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  1. A (possible) loose nut and a (possibly) faulty 3rd party sensor that Toyota wants to fix for you for free? That's called standing behind your product. Kudos to them! You'd have to be some kind of genetically engineered super moron to ditch Toyota over this...
  2. RMXC51

    New f-150's

    I have a 2011 Lariat supercrew with Ecoboost and offroad package. Prior to that I had a '07 Tundra crewmax, '04 Ford F150 FX4 supercrew, and '96 Dodge Laramie 1500. Funny, for all the mileage claims of the new bree dof trucks, mine have all had about the same mileage. And I take it easy. The gearing with the offroad package on the new Ford definitely hurts the mileage, but I don't care. Its the quietest, most comfortable, most capable truck I've had anything to do with. I worry a little about long term longevity of the turbos, but you only live once or twice...
  3. RMXC51

    Suggestions for speed

    Erin Bates has to GO! What's the point of having a pit reporter when its obvious the riders HATE her and won't talk to her? She asks such stupid questions and then puts words in the riders mouth's that its no wonder all they do is plug their sponsors when they are forced to talk to her. Watch any of the NBC rounds where they had their own girl in the pits instead of Bates. It was a totally different vibe, and the riders would actually talk about the races instead of robotic sponsor plugs. RC may not be the best speaker, but he's the GOAT! Come on, show me another motorsports announcer in any discipline who can call a pass 3 corners before it happens!? You'll never see that from Emig, who has gotten a little better over the years but is no great shakes. And Shaheen - well, that goes without saying. Every SX seems like the first one he's ever seen.
  4. RMXC51

    A1 aftermath

    They need to give Diana Erin Bate's job. You can tell all the riders hate Bates.
  5. RMXC51

    A1 aftermath

    I never thought Milsaps would win. And if its taken him all these years to finally figure out that "hard work pays off" then he's dumb as a sack of hammer handles. Good to see Canard back up top, but I wish he'd quit hoggin' all the Jesus so somebody else could be kept safe, too. It was just an off night for RV, he'll be back with a vengeance. As for JS, I agree, the look on RC's face said it all. Hope he makes a lot of money on his clothes, because it looks like just about every team has had enough of this crap from him.
  6. RMXC51

    Jason Lawrence???

    RESURRECT! A whole year later, and no news of him at all. Wow.
  7. RMXC51

    Dodge Ram Owners?

    Its funny you mention that, my first new truck was '96 Ram, and they quit offering manuals in the V10 and Cummins that year, as they didn't hold up at all. 2 other people I knew had to cancel their orders after the fact because of it. Mine was a 1/2 ton, so it was automatic anyway. A lot of the problems they had in that year was crud in the oil cooler in the radiator. Once the truck was built and running for a while, the junk in the cooler would circulate into the trans and wreak havoc.
  8. RMXC51

    Dodge Ram Owners?

    I love the looks of the Ram too. Test driving this spring, my biggest gripes with the Ram were: - 5 speed tranny felt like it was between gears and looking to shift constantly. - Big "hump" in the passener's side footwell, no wher eto put your left leg. Even my 5'2 wife had nowhere to put her foot. Not a problem if you drive alone. Other than that, sweet.
  9. RMXC51

    My wheels have leprosy...

    My Dad bought a 2011 GMC all terrain when they first came out. All 4 wheels were replace last month due to corrosion. Thank God for warranty - GM would have charged $5200 for 4 wheels that last under 1 year. Got him looking for aftermarkets for when the second set rots out in another year.
  10. RMXC51

    2011 F150 vs Tundra

    I don't know if its MORE truck compared to my Ecoboost, but it cetainly isn't lacking. Trucks are like dirt bikes these days - all are fine (except GM of course), but they are built with a certain philosophy. You just match up their thinknig to yours and go!
  11. RMXC51

    2011 F150 vs Tundra

    I just switched from a 2007 TRD Crewmax to a 2011 Lariat supercrew (Ecoboost) in August. Drive them both, for me it came down to the Ford's interior and the fact that in Canada a comparable Toyota is $10 000 more. There's pluses and minuses to both, but they're both great trucks. If I towed a lot, I'd have bought another Tundra.
  12. I could see out of the Tundra better when backing up. But the reverse lights were completely useless. It seemed to have a BETTER turning radius than the Ford, too. The issues I had with the Toyoata that made me go back to Ford were: - plasticky, "Chinesey" interior. Love the storage options and space though. - no headroom - flimsy tailgate - reverse lights. License plate lights broke at least once a year. - low nose dragged in ruts all the time, skid plate saw a lot of use. - $10 000 more than a Ford in Canada for the equivalent truck. That being said, it was super reliable and was great at towing. If I towed more, I'd have seriously looked at another one. But I drive long distances to work, and then have to do some short but heavy offroading to get into oilfield leases. So I need a truck that's comfy on the highway, can get serious when needed, haul dirt bikes, and pull a trailer once in a while. For me the Ford fits that bill a little better. AVG MPG is up to 16 now.
  13. About 75% highway, 25% city. Driving both trucks exactly the same. And don't anybody get the idea I'm bashing Tundras. It was a good truck, I just think the Ford will suit my needs a little better.
  14. Its not broken in yet. Mileage will improve from here. I don't expect miracles. But the fact that its already better than my previous ride has me smiling.