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  1. drex

    1993 XR600R rebuild

    Beautiful! Well done, super clean, thanks for sharing.
  2. drex

    Tips for carrying registration papers?

    Yep -- for a tool roll with almost everything I needs to disassemble most of the bike, some duct tape, electrical tape, chain press, extra master link, jb weld stick, crescent wrench, etc., etc., etc. Oh, and the registration too.
  3. drex

    Tips for carrying registration papers?

    I use one of these: http://dirt-bike-gear.com/acc.html Inserted into one of these: http://dirt-bike-gear.com/rfb.html Works great!
  4. drex

    Garmin 400T for Baja

    Double thumbs up on E32. If you go the battery route like I do, spring for the lithium batteries. And I liberally apply dielectric grease to the contact points to avoid short outs (that turn off your GPS) in the bumps. You can pick up a tube at Autozone for a few bucks.
  5. drex

    Cataviña to Gonzaga road or trail?

    Thanks for the info and pics -- look forward to seeing your final report!
  6. drex

    Stock 450X Muffler $965.05

    Ebay is your friend.
  7. Spent some time last Friday night on the Mojave Road -- two CRF450Xs with Baja Designs Squadron lights. Good times!
  8. drex


    Great map - easy to use with basecamp (once it's loaded) and was much much more accurate and complete than any other Baja map I've seen - electronic or printed.
  9. drex

    CRF 450X Clutch Questions

    Hmmm. Very interesting thank you. Going into later this week.
  10. drex

    Mojave Trail Question!

    A few of us really enjoy spending time along the Mojave Road and in many of the surrounding areas -- including some amazing terrain and scenery in the Mojave National Preserve. A couple of us were there last Saturday and had a great ride. Gas up at Rasor and if you'll likely have enough to get to Laughlin if you're running a 3 or more gallon tank on a 450. Your mileage may vary. Hit the Beanery at Kelso Junction for a sandwich or bowl of chili and say hi to Mike. Really rocky down the slope in Laughlin, but a nice ride nevertheless. I rarely see bikes out there -- especially on roads other than the Mojave Road -- but often see jeeps and trucks. Hope you guys had/have a great ride!
  11. drex

    CRF 450X Clutch Questions

    Thanks guys. On the stand the clutch lever was out. Coasting, it was out of my driveway, and the engine was dead cold. Dan
  12. drex

    CRF 450X Clutch Questions

    Here are the symptoms: 1. Bike is on the stand, no chain, idling in neutral, and the countershaft sprocket is slowly turning. 2. I'm coasting the bike down a hill in neutral, thinking I'll jumpstart. I pulled in the clutch and shifted into second/third and it immediately bogged down like the engine was dragging. Back to neutral, easy coast. I've ridden it since then (150 mile desert day) and the lever felt fine, usual shifting for the most part. A couple of missed shifts when I wasn't using the lever. Time to replace the plates? Is there something else I should look for first? Dan
  13. drex

    Am I overcharging

    A reasonable way to get an idea of what they are listed for across the country is to search the entire Craig's List site. In Google search enter this: site:craigslist.org CRF450x 2006 By searching the entire site you avoid the Craig's List default which is to show only results in your selected area. Your search results will likely include many listings that have been deleted by the poster or that have expired. You may be able to see the price for some of them. FYI about two years ago my riding buddy bought a 2006 450X that was bone stock (with the exception of the California smog removed) for $2,700. That was of course a screamin' deal from a guy who needed the cash. Another factor in some areas is the season. Bikes tend to sell for more in So Cal between October and April and then prices drop during the summer months when it's generally too hot to ride in the desert. My two cents -- provided free of charge and generally valued at the price paid. Dan
  14. drex

    Baja Bandito's 2012 Ride Report

    Cool pic Trackmaster -- takes some serious courage to get that far. Thanks for sharing!
  15. drex

    Baja Bandito's 2012 Ride Report

    Ah, the near-mythical El Camino Real trail from the east leading to Mission Santa Maria. Legend has it the last bike (first?) over that was Kevin Ward (maybe Malcolm Smith?) years ago. That's what they say anyway. Some discussion about this scattered around BajaNomad and on David Kay's vivabaja.com: http://vivabaja.com/1103/page2.html Buen viaje!