5R110 behind the 6.4 will hold more power than an Allison. Good at stock level, not so much at higher power levels....But i don't think you plan on adding more power so the LBZ with an Allison is probably good!
  5. Yamiryder

    Help cleaning up "new" truck!

    is it dried mud or did he undercoat it with used oil and its dust and dirt stuck to the oil?
  6. Yamiryder

    Truck for $5000

    Powerstoke isn't very reasonable for a 16 year old...
  7. Even with the spark plug issue, the 5.4 is a better truck motor than the 4.6
  8. Yamiryder

    Josh Grant back on Yamaha !

    i'm not saying he isn't back with JGR. I heard there was a good chance he'd be back there again. I'm just pointing out thats an old bike from what i see!
  9. Yamiryder

    Josh Grant back on Yamaha !

    I'm pretty sure thats an old bike.....
  10. Yamiryder

    Whats an average 01 YZ426 worth?

    In PA, i wouldn't go over 1800, unless its completely spotless. More reasonable price is in the 1200-1500 range, in good condition.
  11. Yamiryder

    06 yz450

    I would rather have the 06 450 than an 01 426 any day. The handling and suspension of the new bikes is soooo much better.
  12. Yamiryder

    Ford V-10 vs. GM 8.1

    Everyone that i know that had a 6.0 in a 3/4 ton it was a turd....but thats just me!
  13. Yamiryder

    Ford diesel vs Cummins

    What are you smoking? Never heard of this even on the f 150 forums...most guys i know with a 4wd Ecoboost average around 17...
  14. Yamiryder

    Ford diesel vs Cummins

    If you're ragging on the 6.7 pstroke for being "untested" I wouldn't compare it to a 6.7 cummins....only a few years older.