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  1. I ran her yesterday was running great until the trip back home,started sputtering and hesitating,then stalled out on me.I jiggled the ignition switch a bit then it started back up,could it be the spark plug or maybe a loose connection somewhere? Thanks in advance.
  2. I have the FMF4 Full system I let that shit scream just like harleys and rice burners do its music to my ears.RIde with pride!
  3. I found the problem there was too much play in the clutch just needed tightening up.Thanks for all your guys help though
  4. All stock execpt the full muffler system and had the carb cleaned out
  5. When I was on the road today with my Z 03e I kept stalling on the road in first gear the idle came down pretty fast i have to keep giving it a little gas so it wont stall in first gear only.Could it be not enough air flow or idle is at 1800-2100 im stumped anyone have a clue thanks.?
  6. front tire is 21 kenda knobby and 140/18 rear teraflex
  7. I started up the Z and after it shuts off i hear like a whooping noise from the engine,im thinking its because it sat around for a long time theres fresh oil in there with stabilizer any ideas what it might be? Also there is a hole on the shifter side of the engine that was puffing out smoke is that normal?Its about the size on a pen if you pointed it at the engine.Thanks.
  8. I forgot how much psi should be on the front and rear,its been sitting in the garage they must have lost pressure.I use it half n half.Ze 03 ty.
  9. Yes I have a tereflex,you can even run it flat,they use them to drive over lava out west the owner said lol.140/18 is a perfect fit any larger you will have knobbie problems.
  10. I run 15-47 a little tall for tight trails but being able to run the street is great,i miss the 14/47 crazy power lol
  11. lmao Criag,with all that liqour in the house my god,save the liqour first!!!
  12. I was at a gas station and i stopped to put in gas and there was a harley guy in front of me at the pump saw me and ,got on his bike and started blasting his music like Im better than you...lol
  13. Besides using earplugs,what is a option to put on the Z anyone have ideas,can it be done?Not ghetto style with a boombox on the rear rack lol /Discuss:banana:
  14. ok phew thought i lost it cause ya know dont want to look bad infront of all those Harley guys and dwarf women riding them
  15. is that normal?When I first start the bike at night the header turns a red like extremely hot but my temp gauge only reads out at 168-180 the exhaust was from a S model but got it to fit on a E model. Is this normal to see heppen and run that hot to see it almost turn red?
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