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  1. WannaBeRacer425

    Pala too fast

    Ill second that. I was there that friday practice also before the national. I broke my femur and collarbone that day. Not saying the track is bad or to extreme, its just gnarly and not fun to mess up on at all.
  2. WannaBeRacer425

    Garage ideas?

    Built in closet to hang gear/clothes and to put any awkard bigger things in to hide them (tire changer, chairs, ez-up, tires, carpets, etc) that dont usually fit in a cabinet. Then you can have it all wired for a tv on the wall and then have all of your wires and speaker wires wired back to the closet and you can hide all your components in there.
  3. WannaBeRacer425

    who Thinks The TV Coverage Of The Nationals Suck?

    You guys just want something to complain about huh. Nothing is good enough on here it seems like. Its the first year being able to see every single moto on TV, i dont care where or when it is, you can stilll watch them all
  4. WannaBeRacer425

    2010 CRF250r - How many hours & issues so far?

    Bought in November 2010. Had 60 hours on it and put in a fresh top end just because it was time. 2hrs later on a fresh top end it blew up. Dont know what the cause was or what happened yet.
  5. WannaBeRacer425

    Who's racing

    Its in a few days, doesnt seem that early
  6. WannaBeRacer425

    TUF racing crf 250

    Very true. For the first time the other day i rode a friends Sx race bike (2010 crf250r) and the thing was wayyy better than I ever thought the bikes could be, and that was switching between my stock 2010 crf250r. It was fast and had tons of torque
  7. My brake pads have worn out so quick on this bike. I have around 55 hours and my 2nd set of brake pads are almost gone. I dont know how its happening but they are wearing out really quickly. More so in the back than in the front but ave already replaced the front too. Before I had this bike I had a 2007 Kx250f (and also a yz125) and never had this problem ive had one set of brake pads for an easy 60+ hours. Does anyone else have this problem?
  8. WannaBeRacer425

    What do you want to see/expect to see on the 2012 Crf250R

    Heres the 2012's: http://powersports.honda.com/2012/crf250r.aspx
  9. WannaBeRacer425

    2010 CRF 250 crank/EFI problems?

    Dude ive read some of your other posts in this area what are you trying to say? Do you even own a honda? Have you been to any local races and see how many hondas there are? Almost all the races ive been to the number of hondas outnumber more than twice the suzukis. Im not hating on suzukis though, ive never personally owned one. And yeah i heard the newer suzukis are great bikes to. As far as my 2010 is, im at around 60hrs havent opened up engine yet. About to put new piston and rings in though.
  10. WannaBeRacer425

    Group Buys - What would you like to see next?

    Geomax Mx51 rear tire or Pirelli Scorpion front tire
  11. WannaBeRacer425

    Are they "dirty riders"?

    Personally, I think the competitiion is just so stacked this year that it makes for "dirty" or aggressive racing. Theres multiple guys that can win the championship in both 450 and 250 class. And they all want to be that one guy. I think all of them are so close alot of the times it takes a "dirty" move to get the job done. I just think its good racing and would rather it come to that rather than just watching them follow the leader.
  12. WannaBeRacer425

    Don't enjoy maintenance etc?

    So true. I love working on my bike and spending hourse cleaning and getting ready for the next day of riding. Thats part of it for me.
  13. WannaBeRacer425

    FYI --- Reed was sick at Indy

    Didnt hear him say that or complain about that once last night throughout the show. He just said he was off the pace tonight.
  14. WannaBeRacer425

    #7 Glad to go home to ___ weather?

    hahahahah Yeah I rewinded that like 5 times too. Stewarts interviews can be pretty interesting his one after his heat race was wack too! haha
  15. WannaBeRacer425

    Longetivity of Alpinestars vs. Sidi??

    Dont get alpinestars..I got tech 10s and the rear achilles tendon thingy cracked before I even had them for a year. Switched over to Gearnes sg12s havent looked back since. Much better quality and havent had them to long yet but hear they last allott longer. I would choose between Gaerne and Sidi...I havent owned sidi but a friend said the buckle system sucks and everything has to be aligned perfectly for the buckles to snap but idk no personal experienceee